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Ufo fleet captured by camera crew, in Peru (update)

Posted by dandare on May 30, 2007

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For video see yesterday’s post……   

It seems that there were more than 50 lights in the sky, and in the video it mentions that there were more than 20…. A diversity of white points were seen that were creating shapes in the sky….

Julio Chamarro, Commander of the Peruvian Air Force mentions that he is unsure what they are, but he did say that they seem to be similar to those recorded in Mexico cities, around 1994 and 1995.

There is also heated debate that these were balloons, or stars, and nothing else…. 

more background about Julio Chamarro was found at UFOINFO (UFO ROUNDUP)

  it is interesting to see his background ….


Volume 7

Number 14

October 8th, 2002

 Editor: Joseph Trainor


“Of all the officers in all the armed forces of the world, perhaps none has a more unusual job than” Cmdr. Julio Chamorro of the Fuerza Aerea Peruana (FAP, or Peruvian Air Force–J.T.) “to investigate–and perhaps prove–the existence of UFOs.”

“As head of the Office to Investigate Aerial Phenomena, Chamorro directs a seven-member team in charge of studying what he calls ‘anomalies that could cause problems with aviation.'”

“Ostensibly, the Office investigates planes that veer off course and hang gliders that steer too close to military bases, but that’s not the crux of their work. Of the hundreds of calls received each month by the Office, Chamorro says at least half are to report UFO sightings. And Chamorro says many are credible.”

“‘There are several mysteries that we believe are highly important and which merit our full attention,’ Chamorro said, ‘If we can arrive at definitive conclusions, our work will be highly beneficial to Peru and all of humanity. Just think about the technological advances if we can definitively prove the existence of (alien) spacecraft.'”

“Chamorro estimates that 60 percent of Peru’s population has seen an unexplainable event in the sky. Most of the calls he receives can be explained, but he says about a dozen each month are credible sightings with no easy explanations.”

“There is, for example, the video taken in Chulucanas,” in the department (state) of Piura, 470 kilometers (282 miles) north of Lima, Peru’s capital. “Taken at the end of 2001, Chamorro says it shows a huge ship sitting in the sky for nearly two hours. ‘The ship makes no noise and did not move. You can see the shape, which includes even windows,’ Chamorro said.”

“Chulucanas has a long history of UFO sightings, he added.”

“Chamorro’s office was officially organized two years ago, but the Peruvian government’s interest in UFOs goes back” much earlier “and there is archaeological evidence that ancient cultures were also hooked on other-worldly phenomena.”

“Miles-long geometric designs in the desert of Nazca, south of Lima, or a winged god in the north are evidence for Chamorro that past cultures” in Peru “not only mastered science and math but had an inkling that space might hold more than the sun and moon.”

“In Chilca,” 78 kilometers (46 miles) “south of Lima, on the Pacific coast, Mayor Ruma Nueda is hoping to capitalize on the town’s fame as one of the hottest spots for UFO sightings.”

“‘There’s big money in sightings,’ Rueda said, ‘We can become the next Roswell. Looking to the (UFO) seekers may be Chilca’s best bet for dealing with the very worldly problems of economic decay and poverty.'”

“Like many people in Chilca, Rueda says he has seen unidentified objects in the skies above his town. In February 1998, Rueda says, he was chatting with his brother one night right outside his house when a large, boomerang-shaped object appeared over a ridge that juts into the sea just beyond Chilca. He says the UFO moved slowly and made no noise.”

“Six similarly-shaped smaller objects were nearby. ‘The mother ship and the six other vehicles hovered for a few minutes and then headed out to sea,’ Rueda said, ‘I had always heard about UFOs, but this was my first sighting. For me, it was undeniable proof that there was life outside our planet.'”

“Chilca also has its own tiny piece of UFO history. In the town’s one-room museum, Rueda keeps a miniscule swath of Incan textile wrapped in brown paper for safekeeping.”

(Editor’s Note: Actually, the “coast cultures” of Peru, famous for their textiles, predated the Incas by one to two thousand years.)

“The textile depicts an oddly-shaped, non-human figure with antennas. Rueda says the figure is similar to the extraterrestrial supposedly found in Roswell (New Mexico) in (July) 1947 and forms the core of UFO attractions that have put Roswell on the map.”

“‘This proves we are not the first people to sight UFOs here. The ancient Peruvians who inhabited Chilca also had sightings and possibly contact,’ he said.”

“Chamorro says (UFO) sightings form part of Peru’s culture, and even the government has gotten into the act on and off during the years.” (See the Miami Herald for September 28, 2002, “Peruvians reach discovery and profit in UFOs.”
Many thanks to Thomas Buyea and Rev. Billy Dee for forwarding this newspaper article.)

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2002 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or in news groups provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first appeared. 

link to UFOINFO

I am hoping that there are more videos of the same or similar events in this area to compare the footage…… as of now there does not seem to be any that i can find….  


Latest: UFO SPOTTED OVER BANGALORE not much on this though, at the moment…..

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Ufo fleet captured by camera crew, in Peru

Posted by dandare on May 29, 2007

ATV channel news, showed video of a possible ufo fleet from Lima, Peru….. It is posted on you tube (see below), and the event took place on may 20th, 2007 at 2pm local time.

The video was captured by the camera crew… i believe the event lasted for around 30 minutes; the video here, is talked about in Spanish, but there is enough to intrigue the watcher, who does not understand the language.

The ufo fleet sighting seems similar to ones seen over Mexico city, Buenos Aires, Madrid and others….. (i’ll try and find these examples and post them in at a later date).  

 I will try and find out more information about this event. 

Also go to http://www.disclose.tv/viewvideo/778/Lima__Peru__UFO_Orb_Fleet_May_21__2007/

for the same video, but with the audio translated into english text, below the video……

For instance, the assessor in the video, is Peruvian Air Force Commander julio Chamorro

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Google Earth + UFO stuff

Posted by dandare on May 28, 2007

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Whilst just quickly looking through google Earth, I stumbled upon the “UFO sculpture from Utrecht, Holland”. That’s not a thing you see everyday, well unless you live there, of course.

Area 51 (which of course never existed) was next on the list….. and if you switch back to map mode….. there is nothing on the map…hehe.

New mexico space trails can be seen here with some links to 3D models,ect. (cannot remember how i got here?)

And last but not least, the ufo map (for north america) can be seen here….. updated to April 2007. 

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UFO’s are frequent flyers in our area

Posted by dandare on May 26, 2007

UFOs are frequent flyers in our area

By R.J. VILLELLA    [Of the IndeOnline.com]

“Dispatchers say they had no unusual calls that night and there was nothing from the sheriff’s department to explain the phenomena.

Controllers at the Akron-Canton Airport reported nothing out of the ordinary on their radar screens.

But Rosemary Lyons said she saw a UFO fly over the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, 2935 Lincoln Way W., at 10:40 p.m. Friday, May 11.

Lyons isn’t nuts, said a UFO expert from Cleveland who noted that sightings in Ohio aren’t all that unusual.

“It goes in cycles,” said Richard Lee, of the Cleveland Ufology Project, one of the oldest UFO research organizations in the country.

Lyons said she was taking a smoke break outside the back door of the lodge with a fellow employee when she saw it. Her co-worker could not be reached for comment.

“The first thing I said was ‘Oh my gosh. Look at that,’ ” Lyons said.

She said it was low and slow, that it was big and it glowed.

“We saw it for 20 to 25 seconds,” said Lyons, a 1972 grad of Central Catholic. “It was round and luminous underneath. It wasn’t a plane, it wasn’t a helicopter, it wasn’t a blimp and it wasn’t a balloon.”

She estimated it was as big as six parking spaces. That would make it 60 feet in diameter.

Lyons said she got a real good look because it was only about 60 feet off the ground.

She estimated that by comparing the height to a tree in the Moose parking lot.

But there was one really eerie thing about it, she said – it was silent.

“It made absolutely no sound,” Lyons said. “It was flying over just carefree – like it was no one’s business.”

While many non-believes might question Lyons’ sanity, Lee said northeastern Ohio is a hot spot when it comes to UFO sightings.

Lee, a member of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, who investigates sightings in Summit and Portage counties, said two of the most famous sightings ever were reported right here in northeastern Ohio.

“In 1966, the Portage sheriff chased a UFO almost all the way to the Pennsylvania border,” Lee said. “They were checking out an abandoned car and a UFO came overhead and shined a light down on them. It started moving away and they followed it in their car – tracking it in the hopes someone with a camera could catch up.”

Lee said the Akron newspaper wrote about that incident extensively.

“Stories still come up and radio shows talk about it on anniversary dates,” he said.

The other case involved the National Guard.

“That was at 11 p.m. on Oct. 18, 1973,” he said. “The Guard was flying from Columbus to Cleveland and the ’copter was seven miles east, southeast of Mansfield. They were flying at an altitude of 700 feet when they spotted it.”

Lee said there were five men on board, and five credible witnesses on the ground all gave the same story.

“They recorded a timeline of 300 seconds,” Lee said, adding instruments and the radio went haywire during those moments. “They ruled out everything else – weather, a meteor – at first they thought it might have been some high performance aircraft. But they soon realized no plane could maneuver like that.”

Lee said he gets about 10 cases a year in which people will file a formal report but there are three times as many who make an inquiry and then decide against a formal report.

He said Lyons’ account sounds similar to a lot of other cases he has heard about.

“It could be credible,” he said. “I would like to interview an individual before committing. This (UFO sightings) has been going on for 50 to 60 years. People keep seeing them. Sometimes they go to authorities but many times they don’t. Sometimes newspapers write about sightings but many times they don’t.”

But Rosemary Lyons is a believer.

“There has to be something else out there,” she said. “I think people see these things and don’t say anything because people might think they’re crazy. I hope now some other people come forward.” source here

Original content available for non-commercial use under the  Creative Commons

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UFO terrorizes Flickr photo sight

Posted by dandare on May 24, 2007

The photos posted on flickr, and also creating debate, is a supposed sighting of a ufo in california, see switched.com (dated 24th may)… as is pointed out in the link here , it is relatively easy to hoax a photo. I am not convinced by these photos at all…. but will need to look into this in more detail.

 Although, what i can say is that the light and shadow look wrong on the photos, and it does not look like the shots have been taken in a hurried state, if an event had taken place….. and they all look too clean… ie no real blur, in any of the photos. 

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Channel Island UFO Update (23rd april,2007)

Posted by dandare on May 22, 2007

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The MOD have responded to the FOIA, by mentioning that “the sighting took place in French airspace for defence” (see MOD Link) and that therefore the french authorities should be the ones to contact…. They then went on to say, that no further action would be taken.

An interesting report made available to the public, from the MOD can be seen here. In it are detailed descriptions, of the event, from both pilot witnesses that saw the event take place.

Bare details of MOD report:

 date 23rd April 2007

 time 2.09 to 2.18pm (overall 9 minutes).

No evidence that object was seen by radar (french), and was out of range of British radar…  

Jersey radar only secondary and so could not have detected the UFO…. (not in this report but evidence that there was a radar contact).

Two witness reports, one from Capt Bowyer, and the other from a Tristar plane.

UFO cigar shaped

Included in report are:   met conditions, air safety report, sketch of ufo’s and planes on a map … sketch of UFO and finally a jersey airport ATC comment in letter. 

I do find that the British have conveniently seen that the sighting was in french airspace, and washed their hands of the whole affair, well publically anyway.

update 25th May:

the reported cell phone image….. is definately now a fake, as was previously suspected (but without evidence). An identical photo from the BBC (see link here) has been manipulated to create the image with a ufo….. see PPRuNe (images at number #47) and on AboveTopSecret  forums for evidence….therefore this image can be placed in the bin.
UFOseek.com – UFO paranormal Directory, Community and News.

update 31st may:


 I would be interested to see what he discovers about sightings from others (who hopefully come forward and give him data)….. 

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UFO balloons? what are they…

Posted by dandare on May 19, 2007

UFO balloons (or fire balloons) are a small balloon, heated by a flame below….. there are based on sky lanterns (invented by Chu Ko Liang), from China, which were traditionally made from a combination of bamboo frames and rice paper…. and they used a rag dipped in paraffin which is then lit, to get them airborne.

UFO balloons (i think commercialy started in 2005?) use a clear plastic bag (others use other material such as dry cleaner bags), and fitted below with a firelighter, held in place by wire; others have used balsa wood and drinking straws to make them, and a candle in place of the firelighter. 

A ufo balloon being lit and put into the air can be seen here on you tube…..

These balloons need to be put into the mix, when researching and collaborating UFO sightings, to confirm that it is not these that have sparked off the reported sightings…. they do have some characteristics that can help in this though…. they have a whiteish-yellow glow, although in some weather conditions, these can be orangey red, and do not move quickly (unless in a strong wind-although this could create a fire risk) and always with the wind too, obviously. 

A slightly different type can be seen in the video below

They must be used in the right weather conditions, otherwise there is a real possibility that they can catch fire to the surrounding countryside, property, etc.

The ideal conditions to use them are on cool, clear non breezy evenings… they last for around 8 to 10 minutes (but sometimes slightly longer) and can rise as far as about 1000 metres; it can also move with airstream’s as it rises. Although i have heard of some that can last for far longer (up to 40 minutes they claim) using a candle framework to keep it alight for longer…. i’m sure there are other variations too. 

Another thing is that they do not come out well on camera or video, but can be quite visual when seen real time.

So UFO followers must take this into account when considering reports of ufo’s, along with other phenomenon.

For instance, many recent accounts in the UK, could possibly fall into this category. 

Examples of this, can be seen at Southend ufo group site (2004) and give an indication of what they are like.

A recent sighting from the Archways (in London- febuary 1st 2007) could possibly be either sky lanterns or ufo balloons/fire balloons? the council admitted that a gathering let loose sky lanterns nearby; for report see here  . Although others are less sure it was this that they were seeing. Some witness footage can be seen on you tube below

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ufo update

Posted by dandare on May 16, 2007

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 The Belfast Telegraph mentions the recent Bangor (County Down) UFO incident, in “We are not alone” (may 15th).

The Helena Independant, has an article entitled  “Ufo Researcher hunting for the truth” about Warren Aston, who “watched a small point of light approach a satellite, circle around it, and then vanish at a high rate of speed”. Now, nearly 40 years on, he has become a leading authority on the subject. His main reason on visiting Helena, is to try to interview friends of Leo Dworshak….. who was meant to have boarded a UFO (in 1932)…

According to HBBC UFO Research, UFO sightings keep rolling in from Ontario, Canada

In Physorg.com, it claims that “Scientists one more step closer to realising invisible technology”  (a related link can be seen at tinwiki.org).

Newsnet5.com reported on May 10th that

“20 UFO Sightings Reported In NE

Ohio In 2 Years”

and that Cleveland has the most ufo investigators in the world

The Canadian National Newspaper writes about “Full Truthful disclosure Impossible under Capitalism“.


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ufo update (on Northern Ireland sighting)

Posted by dandare on May 13, 2007

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 BBC Northern Ireland mentions ” Residents spot strange UFO lights“…. people possibly saw UFO’s in Bangor….. witnesses say they saw orange lights in the sky.

I will try and update this article when i have some more information…… 

may 14th: the BBC video link to this can be found here  for real player….

UPDATE 22nd May:

I am pretty sure this was a hoax….. funnily enough after i had recently done a quick article on UFO balloons, there is some evidence that these were the culprits…… Will look into this further, as more evidence is needed to support this? 

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Interesting video links for Nick Pope

Posted by dandare on May 13, 2007

Nick Pope, used to run the British Government’s UFO project at the Ministry of Defence..

 Initially sceptical, his research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon and access to formerly classified government files on the subject soon convinced him that the phenomenon raised important defence and national security issues, especially when the witnesses were military pilots or where UFOs were tracked on radar.  

He now continues his research in a private capacity and is recognised as a leading authority on UFOs and the unexplained. (extracts taken from his website, and worth a visit-see link at bottom of this article). 

Below are some interesting links i have found:

Nick pope interview, done by Underground Video

on science verses ufology (short video)

Ufo warning

secret history of the uk’s ufo project

Also see his website Nick Pope .

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