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Archive for April 16th, 2007

More UFO Video Links

Posted by dandare on April 16, 2007

Video starting on Pilot accounts, then goes onto Russian sightings …..

Bits and pieces from different video clips (some good old footage is seen at the start) and also interesting stuff on rods..also including more …mmm NASA ice particles??

Ufo’s debated on Fox news

Also the NASA video, on what looks like a missile being fired at a ufo (problem with this video is that it’s poor quality-better to buy video of this event…but still worth a look

This post will be deleted in 2 weeks, but a permanent feature (more ufo videos) will be kept (starting with this one), and added too over time, although some links will inevitably be lost. There is also other video footage, on here too.



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NSA Records on UFO’s

Posted by dandare on April 16, 2007

If you were not aware, there are several records of UFO documentation on the NSA site that have been released, due to many requests for information on the subject. They are all historical documents and can be seen here .

Also go to http://www.nsa.gov/home.cfm and in the public info box (which you need to click to activate) look for the Freedom of Information link and click it; in the search box type in ufo, and you will get a list of ufo documents-most are black marked out, but still worth a look; notice how most are probable balloons, well the bits you can read anyway.

 Also of interest and not about ufo’s can be found here  ; have a look at JFKennedy assassination documentation….

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