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News update 1

Posted by dandare on April 15, 2007

 originally posted 31st march…..

Giant cane toad (nicknamed Toadzilla), found in Northern Australia; it is the size of a small dog. Source; BBC

Mysterious aerial device crashes in remote part of Samalia; not sure what it is, and on impact killed a camel…. experts have not been able to get too this area yet, to determine what it is. Source; shabelle net

Many planets may have two suns. Source; BBC

Update to Samalia:

Mon. April 02, 2007

“(Corrected) Unkown satellite-like device falls into Somalia”

(SomaliNet) The story “Unknown Satellite Like” which we
published on March 26 was initially received from interviews and
coverage done by Mogadishu radio stations. At the time of the
incident many people in the area talked as if they saw the
peculiar object. After many SomaliNet news readers contacted us
about the article, we decided to investigate more and tried to
verify the validity of this strange story.

According to reporters who went to the area, so far no single
person who saw the object could be found. Although everyone
believes the story is true, they all gave the same answer: I
didn’t see it with my eyes but…

We might run another update on this story after the reporters
who went to the region go back to Mogadishu. In the meantime,
whether to believe the story or not is up to the reader.
SomaliNet apologizes for publishing it without doing more
There is also a link to the area in question here

Information taken from http://www.virtuallystrange.net

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