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ufo update

Posted by dandare on April 28, 2007

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UFO update

From the gravesend reporter (UK), was this article:

MOD probe into UFO sightings

Many witnesses say they saw burning balls of fire (on 15th April)….. although it has been suggested they were chinese lanterns released into the sky? 

For full details; see Gravesend Reporter . Also on the same event, by Gravesend Reporter .

I have been alerted to UFO balloons…. being sold (see link here), which could account for some false reportings of ufo’s! Only useful at night…..however, many dismiss this, for this sighting, as they looked too big to be lanterns/balloons. But worth keeping in mind. 

MUFON-Utah- have released a journal (issue 1) free on abduction-Encounter research (JAR).

Veteran talks of “Foo-fighters” in the Herald Tribune.com (dated 21st april).

Four ‘UFOs’ spotted in skies over town  (in Bury Free press,UK), dated 26th april.

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2 Responses to “ufo update”

  1. Avril said

    Not sure what i saw but it was not an aeroplane, i watched it for a long time and it seemed to move back and forth with a burst of light every minute or so but then i thought it was just a trick of the light and dismissed it, that was two weeks ago in oswestry, shropshire. Tonight i saw what i would call a shooting star in the same position in the sky but this was very bright and i would say in two parts moving very quickly. I cant be the only person in oswestry to have seen this.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks Avril for your sightings….. i hope you do not mind, but i would like to add this to my UFO Updates (next one due soon, if time permits). See if we get any responses to this….an idea might be to report this to a UFO organisation (see UFO organisations in my links above, on the left)Or maybe even the local newspaper- just an idea.
    MUFON are good for this, as they do an online report page… there are others.
    Thanks again and keep looking to the skies…

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