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China zoo breeds animals for the freezer

Posted by dandare on April 22, 2007

When i first looked at this article in the guardian  (dated 13th april) , i felt repulsion, and the fact that the Chinese government are trying to lift the ban on tiger products being sold again (introduced in 1993).

Some of thePictures of the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village, can be seen here  .  Also, please see the webwire link here (in which WWF comment on the consequences of a lifted ban).

It is also breaking international law, by feeding tourists tiger at the zoo, among other things (like being killed and used at a winery). See the daily mail’s article on this.   

In China, around 3,500 tigers are left in the wild, and if the ban was lifted, then this would surely be the end for them for sure.  

Also see an article on bears  (china bear rescue)” 7000 endangered Moon Bears currently rotting away on the farms” .

One bit of joy,I saw in a febuary article, the  China’s nascent animal rights movement,  saved over 400 cats lives; good on them. 

Of course, its not only animals the Chinese government have little reguard for….. try adding the environment (ie pollution) and human right’s issues to that pile too.

It’s  a shame that, the rest of the world only see’s profit from China’s quick growth as a world power, and not pick up, and put pressure on its disreguard for fundamental/basic rights and destruction of human and animal life.   

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