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Archive for May 2nd, 2007

Website facelift

Posted by dandare on May 2, 2007

Over the next few days, there will be an overhall of this site….ie it will be renamed  

 UFO Online by dandare

 and this site will be reorganised, so things can be found much better, as its a bit of a mess at present.

I will also be starting a new site Liverpool 2008 (with links to liverpool leading up to it becoming European capital of culture, but with articles only once a month)…in 2008, i will be going to some of the events, and will video and show them on this blog.

The photography, and other info i’m not sure what to do with at present…..

   Please bear with me whilst i sort things out…. although if i find any ufo info, updates will endevour to put this up, as usual….. i hope to be adding more on well known ufo encounters and more links to documents on the web…   


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