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2004: Mexican Air Force encounter (ufo archive)

Posted by dandare on June 2, 2007

On March 4th 2004,  whilst the Mexican Air Force where on a normal Anti-drugs patrol (flying at 11,500 feet), circumstances dictated that what unfolded, was anything but normal. The pilots were only able to see the ufo’s, by using infra-red cameras, after they showed up on radar.

Video taped evidence was made widely available and the government confirmed it as such (ie taken by their pilots), but refused to add anything else on the matter.  

There were 11 objects in the sky, and they were moving (which were bright, and seemed like spheres on the video). They were in the Southern Campeche state. See the BBC link for information on this…..

Sceptical sites such as sceptic.com   , had other answers to this….. that they were ball lightning, flares or oil platform burn-off flares (the last being suggested by the Sceptic.com site). It also states “[.]….however it also demonstrates the woeful general state of basic UFO investigation and analysis”. Maybe, but i will let you be the judge on the footage available…. also i find that it would be a little worrying if the air force mistook these for oil platform burn-off flares…..i find this footage fascinating, and there is evidence to debunk the oil Platform theory… an example is in the you tube video below number1.


The actual footage can be seen in number 2

number 3 is for the oil platform theory… although as is mentioned in the comments, you do need to look at all the footage, not just part of it…


Also About.com has an article on this… i will leave it up to you as to what you think it is…. as far as i am concerned, i am undecided on this event at present…..

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