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Posted by dandare on April 13, 2007

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Ufo seen in western Iran , although the iranian news agency link here, believes it to be either a spy plane or espionage device…. In the last few months however, 4  UFO’s were witnessed in separate cases in the same area and almost at the same time.
In one of such cases a UFO crashed in Barrez Mounts in the
central province of Kerman.

McKinnon Should Stay in UK and Spill UFO Beans Say M-Net Readers . Further reading on him can be seen here .

Also due to venus dominating the skies at the moment,  it can, for those not familiar with the skies, be mistaken for a ufo..MSNBC 

In Febuary, witnesses in Islington, London (uk) saw something unusual. Video was taken and can be seen here and a short report is seen here . A mention of this, from another source can be also seen here .

Although written last year (and one i stumbled upon this week), an interesting article by the Guardian mentions that the MOD (UK)tried to cover-up its involvement with ufo’s, mainly due to the Freedom Of Information Act being requested; also the role of D155 was eventually made know. 

A later article (febuary 2007) in the Guardian also touches on a similar topic..both interesting reading.

Update 15th april; latest on Islington sighting from late febuary (recently found), mentions that some have tried to debunk it saying it was lanterns…read report here  

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