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Posted by dandare on May 16, 2007

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 The Belfast Telegraph mentions the recent Bangor (County Down) UFO incident, in “We are not alone” (may 15th).

The Helena Independant, has an article entitled  “Ufo Researcher hunting for the truth” about Warren Aston, who “watched a small point of light approach a satellite, circle around it, and then vanish at a high rate of speed”. Now, nearly 40 years on, he has become a leading authority on the subject. His main reason on visiting Helena, is to try to interview friends of Leo Dworshak….. who was meant to have boarded a UFO (in 1932)…

According to HBBC UFO Research, UFO sightings keep rolling in from Ontario, Canada

In Physorg.com, it claims that “Scientists one more step closer to realising invisible technology”  (a related link can be seen at tinwiki.org).

Newsnet5.com reported on May 10th that

“20 UFO Sightings Reported In NE

Ohio In 2 Years”

and that Cleveland has the most ufo investigators in the world

The Canadian National Newspaper writes about “Full Truthful disclosure Impossible under Capitalism“.


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