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Archive for April 25th, 2007

Pilot spots UFO over Guernsey!

Posted by dandare on April 25, 2007

A commercial airline pilot spotted a ufo recently, in the channel islands at Guernsey; the link to this can be seen from the BBC (article dated wednesday 25th april,2007). The MOD will not be carrying out an investigation.  

UPDATE: 26th april

Two more reports have been found here  (on same page, link to video) and This is Guernsey (which says the MOD are investigating)……………Also a link at Aero-news

Also now on

UPDATE 28th april 
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 This image has been released into the public domain by its author, Arpingstone. This applies worldwide.

New theory being suggested by another pilot who saw the ufo, suggests it is military tested… see This is Guernsey for the article on this.

Also image doing the rounds on e-mail , apparently from a passenger breaking mobile phone rules (but of course this cannot be verified, so probably not a good source). However, from this image looks like a strange light on a cloud formation….

Other possibilities suggested, are that it is Lowitz Arcs or middle Lowitz Arcs . The whole Lowitz Arcs gallery can be seen here . Only problem here, is that the ufo was observed from more than one direction, from different witnesses. (it also seems that the incident possibly took place at 3pm, so this would count that theory out).

The e-mail has (i have just recieved new information) been proven to be fake…. not surprised…still all types of theory as to what it was, seem to be out there at the moment…if any more comes my way i shall update it on this website.

Update May3rd:

An article in the Times Online, mentions Paul Devereux who says the lights are due to the earth tremor….. in kent; personally, i’m not convinced.   Also, there were 2ufo’s and not one seen, as was previously thought.


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Earth like planet could harbour life?

Posted by dandare on April 25, 2007

Scientists said today that Gliese 581 c, seen outside our solar system could support life; link to this article can be seen at SPACE.com . The video to this is here .

The BBC also has an article on this, and also has a video link to this (on the right hand side).

A related link to this is at Darwin

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