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Archive for May 4th, 2007

MOD reports and Italian UFO video?

Posted by dandare on May 4, 2007

MOD page for Cosford 1993 case…. were multi witnesses saw a possible triangular UFO.

MOD reports of UFO’s 1999-2006 . 

(Sorry if there has been some confusion with the dates…..the case above is unrelated to the Italian UFO, below). This is evident if you click on the link, but not so if you do not.


Video supposedly released by the Italian Air Force, in march 2007…. (ok…Facts about this video: it was given to Italian researchers in strange circumstances….also that is our technology and not a ufo…and that it is not video footage from Italian Air Force….).

 The video was taken in the Veneto region of Italy, at a place called Ponte di Giulio. Near Aviano NATO Base. It is unknown who posted this on you tube, but it is mentioned, that it is a 7th generation version of the original  ..

 I will let you decide on the authenticity on this video, but without more information, i cannot say either way, although it has been pointed out, that it could be quite easy to change this, to look like a ufo, using various photo editing software. (maybe, that should read, not so easy to do, as this is complex, and i profess to being relatively new in this area, as far as video goes,…however, i’m looking into it, and trying to read up on it). 

also check out The National Archives 

More information on video above:

This footage has been around for sometime. It was released in the U.S. by researcher Paola Harris at the 36th Annual International MUFON Symposium in Denver, Colorado 2005. 
According to Paola Harris the original videographer remains unknown and the object seems to be terrestial in origin, more properly some kind of military prototype remote controlled. The feature in which the disc dissapears at the end raises questions for the italian researchers and Paola thinks the military may be involved.

Paola Harris mentioned that this was clearely a flight test since the videographer was in position focusing the camera where the disc appears initially. The object is not CGI. The footage was analyzed in Boulder, Colorado and they concluded this was a physical object most probably a remote control prototype. The case still remains inconclusive (information taken from virtuallystrange.net  ). I too, am now not sure of what to believe about this now, but its definitely intriguing.

update: 7th july

I believe this video actually dates to 2002…. but will let you know for sure soon, when i can find additional information to back this up.  

UPDATE 9th july

Have found the link to the lighter version of the same video footage

Also someone who has done enhancements….(his conclusions i’ll leave up to you)

I have only looked at this a couple of times so far…..

Also another interesting link about the base here  (it seems, this is not the first time sightings have been acknowledged from here),and here (information about the site) , a google earth link of the base here .

The only other thing that has come into my head at this time, (mmm….3am) is, is it possible that it was filmed first and then later put onto video? not sure. 

UPDATE 15th August

A good article (see here), mentions that not only Paola Harris, but other Italian Ufologists recieved this video, but only Paola decided to promote it…. it goes on to mention that there was more than one version, amongst other things. If this is true then it is a hoax? 

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