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Roswell incident will soon reach 60th Anniversary (pt1)

Posted by dandare on April 8, 2007

On july 2nd, the Roswell incident will be 60 years old (2nd july-1947,something crashed in new mexico,USA); in the UK on channel5, on April 10th (8pm-9pm), in the lead up to this event, a documentary will be be shown, with all the evidence to refresh us….. I’m not sure if this will shed any new light on events, but who knows.

On july 5th-8th, there is a Roswell UFO Festival , and an article about this can be seen on truthseekers   

Please also watch this BBC documentary on Roswell

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2 Responses to “Roswell incident will soon reach 60th Anniversary (pt1)”

  1. New film called “ROSWELL 1847” is being shot in June 07

    Genre: Sci-Fi, Western.

    In 1847 (100 years before the Roswell crash) England, news spreads of Free land being offered in America, Four very different English folks take up the offer and set of for the USA.
    They soon take a wrong turn at Albaquerky and end up in Roswell, New Mexico.
    They stay at a small village but not everything is as it seems…….

    Directed by Ian Paterson
    Producded by William Cheney, Geoff Eyers & Ian Paterson
    Story by Ian Paterson
    Starring Peter Ward (2 EPIC) Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf) Tracy Redington (Midsummer murders) Geoff Eyers (Harry Potter 4)

    More details visit

  2. Harry Goldwater said

    This is the same group(superteam/cheneyfilms) that have a Dirk Benedict WW2 film coming out this fall.
    And there are rumurs that a huge budget film is in the preproduction phase.

    This sould be a blast!

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