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Channel Island UFO Update

Posted by dandare on June 26, 2007

On the Richard & judy show (in the UK), shown yesterday (25th June), there was an interview with Captain Ray Bowyer. Also from The Guernsey press  , an article about him being on “Richard and Judy” (dated 26th june, This is guernsey).

Someone has very kindly posted it on you tube and it can be seen below….lasts around 6 mins.

Update: 28th june,2007

There are some more links to be added…. (thanks to www.uk-org/ufologyinuk as i had missed these).

A map of the general area , casquets lighthouse, which Captain Bowyer mentions and an attemp to place the sightings on a map  (very useful).

Also the only Guernsey ufo photo at you tube…although i am not conviced by this whatsoever…..but here it is, for you too decide.

It is also worth pointing out (also highlighted by www.uk-org/ufologyinuk ) that nearby these sightings, are La Hague nuclear reprocessing centre, and north of Alderney, the Hurd  deep inventary (was used for nuclear waste disposal, ie plutonium)….this in itself should be cause for concern to the authorities…if nothing else, due to the earthquake that was felt in Kent recently, among other things. 

Also, i can add that proper information analysis is being carried out by several researchers and scientists, at this moment in time (both British and French, ie French government UFO agency GEIPAN will be involved, to what extent i am uncertain)….. and a thorough investigation will take place with the co-operation of Captain Bowyer’s. 

I know this will be done down to the smallest details, with everything considered… and therefore this may take some time in creating.  But i will post on this blog any new information…. 

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UFO UPDATE: shanghai ufo?

Posted by dandare on June 24, 2007

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA short update:

Jellyfish-shaped ‘UFO’ spotted in Shanghai by — SEVERAL people reported seeing a jellyfish-shaped unidentified flying object about 8pm in Shanghai on Monday.

A man surnamed Zhu told Shanghai Morning Post yesterday that he saw the UFO in the sky at the crossroads…

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6o years ago, “flying saucer” was born

Posted by dandare on June 23, 2007

On the 24th June, 1947 (60 years ago) Kenneth Arnold (1915-1984), an American businessman,  saw an extra ordinary event, which was to create the phrase/term “flying saucer” or “Flying disk” by the press. (for early newspaper articles on this see link here).

He was flying from Chehalis (Washington) to Yakima (washington), in a Call Air A-2 due to a business trip, when he found out that a $5000 reward was being offered for the sighting of a US marine Corps C-46 transport plane, which had crashed near Mount Rainier, and so went to find it….

Conditions:- Sky….. clear with a mild wind

By 3pm he gave up the search and started to travel to Yakima, when he saw 9 objects (flying in a chain) flying over Rainier to mount adams (he later calculated they must have been travelling 1200 mph- ie time travelled between the 2 points).
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The media were soon onto this, as word got around, and Kenneth later said that they  “flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water”…. this soon led to the term by the press of “flying saucer” and also “flying disk”.

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A excellent article can be seen written by Arnold himself, about the event at Project 1947 . 

A very detailed analysis can be found  here  and there is a transcript of a telephone conversation with kenneth here .

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Job description: Simulated mission to mars anyone!

Posted by dandare on June 22, 2007

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for suitable candidates for a simulated Mission to Mars…. in 2008/9. see here for details. The simulated mission is for 520 days with both the ESA, and Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems being involved.. they are interested in how the candidates will behave, whilst being inside a special  container in Moscow, in a confined space (to name but one constraint) …. I believe the only communication with anyone will be via radio, with a delay, to make it realistic..  

Well i suppose that would be something out of the ordinary to put on your CV, when you completed it…


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Sky news on Channel island UFO’s incident (event:23rd April)

Posted by dandare on June 22, 2007

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Sky news have now picked up the story of the channel island ufo’s, (23rd April, 2007 -on this site under channel island incident- 3 articles) and the link for Sky can be seen here . On the right,  (in the sky article) is a video of  Nick Pope identifying possible ufo’s on sky news … i will leave you to decide on his take on this.

I have also spotted a link to this at This is London.co.uk(article also done recently) and also Fox news.

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MOD online update

Posted by dandare on June 20, 2007

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Updated information concerning UFO reports made to the British
Ministry of Defence in 1998 – 2006,  has recently been added to their website……please  see here .

Also, unrelated to the above, but of some interest………….The Wired blog network has an article on Spooks Infiltrating UFO Community….mmm. Lets hope i do not get whisked away, on the grounds of National Security….


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UFO images lead to internal investigation at Border Guard Service

Posted by dandare on June 16, 2007

According to HELSINGIN SANOMAT (International Edition), a Ufo Finnish Research Association, published infrared video images of UFO’s, on their webpages and in their magazine….. it is mentioned that this is an official Authority video.

The authorities are to investigate this, as they have no knowledge of issuing anything to the press. For more information see here .  

Update: 25th june 2007…………..The direct link to this can be found here.  

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UFO blimp sighted in Salt Lake city.

Posted by dandare on June 15, 2007

An unknown object/UFO, was seen over Salt Lake City, on  the 13th june, 2007….. it was around 26 foot long, silver and was a UFO blimp….

A local Utah resident was testing the “hyper blimp”, when it got out of control….it was interesting to see eyewitnesses say it was around 100ft long; Daniel Geery, claimed it back soon after it went down. see here for article and a video of the event, on the right hand side of the article. 


See Daniel Geery’s you tube video here of the hyper blimp, being flown (radio controlled).

I believe that he tried out a new propeller, which worked much better than the last one, but unfortunately the battery ran out quicker, and he lost control of it (although i also heard that he was trying out a new battery power pack too, and that is why it lost control)….hence  what happened above.  

Also, if interested please see this link for solar powered airship, designed and flown by a teacher in Utah (clearly would not work in the UK, not enough sun).

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UFO Conference: on Mexican UFO’s

Posted by dandare on June 13, 2007

I was made aware of a Video on google (recently put on there) which is worth having a look at….about Mexican ufo’s at a UFO conference.

It starts off with the Mexican Air Force encounter …. most interesting. The video lasts just over 1 hour.

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on June 12, 2007

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An interesting (if fairly spooky) article to get us started is at wired , about Plasma laser’s and whether they have contributed to UFO sightings (and whether they exist). 

The Daily Courier.com mentions, why  the Kecksburg incident continues to intrigue (event happened 1965).

The Roswell theme park is, according to United Press International (original source: the washington times), surrounded in secrecy …. 

AUFORN (Australian UFO Research Network), has a very interesting website, with an on-air feature coming soon too… also books,ect and updates of ufo sightings from down under.  

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