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Ufo fleet captured by camera crew, in Peru

Posted by dandare on May 29, 2007

ATV channel news, showed video of a possible ufo fleet from Lima, Peru….. It is posted on you tube (see below), and the event took place on may 20th, 2007 at 2pm local time.

The video was captured by the camera crew… i believe the event lasted for around 30 minutes; the video here, is talked about in Spanish, but there is enough to intrigue the watcher, who does not understand the language.

The ufo fleet sighting seems similar to ones seen over Mexico city, Buenos Aires, Madrid and others….. (i’ll try and find these examples and post them in at a later date).  

 I will try and find out more information about this event. 

Also go to http://www.disclose.tv/viewvideo/778/Lima__Peru__UFO_Orb_Fleet_May_21__2007/

for the same video, but with the audio translated into english text, below the video……

For instance, the assessor in the video, is Peruvian Air Force Commander julio Chamorro

2 Responses to “Ufo fleet captured by camera crew, in Peru”

  1. EelKat said

    interesting vid. can’t really see it good cause it’s so small on my screen, wish I could get a big screen zoom on it

    yes, by all means, keep us updated

    I was a witness to 2 simalar sightings in Maine in the early 1980’s… wasn’t much of a “believer” in such sightings until I saw one myself, right over our house… weirdest thing that I’ve ever seen

  2. dandare said

    I’m afraid this is the only visual evidence that i have found so far…. interesting about your events in Maine….We have to be wary of sky lanterns, and ufo balloons, ect being put up into the night sky….and alot of these sightings need alot of analysis…looks like the N. Ireland sighting and archways sighting in London are recent possible candidates ….others are clearly not.
    Thanks for your comment..

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