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How to build a computer

Posted by dandare on March 29, 2007

Ever wanted to build a computer but lacked the knowledge to do it…. the following might be able to help you out.

Although, i cannot vouch for the sites, if you buy any equipement from the links available…. 


cheap computer parts

and computer hardware


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Ufo’s and the US government

Posted by dandare on March 28, 2007

There are many theories as to what ufo’s are, and this is one of them; that the usa government are behind the ufo phenomenon completely.

I will go other these topics briefly now, but in time, will add more,  in- depth details to these areas…. 

The first large sightings of the C20th, were the foo fighters   (ie dogfights with strange balls of light). There is one proposal that these were unmanned german planes (author andy Roberts “out of the shadows”, mentions about this). There is evidence that secret technology was being used by the germans and the 3rd reich  at such places as Ludwigsdorf,silesia in Poland(ie a secret experiment to defy gravity).

At the end of WWII, german scientists were taken by America (around 2000 top german scientists, in all) to White sands, New Mexico, and a exclusion zone put in place (i think this was called operation Paperclip, but unsure). More advanced aircraft was the agenda, and sightings of ufo’s started to increase in the area. Not long after this, Roswell took place- was this a possible secret prototype?  

1950’s- sightings escalated, culminating in the infamous, national flap over capitol hill, washington, in 1952. After this Project Blue book was created.

In 1953, stalin died, and the CIA manipulatd the ufo story, for the U2 to used as a spy plane; ie the U2 triggered ufo sightings, and again the CIA encouraged this, to reporters and the general public, especially with disinformation.

In the 1960’s,the U2 (which was shot down by Russia) was replaced by the Blackbird, for reconnaissance over Russia, and could outpace any missiles aimed at it.

There was experimentation flying saucers around this time; the avrocar? was tried, then it dissappeared for 40 years, although the blueprint of the silverbug? was later discovered around this time?    

In the UK, the MOD reports in the 1950’s mention Winston Churchill’s concern over the matter, too which Lord Cherwell mentions mis-sightings.

In the 1960’s, the ufo sightings became much more frequent, and there were large scale exercises in America Owned bases in the UK due to the Russian threat at the time.

 There were the triangular shaped ufo’s of the 1980’s throughout europe but especially in Belgium… were these again some kind of prototypes testing the airwaves.  

Then of course we have the stealth, undetected by radar, and which many people thought could never be designed so quickly.

I’m not sure i believe in this though, but some arguments have been put forward to this extent. The main believer in this is Nick Cook   also  see this link, (writes for Jane’s defence weekly, and quite a few UK magazines, and broadcasts as well).

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Best documentaries?

Posted by dandare on March 26, 2007


Whilst surfing the web…. ie whilst trying to find out about early man, and ending up looking at metal detectors for beginners links, came across this site best online documentaries and had a look through it. All these can be viewed online for free (all 445 videos)…some i have seen before, but had a look at some others.

I particularly liked under the link history, the video “viking visitors to north america”, and under (geo) politics, a programme by dispatches- called “stealing your freedom” (mmm that might be worth a blog in its own right in future, scary stuff indeed).

There are other videos listed under anthropology (so i found what i was looking for in the end), biographies, business,environment and so on.

 I hope you find something of interest.


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