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UFO Update (links to Aviation Audio live feeds)

Posted by dandare on June 6, 2007

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First off today (a bit late i’m afraid) …….Planet-hunters find bonanza of new solar systems (may 29th,2007).

Whilst looking around for American Aviation Air Traffic control, i came upon several Aviation Audio live feeds… at liveatc . 

There were several interesting links on this site…one in particular was an experimental link to world communication on a planet globe, with links to other aviation links in other countries.  

It does mention however….. “ NOTICE

If you link from your web site to any of these audio feeds you must give credit to LiveATC.net and
provide a prominent link to http://www.liveatc.net from your site. Direct linking without prior approval
is strongly discouraged”.

Other interesting Aviation links were found at atcmonitor , and amfly also links to airport monitor sites and inks at passur to radar airport sites available.

Canadian Air Traffic control can be found here , and

links for NASA satellite tracking, and  also other things like tracking of international space station can be found here .

I did notice the link for O’Hare airport down however….mmm.

I’ll give these a try/listen in the near future………..

for funny ufo webcam site….. try this 

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