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Archive for April 19th, 2007

French govt release files (English translation)

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2007

-Update2 – French govt ufo files (English Translation)

Silly me;  Google can translate this site for you into English (as i have been struggling with the French translation, until someone pointed it out to me about google today).

(Translation here from the post above).

Please click the link above, and take a look..all links translate except the documents link, as when you click on the document(main index page translates), it opens a new window with the original documentation in french…..

There are also some English translated pages about the site here and other links on that page….

Original posting below……28th march 2007

The french government has released ufo files  to the general public online (although when i tried to get on the server was down).The files span over 50 years of ufo sightings, mainly from police officers. This is a new initiative, as most countries, are on a case by case basis (ie you have to ask for each case at a time).UPDATE April 10thHas over 100,000 documents, 58% remain unexplained, and 9% are identified…

See the Canadian National Post for more details

UPDATE june 16th

I have noticed a website, that is very kindly starting to translate document files into english…. the link can be found here .


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