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UFO blimp sighted in Salt Lake city.

Posted by dandare on June 15, 2007

An unknown object/UFO, was seen over Salt Lake City, on  the 13th june, 2007….. it was around 26 foot long, silver and was a UFO blimp….

A local Utah resident was testing the “hyper blimp”, when it got out of control….it was interesting to see eyewitnesses say it was around 100ft long; Daniel Geery, claimed it back soon after it went down. see here for article and a video of the event, on the right hand side of the article. 


See Daniel Geery’s you tube video here of the hyper blimp, being flown (radio controlled).

I believe that he tried out a new propeller, which worked much better than the last one, but unfortunately the battery ran out quicker, and he lost control of it (although i also heard that he was trying out a new battery power pack too, and that is why it lost control)….hence  what happened above.  

Also, if interested please see this link for solar powered airship, designed and flown by a teacher in Utah (clearly would not work in the UK, not enough sun).

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