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O’hare ufo sighting:flowchart

Posted by dandare on May 12, 2007

Here is a flowchart showing the main events from the o’Hare incident on november 7th, 2006.

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MOD ufo files update (not all it seems?)

Posted by dandare on May 10, 2007

As has been noted previously, that the MOD will be releasing files on UFO’s due to the FOIA, it has come to my attention, that the MOD might destroy the original files when these files have been added to the on-line database…. for the ramifications of this please see DI55 document release   . Of most importance is the end paragraph…..

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Also what might be of interest, is this article by ZNet Commentary  which is also telling us to be wary of on-line information….it mentions however both strengths and weaknesses amoung other things:


* The use of the Internet provides a rapid and cost effective method for the dissemination of unclassified information.



* The use of the Internet could have rebound effect and fuel a more voracious public demand for ever more material. May facilitate more FOIA requests by providing a shopping list of available materials.

* The use of the Internet could overwhelm the administrative system that processes inquiries. By providing documents that have been recently reviewed and declassified, it can magnify imperfections in the declassification system by making available declassified material out of historical context”. (extracts from Diversion and good faith distraction;on the use value of  conspiracy Data for the power elite……march 28th 2007By Paul Street).

Other related links on this matter can be seen here and here .

So although we will be getting information out of the MOD, there must also be the question? what are they not giving us as well? and so on…. 

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UFO Archive…..Pheonix Lights- video links.

Posted by dandare on May 8, 2007

This event occurred on March 13th, 1997…….an excellent report on this can be found on NUFORC.org.

For various videos please see below:

Phoenix Lights UFO – Former Gov.Fife Symington says he saw it

Why ‘Phoenix Lights’ UFO are not military flares

UFOs over Phoenix , Arizona

UFO – Phoenix Lights; full version

Phoenix UFO confirmed: George Noory interviews former Governor of Arizona (actually audio but interesting)

Former Arizona Governor admits he saw Phoenix Lights UFO (March 2007)

Also a very informative article entitled:


by Bruce Maccabee, originally posted Sept. 30, 1998; updated to March, 2002  can be seen here ….in which he believes they were flares?

one large article against flares and other usual suspects (ie swamp gas, meteors,ect) being the cause, is steve Lantz  in “The Pheonix Lights…. Debunking the Debunkers“.

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McCartney, Bowie may headline aliens contact concert

Posted by dandare on May 8, 2007

McCartney, Bowie may headline aliens contact concert

 by Bang! Showbiz | Tuesday, 1 May 2007 it says:

“The aim of the concerts is to beam live music into outer space, particularly to targets in our solar systems, including Mars and the moon, to try and establish peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilisations. Each show will be as large as Woodstock”.

Also possible bands to play are The Rolling Stones, Sir Elton John, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. Definately different….. and it could be out of this world.

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UFO Updates

Posted by dandare on May 7, 2007

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UFOs over Lewiston? (USA)   ” Claims of UFOs flying over Lewiston Wednesday night were quickly discredited by officials who said they were conducting military training”.[..] ” Area resident Jeff Nickert, who called the Herald Times at approximately 5:30 a.m. Thursday, is not convinced”. (Gaylord Herald Times, may 5th 2007). 

Russia sees moon plot in NASA plans……see unknowncountry.com  and Telegragh.co.uk (2nd may 2007)

In the telegraph article above it mentions …”Mankind’s second race for the moon took on a distinctly Cold War feel yesterday when the Russian space agency accused its old rival Nasa of rejecting a proposal for joint lunar exploration”.

The Mosnews.com article (Dated may 1st 2007) mentions:

 “We are ready to cooperate but for some reasons the United States has announced that it will carry out the program itself,” he said, quoted by the Associated Press. “Strange as it is, the United States is short of experts to implement the program,” he said… (he being Anatoly Perminov, head of Russian Space Agency).

There is also another related article from the Telegraph (dated 6th december,2006)  here….. at the top of the article are links too videos and pictures.

‘Alien attack’ is a helicopter…….. Edinburgh Evening News, (may 2nd, 2007) …mentions that..

“Suspicious residents plagued officials with calls about a mysterious object as it swept over the skies early at around 1am on Tuesday morning”.

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Ufo’s update in Guernsey

Posted by dandare on May 6, 2007

A RETIRED Air France pilot has backed Aurigny’s Ray Bowyer’s UFO sighting. (dated may 2nd)

See This is Guernsey for link; also see Editor’s blog  for his take on this.

Also scanned image of jersey evening Post dated 26th april, with an article of this event. (smaller image of article below).

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Also a nice article by the independant (may 2nd) on both Captain Ray Bower (on guernsey ufo) and the opening of the MOD files? worth a read.

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MOD reports and Italian UFO video?

Posted by dandare on May 4, 2007

MOD page for Cosford 1993 case…. were multi witnesses saw a possible triangular UFO.

MOD reports of UFO’s 1999-2006 . 

(Sorry if there has been some confusion with the dates…..the case above is unrelated to the Italian UFO, below). This is evident if you click on the link, but not so if you do not.


Video supposedly released by the Italian Air Force, in march 2007…. (ok…Facts about this video: it was given to Italian researchers in strange circumstances….also that is our technology and not a ufo…and that it is not video footage from Italian Air Force….).

 The video was taken in the Veneto region of Italy, at a place called Ponte di Giulio. Near Aviano NATO Base. It is unknown who posted this on you tube, but it is mentioned, that it is a 7th generation version of the original  ..

 I will let you decide on the authenticity on this video, but without more information, i cannot say either way, although it has been pointed out, that it could be quite easy to change this, to look like a ufo, using various photo editing software. (maybe, that should read, not so easy to do, as this is complex, and i profess to being relatively new in this area, as far as video goes,…however, i’m looking into it, and trying to read up on it). 

also check out The National Archives 

More information on video above:

This footage has been around for sometime. It was released in the U.S. by researcher Paola Harris at the 36th Annual International MUFON Symposium in Denver, Colorado 2005. 
According to Paola Harris the original videographer remains unknown and the object seems to be terrestial in origin, more properly some kind of military prototype remote controlled. The feature in which the disc dissapears at the end raises questions for the italian researchers and Paola thinks the military may be involved.

Paola Harris mentioned that this was clearely a flight test since the videographer was in position focusing the camera where the disc appears initially. The object is not CGI. The footage was analyzed in Boulder, Colorado and they concluded this was a physical object most probably a remote control prototype. The case still remains inconclusive (information taken from virtuallystrange.net  ). I too, am now not sure of what to believe about this now, but its definitely intriguing.

update: 7th july

I believe this video actually dates to 2002…. but will let you know for sure soon, when i can find additional information to back this up.  

UPDATE 9th july

Have found the link to the lighter version of the same video footage

Also someone who has done enhancements….(his conclusions i’ll leave up to you)

I have only looked at this a couple of times so far…..

Also another interesting link about the base here  (it seems, this is not the first time sightings have been acknowledged from here),and here (information about the site) , a google earth link of the base here .

The only other thing that has come into my head at this time, (mmm….3am) is, is it possible that it was filmed first and then later put onto video? not sure. 

UPDATE 15th August

A good article (see here), mentions that not only Paola Harris, but other Italian Ufologists recieved this video, but only Paola decided to promote it…. it goes on to mention that there was more than one version, amongst other things. If this is true then it is a hoax? 

Please click to help the hungry (no donations needed, just click link, thanks)

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UFO update (MOD Update)

Posted by dandare on May 3, 2007

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Now the media are reporting on the MOD releasing ufo files, but still no date has been given for when this will happen though…. links for this are from the Guardian , E Canada Now  , andnetwork.com  and Free Internet Press . It seems that Rendlesham Forest, will be included as one of the ufo files released, among many others.  

Also just added from The Herald

The UFO Paranormal Directory, Community and

UFOseek.com - Directory, Community and News.

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Website facelift

Posted by dandare on May 2, 2007

Over the next few days, there will be an overhall of this site….ie it will be renamed  

 UFO Online by dandare

 and this site will be reorganised, so things can be found much better, as its a bit of a mess at present.

I will also be starting a new site Liverpool 2008 (with links to liverpool leading up to it becoming European capital of culture, but with articles only once a month)…in 2008, i will be going to some of the events, and will video and show them on this blog.

The photography, and other info i’m not sure what to do with at present…..

   Please bear with me whilst i sort things out…. although if i find any ufo info, updates will endevour to put this up, as usual….. i hope to be adding more on well known ufo encounters and more links to documents on the web…   

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