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Dan Aykroyd-unplugged on UFO’s

Posted by dandare on April 7, 2007

Whilst looking through google video, on ufo subjects, i came across

and watched the whole thing (i think i will buy this, as its pretty damn interesting, and the quality is not good enough on google to do it proper justice)…. alot of areas are covered, with actual ufo footage. I know it was done in 2006, but for some reason i never got round to seeing it.

I also discovered the CNN interview with Dan about the film linked here by someone

Also another small video footage can be seen here…obviously alot of video footage out there is fake, hoaxed, ect.

The links above where not put up by myself, just discovered whilst hunting around, therefore the links to these could be taken down at any time…. i will endevour to find them again if they do. 
A extra video i have just found and watched, warrants a look (mexico ufo’s)

2 Responses to “Dan Aykroyd-unplugged on UFO’s”

  1. EelKat said


    one complaint though… that first pic it shows, looks like to 1960’s vintage hub-caps rivited together

    the other stuff looks pretty good though, thanks for sharing


  2. dandare said

    Hi EelKat, and thanks for the reply..you are right, it does not look good does it (hehe). I do not know why this footage was used….not exactly convincing.
    Dan will be bringing out a new video on ufo’s next year…

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