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Posted by dandare on April 14, 2007

To kick us off, we have the beard  Olympics  from germany; fantastic.

Pete, aged 70 years old, oldest clubber  in the UK.

Belgian beer stripped off shelves in the UK

Canadian researchers claim to have made the world’s smallest book at wait for it, 0.07 mm by 0.10 mm .

A 4 week old baby was sent a letter to serve in the German Army…..i knew they were recruiting them at a young age but even so.

Man swims all of the Amazon river, becoming the first person to do so…. i think the piranhas would have put we off, thats before you get to the crocodiles and anacondas also swimming in the river too…… 

And lastly ………………………..Runaway mouse delays flight! eeek!

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