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Archive for April 14th, 2007

weird/strange updated news

Posted by dandare on April 14, 2007

To kick us off, we have the beard  Olympics  from germany; fantastic.

Pete, aged 70 years old, oldest clubber  in the UK.

Belgian beer stripped off shelves in the UK

Canadian researchers claim to have made the world’s smallest book at wait for it, 0.07 mm by 0.10 mm .

A 4 week old baby was sent a letter to serve in the German Army…..i knew they were recruiting them at a young age but even so.

Man swims all of the Amazon river, becoming the first person to do so…. i think the piranhas would have put we off, thats before you get to the crocodiles and anacondas also swimming in the river too…… 

And lastly ………………………..Runaway mouse delays flight! eeek!


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RAF jets scrambled to intercept UFO

Posted by dandare on April 14, 2007

The Bury Free Press (published 27th march,2007)has an article that mentions that, at  RAF Lakenheath (UK), jets were scrambled to intercept a ufo, after it was seen on radar on 12th january. Ufo experts also claim to have a recording that confirms that London Military Air Traffic Control contacted RAF Lakenheath to intercept.(see end of article for audio link). the audio can also be downloaded here  It is being analysed by UFO Monitors East Kent, and UFO Data Magazine.

In response (Bury Free Press) says that the MOD mentioned that it was a weather balloon (published 29th march,2007); mmm….. surprise, surprise.

update 8th may:

The service Police report document on this, can be found here (on the MOD site) and mentions “…….it was drifting with the wind. It was between the size of a grapefruit and a soccer ball”.

There therefore seems to be quite a difference between the two sizes here, and it is debated whether you can see properly a gratefruit sized object…..whilst flying? it almost seems like a standard answer, to downsize the problem…..possibly.

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