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Breaking Important UFO NEWS (UK)

Posted by dandare on April 30, 2007

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Researcher Dave Clarke’s persistance has paid off, in what looks like the unlocking of British UFO files (declassifiation), hidden away by the MOD….. The files (around 7000) cover over 30 years of data on ufo’s. This will be as significant as the opening up of files from the French government recently…..i can hardly wait…

 please see Nick Redfern’s article on this, and also from David Clarke .

This will be a  real breakthrough if it happens as promised; they will add electronic information on ufo’s on their website later this year. Link to defence internet FOI .

I would like to thank all those involved in achieving this…..  🙂 

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ufo update

Posted by dandare on April 28, 2007

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UFO update

From the gravesend reporter (UK), was this article:

MOD probe into UFO sightings

Many witnesses say they saw burning balls of fire (on 15th April)….. although it has been suggested they were chinese lanterns released into the sky? 

For full details; see Gravesend Reporter . Also on the same event, by Gravesend Reporter .

I have been alerted to UFO balloons…. being sold (see link here), which could account for some false reportings of ufo’s! Only useful at night…..however, many dismiss this, for this sighting, as they looked too big to be lanterns/balloons. But worth keeping in mind. 

MUFON-Utah- have released a journal (issue 1) free on abduction-Encounter research (JAR).

Veteran talks of “Foo-fighters” in the Herald Tribune.com (dated 21st april).

Four ‘UFOs’ spotted in skies over town  (in Bury Free press,UK), dated 26th april.

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Pilot spots UFO over Guernsey!

Posted by dandare on April 25, 2007

A commercial airline pilot spotted a ufo recently, in the channel islands at Guernsey; the link to this can be seen from the BBC (article dated wednesday 25th april,2007). The MOD will not be carrying out an investigation.  

UPDATE: 26th april

Two more reports have been found here  (on same page, link to video) and This is Guernsey (which says the MOD are investigating)……………Also a link at Aero-news

Also now on

UPDATE 28th april 
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 This image has been released into the public domain by its author, Arpingstone. This applies worldwide.

New theory being suggested by another pilot who saw the ufo, suggests it is military tested… see This is Guernsey for the article on this.

Also image doing the rounds on e-mail , apparently from a passenger breaking mobile phone rules (but of course this cannot be verified, so probably not a good source). However, from this image looks like a strange light on a cloud formation….

Other possibilities suggested, are that it is Lowitz Arcs or middle Lowitz Arcs . The whole Lowitz Arcs gallery can be seen here . Only problem here, is that the ufo was observed from more than one direction, from different witnesses. (it also seems that the incident possibly took place at 3pm, so this would count that theory out).

The e-mail has (i have just recieved new information) been proven to be fake…. not surprised…still all types of theory as to what it was, seem to be out there at the moment…if any more comes my way i shall update it on this website.

Update May3rd:

An article in the Times Online, mentions Paul Devereux who says the lights are due to the earth tremor….. in kent; personally, i’m not convinced.   Also, there were 2ufo’s and not one seen, as was previously thought.

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Earth like planet could harbour life?

Posted by dandare on April 25, 2007

Scientists said today that Gliese 581 c, seen outside our solar system could support life; link to this article can be seen at SPACE.com . The video to this is here .

The BBC also has an article on this, and also has a video link to this (on the right hand side).

A related link to this is at Darwin

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Inside the ABC news UFO Documentary Hoax in 2005

Posted by dandare on April 24, 2007

Click here for more papers.Click here for the PDF Version (English)


Dr. Steven M. Greer.
Director, The Disclosure Project
March 2005 – revised August 8, 2005

Copyright 2005


Of course, the title of the show was ‘UFOs – Seeing is Believing’. This is the story of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media has defrauded the American people, from one who had a front row seat to the spectacle.

In the summer of 2004, as founder and director of The Disclosure Project (www.DisclosureProject.org) I was approached by producer Jordan Kronick. He explained how ABC News was going to make history by doing a serious expose of the UFO matter – for the first time on network news.

Initially skeptical – we have seen and heard this song and dance before – I agreed to meet with Kronick at our offices in Washington DC. Over the course of several hours, we discussed the subject and how The Disclosure Project had identified several hundred top secret military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects.

Kronick expressed great interest and repeatedly stated that this is exactly what he and chief producer Mark Obenhaus. I offered to provide, pro bono, ALL Disclosure Project digital videotape interviews and full access to ALL Disclosure Project witnesses willing to cooperate with ABC News – including those witnesses not yet taped by us.

The reader at this point needs to know that these are not fuzzy, blacked-out deep throats anonymously telling stories of the night. These are hundreds of military, government and corporate insiders who have been identified by us over the past 14 years. They range from Generals, to Astronauts, to senior FAA officials who were privy to events, projects and cover-ups involving UFOs. Additionally, we have thousands of pages of uncontested official government smoking gun documents and physical evidence, photos, videos, landing trace events and other unambiguous proof.

The ABC News production team claimed to want exactly this type of evidence – and especially the high-level government and military insider whistle-blowers who could credibly blow the lid off of decades of secrecy.

As a two-hour news special, ABC claimed that they could, at long last, give the subject the focus and rigor needed to achieve this objective.

But as discussions continued, it became more and more clear that Obenhaus and really wanted to do a human interest story – including anecdotal civilian witnesses, man-in-the-street interviews and the general silly season and carnival atmosphere surrounding most things ufological.

We agreed to cooperate with the filming of a CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research expedition to Mt. Shasta in August of 2004, at which time we were able to have discussions with Obenhaus, the senior producer in charge of the project.

We were incredulous as Obenhaus revealed to us that he was sure the matter was not really being kept secret but had just ‘fallen through the cracks’ due to lack of follow through, laziness and so forth on the part of the government! It was clear he had not studied the data or evidence given to him, and had his mind made up to do a ‘light’, human interest piece and not a real expose or research project.

This was later confirmed when, as summer turned to fall, the long promised serious research and interviews they claimed they wanted to do with these top-secret government witnesses were with these high-ranking and conclusive witnesses. They never did.

Instead, the final ABC News show was weaker in evidence than most tabloid cable channel pieces on the UFO subject – with the bulk of the ‘documentary’ being interviews with UFO personalities, debunkers and the carnival atmosphere of UFO hotspots like Roswell.

They fraudulently appeared to be ‘ balanced’ by having both skeptics and ‘believers’ – with the clear implication that the skeptics were ‘real scientists’ and the ‘believers’ were misguided flakes. Using the ruse of media ‘objectivity’, ABC News would asymmetrically show, say, a Harvard scientist skeptic juxtaposed against a civilian who thought he had been sexually assaulted by aliens!

The few, very brief interviews with pilots and military people were overwhelmed by the spurious, carnival-like pseudo-ethnography of the UFO subculture mixed in with long segments of scientists pooh-poohing the entire matter.

While appearing objective and ‘balanced’ to the general viewer, the project was, rather, a disinformation piece, carefully crafted to give the mere appearance of objectivity.

Otherwise, why spend so much air time interviewing UFO personalities, media figures and the like – while completely leaving out ALL high-ranking military, government and scientific witnesses and evidence given directly by us to them?

In light of the range and scope of material that we personally gave them, it is incomprehensible why ALL of it would be omitted – unless it was their intent from the beginning to do a disinformation and cover-up piece.

Why else would ABC News state that the US Government has been out of the UFO matter since 1969, when Project Blue Book was closed, even though he and his team were directly given by us official US government documents, senior government whistle-blower testimony and physical evidence – including radar tapes – to the contrary? Why would ABC News feature uninformed scientists rhetorically asking ‘where’s the physical evidence’ when abundant physical evidence is available and was offered to him?

Why indeed. We have received a CIA document from 1991 that clearly states that the CIA has contacts in the Big Media to change, kill or spin stories. From this document, dated 20 December 1991, and released 1 April 1992, to the Director of Central Intelligence from the Task Force on Greater CIA Openness, on page 6:

“PAO [the Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some intelligence failure stories into intelligence success stories…In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories…”

And from a CIA document regarding the psychological warfare implications of UFOs, we find a reference to Disney Studios, now the parent company of ABC, being used as a source for doing cartoon-like portrayals of the subject for psychological warfare purposes. Can we be surprised ABC News has, again, defrauded the American people – only pretending to do news and real investigative reporting when in reality they are purveying disinformation to an accepting public?

Obenhaus, without any research or foundation in fact, went so far as to personally assert to me that the hybrid government – corporate complex is not keeping new energy, propulsion and related technologies hidden from the public! His prejudice on the matter was profound and unwavering: forget the facts, my mind is made up.

It is hard to reconcile ABC News’ claims to doing a serious expose and investigative report when the senior producer of the project, without any investigation or research, espouses such closed-minded conclusions at the outset.

Those who know me know that I like to stay positive, present the affirmative facts and present the promise of an advanced, sustainable civilization on Earth benefiting from the knowledge of these new technologies. But it is time for the American people to wake up to the fact that the Big Media and their corporate masters are the central problem blocking the truth from coming out. As a former board member of Time Warner told me, the Big Media has become scribes taking dictation from the right hand of the king – and the fourth estate is essentially dead.


The American people must demand that ABC News correct its fraudulent assertions – and do a real investigative report on the serious evidence, government documents and courageous military whistle-blower testimony that The Disclosure Project and others have identified. The reader may obtain much of this evidence from www.DisclosureProject.org.

Write ABC News at: abc.news.magazines@abc.com or support@ABCNews.go.com and demand an honest investigative report.

Additionally, please contact the FCC and register your complaint regarding the transparent fraud perpetrated by ABC News on the American public. Remember: ABC News, as a broadcast network, is given by the FCC access to the public airwaves. In exchange, we have the right to hold ABC News, as well as the other networks, to fairness, accuracy and honesty – and certainly to avoid blatant fraud and corruption. This was not the ABC entertainment division that perpetrated this fraudulent report on the American people, but its news division. That they would sanitize such an important two hour report of nearly all credible evidence and government insider witnesses requires that we demand a hearing on the matter by the FCC immediately. Who induced Obenhaus and Peter Jennings to cover up this important evidence? Why? ABC News cannot claim ignorance on the matter as they were directly given extensive testimony and evidence, none of which appeared in the program.

Contact the FCC at www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html and demand an immediate investigation into this matter and demand that the FCC require ABC to retract its false statements and present the evidence which they possess but are hiding from the American public.

And lastly, support Disclosure in any way you can. Help us get the truth out. Tell people about http://www.DisclosureProject.org where they can find the truth about this important matter. And help us identify backers who will help us start a new – and honest – news outlet that will truthfully report on these and related projects that are illegally kept secret from the public. Is it not time for us to form a news network – The Disclosure Network – that will produce and air real investigative reports on a wide range of government and corporate corruption? Matters now left completely hidden by the complicity of Big Media need to be known by the people if we are to renew and protect democracy and disclose the technologies now hidden and suppressed that could replace oil and nuclear power and give us a sustainable, peaceful world.

We can no longer trust ABC news or the rest of the Big Media to do this. We, the people, must take on the task of getting the truth out – and salvaging what is left of our democracy and planet. Big Media, who have become shills for their corporate masters, are incapable or unwilling to tell the truth. It is time we did it for them.

Steven M. Greer MD
Director and Founder
The Disclosure Project
Albemarle County Virginia
March 2005
Updated August 2005

I draw you to this article, because it shows what alot of UFO researchers and others are up against…. an ingrained bias, towards not telling the truth about ufo’s.

There is already alot of evidence, for a serious investigation to be taken and tackled on the subject. Throughout my blog there are references to links from proper documents freed up by the Freedom of Information Act, although alot is still hidden. I will be adding more references to other links in time, to prove that the UFO subject demands serious consideration. I also ask that you please read Stanton Friedman’s articles “The UFO why questions?” and “the UFO challenge” which are  very interesting, and relative to this topic. He also has other articles which are worth a look at too. Also, take a look at  canada.com   .

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B-25 Wreckage Found After 60 Years, Listed As Carrying A UFO

Posted by dandare on April 22, 2007

A B-25 Wreckage found after 60 years, was listed as carrying a UFO… see the article by KSBY . There is also a video link on this page to this as well. There is also an article by NNCN  and The daily news online .

 Jim Green had been looking for the wreckage for 10 years, and mentions that as he has only recovered some of the plane, there is more to be found.

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China zoo breeds animals for the freezer

Posted by dandare on April 22, 2007

When i first looked at this article in the guardian  (dated 13th april) , i felt repulsion, and the fact that the Chinese government are trying to lift the ban on tiger products being sold again (introduced in 1993).

Some of thePictures of the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village, can be seen here  .  Also, please see the webwire link here (in which WWF comment on the consequences of a lifted ban).

It is also breaking international law, by feeding tourists tiger at the zoo, among other things (like being killed and used at a winery). See the daily mail’s article on this.   

In China, around 3,500 tigers are left in the wild, and if the ban was lifted, then this would surely be the end for them for sure.  

Also see an article on bears  (china bear rescue)” 7000 endangered Moon Bears currently rotting away on the farms” .

One bit of joy,I saw in a febuary article, the  China’s nascent animal rights movement,  saved over 400 cats lives; good on them. 

Of course, its not only animals the Chinese government have little reguard for….. try adding the environment (ie pollution) and human right’s issues to that pile too.

It’s  a shame that, the rest of the world only see’s profit from China’s quick growth as a world power, and not pick up, and put pressure on its disreguard for fundamental/basic rights and destruction of human and animal life.   

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Artifacts With Extraterrestrial Writings Discovered

Posted by dandare on April 20, 2007

Ok a bit of an odd one here (and also contraversal)…and i have not checked it out at all, with other sources…so i cannot verify it…and therefore, also need more information!

This seems to be pretty new information here….Artifacts With Extraterrestrial Writings Discovered Near Tunguska Site from MOSNEWS (19th April,2007).  Part of it says

“The president of the Tunguska Space Phenomenon research foundation told reporters that several quartz boulders with mysterious writings on them were found in the Tunguska river basin in 2006. The boulders were tested in Krasnoyarsk and Moscow and test results speak for the fact that they are of extraterrestrial origin, he said”.    mmm….. this is odd indeed….

If anyone has additional information, i would welcome it. I ‘ll no doubt get back to this when i know more.

  And i’ve just found another discussion to it here  (from the Rumour mill) with other links within it to other sites that have info too.

I can only say that PRAVDA  (i think its pravda thats giving the info) in recent years has been unreliable, so i have to say that i probably do not believe this news, until proved otherwise….still interesting though.

The background to Tunguska:

There was the Tunguska meteorite crash of 1908, in which the Russian scientific team claimed it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. See this link and also MSNBC on this topic, both from 2004.

RUSSIAN scientists claimed to have discovered the wreck of an alien device at the site of an unexplained explosion in Siberia, almost a hundred years ago.
The scientists, who belonged to the Tunguska space public state fund, said they found the remains of an extra-terrestrial device that allegedly crashed near the Tunguska river in Siberia in 1908.
They also claim to have discovered a 50kg rock which they have sent to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for analysis.
The Tunguska blast, in a desolate part of Siberia, remains one of the 20th century’s biggest scientific mysteries.
On June 30, 1908, what is widely believed to be a meteorite exploded a few kilometres above the Tunguska river, in a blast that was felt hundreds of kilometres away and devastated over 2000 square kilometres of Siberian forest.
But the exact nature of the body that exploded and its origin remain a mystery which has spurred countless theories and controversies.

More info on this can be seen at this site .

UPDATE July 1st, 2007

New developments to this can be seen at the BBC site, here . Another interesting site Terra Nova, can be seen here .

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French govt release files (English translation)

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2007

-Update2 – French govt ufo files (English Translation)

Silly me;  Google can translate this site for you into English (as i have been struggling with the French translation, until someone pointed it out to me about google today).

(Translation here from the post above).

Please click the link above, and take a look..all links translate except the documents link, as when you click on the document(main index page translates), it opens a new window with the original documentation in french…..

There are also some English translated pages about the site here and other links on that page….

Original posting below……28th march 2007

The french government has released ufo files  to the general public online (although when i tried to get on the server was down).The files span over 50 years of ufo sightings, mainly from police officers. This is a new initiative, as most countries, are on a case by case basis (ie you have to ask for each case at a time).UPDATE April 10thHas over 100,000 documents, 58% remain unexplained, and 9% are identified…

See the Canadian National Post for more details

UPDATE june 16th

I have noticed a website, that is very kindly starting to translate document files into english…. the link can be found here .

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weird/strange news

Posted by dandare on April 18, 2007

In some places you might need a permit to party 

In New York, a couple take their 2 cats 2500 miles in a taxi , to their new home.

man accused of being drunk whilst on lawnmower

According to Living Science, Sleeping pill wakes woman after 2 years in a coma.

At ABC news online, A house has been built out of wine bottles 

In MosNews Online, a boy lived in the wilderness for 8 years before finally  being found.

According to Ananova.com, a german lorry driver was injured whilst cooking sausages

London underground have condemned  a ski escalator stunt as dangerous

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