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Interesting video links for Nick Pope

Posted by dandare on May 13, 2007

Nick Pope, used to run the British Government’s UFO project at the Ministry of Defence..

 Initially sceptical, his research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon and access to formerly classified government files on the subject soon convinced him that the phenomenon raised important defence and national security issues, especially when the witnesses were military pilots or where UFOs were tracked on radar.  

He now continues his research in a private capacity and is recognised as a leading authority on UFOs and the unexplained. (extracts taken from his website, and worth a visit-see link at bottom of this article). 

Below are some interesting links i have found:

Nick pope interview, done by Underground Video

on science verses ufology (short video)

Ufo warning

secret history of the uk’s ufo project

Also see his website Nick Pope .

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