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UFO’s in Turkey?

Posted by dandare on July 31, 2007

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I’m not sure what is going on in Turkey but i did see this in june 2007…..from the daily HÜRRİYET (turkish media)……..

“The man who saw seven UFOs within a day

Ayhan Hacısalihoğlu, 43-year-old Mediterranean branch sales manager of ECA Elmor company, saw seven unidentified flying objects in the sky on June 11 at 11:30 p.m. while sitting in the balcony of his home in Antalya, wrote the daily Hürriyet yesterday.

Hacısalihoğlu recorded the objects with his camera for five and a half minutes and showed the footage to Hasan Uğur Epirden, the chairman of Sirius UFO Research Center in Antalya, a tourist city in the western Mediterranean.

Selahattin Kurt, the deputy manager responsible for the air traffic in Antalya airport, said that 23 unidentified flying objects had been seen on the night of May 31. However, none of them were picked up by the radar installation”.

“The records are reviewed over and over again and we have determined that the flying objects in the records are ‘space objects’,” experts at the airport wrote in the reports of June 11 air records. Hacısalihoğlu asked $100,000 for his footage, read the daily yesterday….”

Of course, i would like to know what they refer as “space objects”..is this meoteorites,ect. or possibly the way it has been translated (from turkish to english)…..and whether this is being disputed.

Also in june, 2007 UFO sightings at Didim (see here for article)…. there have also been rumours of a possible ufo fleet sighting recently, but i cannot find any news on this…. 

Previously for 2007, the only other reference i can see was from …..

The Sabah Newspaper (an English speaking Turkish newspaper), of Istanbul, Turkey, on January 4, 2007 mentioned.

People Claim Seeing A UFO In Istanbul

Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people on Wednesday night. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO.

In Bahcelievler district of Yenibosna, Istanbul, people have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and was dazzling.

Update: 2nd August, 2007

UFO-Melting-Pot: “in the area surrounding the princes island 25-30 ufos spotted. video recordings exist.” Please see here for information. Information from http://unconventionalindividualist.wordpress.com/ thanks for this 🙂 

Update 4th August

“A bright sun coloured UFO, swift, noiseless and melon-shaped, swerves in the sky at speed then flys toward the sea and on into the horizon, Turkey, 9.30pm, Saturday 1st July”.
An account of a ufo sighting, is recounted here (thanks to RealUFO.co.uk).

August 10th Update

Not sure of the validity of this video from you tube, but here it is….

August 13th UPDATE

Thanks to Alan Barrett for sending in 2 photos….

As he mentions in the comment below, the “daylight photo from 6th July 2007,that contains something i did not know was there,when i took the shot.In a sequence of three photos,taken from a moving minibus(dolmus),the middle one shows something over FETHIYE town in the distance,just below the farther away mountains.This looks quite symetrical after a magnification,and is not dirt on the windscreen”.

 Alan was using a Canon PowerShot A570 IS, and shot the photo at 2.38 pm.
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Looking at the photos, i am afraid the second one is far to small for a proper analysis, and even the first one is proving a challenge. On looking at this photo, i noticed what seems like reflections (after enlarging 50%), just below the telegraph poles on the left of the picture (figure 1, did not use unsharpen mask).
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The object in question, is just above the road on the right, and can be seen enlarged (figure 2- image 100% enlarged, but untouched…ie no unsharp mask,ect).
   Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I next sharpened the image as can be seen in figure 3 below.
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And finally, i took the part of the object, and highlighted it with colour to see if anything was picked up….figure4 below.
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My conclusions are that i’m not sure, as the image is quite small, i’m afraid; although i cannot rule out a very small chip in the window. If anyone would like to comment on these images please do. 

Thank you alan for sending them in, sorry i cannot be of more help. 🙂

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Extensive Report on O’Hare Incident becomes available

Posted by dandare on July 28, 2007

On 24th july, 2007, NARCAP finally released their extensive and huge report into the O’Hare International Airport, which took place on November 7th, 2006.. It has some excellent analysis, and great detail…. It is 152 pages long, and i have only just skimmed through it so far, but i will endevour to download and read through it thoroughly soon.
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I encourage you to have a look….. the witnesses who came forward were fearfull for their careers, and there seems alot of intimidation from United airlines among others to brush this under the carpet. For instance “If we see a funny looking bag all damn hell breaks loose, but park a funny silver thing a few hundred feet above a busy airport, and every body tries to hush it up”.
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There are also other witnesses who came forward, who were coming in to park, and saw the event….. one witness says there were some with digital cameras taking photos!    

The full report can be found here … (you might have to be a little patient as the thing downloads, but its worth it, with diagrams,ect throughout). 

The most fundamental part of the report mentions that:

“This investigation has determined that, based upon the testimony of multiple eye witnesses in different locations at O’Hare International Airport, a small physical, and apparently solid object hovered over the United Airlines concourse area for at least ten minutes or more but was not detected either by radar or visually by air traffic controllers in the tower. For this reason the object is considered a definite potential threat to flight operations at O’Hare.”

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Online Register established for UFO sightings (New Zealand)

Posted by dandare on July 28, 2007

The Timaru Herald reported on the 2oth july, 2007, that an online web based reporting system has been put in place in New Zealand (done by UFOCUS NZ) ….. the full article can be seen here .

The UFOCUS NZ site can be found here .

Also of interest are articles “we are not alone” , “Rotorua a hive of activity” and the famous “1978 sightings”.

I was also alerted to an article by Northern news (25th july, 2007) in which a UFO was seen in photos taken near Kaitaia, in 1965…. the shot was recently found in naval archives and a debate is being made as to what it is….. some say a dinner plate thrown from the bridge? others a clay pidgeon…. all angles are being looked at. Dr Bruce Maccabee will be looking at this photo in detail to hopefully put this debate to rest…..  

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on July 27, 2007

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Hi again….. i’ve just got back from a holiday in Rhodes, and i’m still adjusting from the heat difference. From one extreme to the other (the last 2 days in Lindos 41 degrees -too hot, and now back in rainy England and maximum of 19 degrees -too cold….).

Be warned i might download some piccies from my adventures later in the week…although most were on film so need developing. 

So where to start….as i’ve missed 2  1/2 weeks of news.
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The Scotsman.com has news on Bonnybridge (26th july 2007)…. the UK equivalent of Roswell.

United Press International got my attention with saucer shaped drone makes first flight” (26th july, 2007)… see here  for article… It mentions that “[.]……….The flight was announced by Boeing Thursday. It marked what could become a major step forward in aircraft design. The aircraft has a tailless design and wings that blend seamlessly into a wide and flat fuselage. The result is a futuristic flying machine with the classic UFO look”. It sure is going to get crowded up there soon?

Another interesting event happened “Costa Rican man captures ufo image on cellphone” (event happened on 24th june 2007)…..see here (link translated via google language link).

Article came out on 25th july, 2007……tests needed to evaluate these images though. video is running in spanish, on the website link….but shows images…although images are small..need to check if on google or you tube..if so will post on here.

 There seems to be a whole series of “uk sightings” but from only going on the videos, (without any real additional evidence, which is needed), and following my own gut instinct, and what they look like…. i’m afraid alot look like lanterns/ufo ballons too me…

 For my article on UFO balloons see here and see what effects they can have (via video)…..
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There are several incidents, such as reported by Newbury today   (10th july, 2007)…it mentions several sightings of orange lights in the sky. The most telling one is the first quote in the article, “Taxi driver spots orange shapes in sky over Hungerford and man sees UFO the size of four football pitches above Thatcham”.. it later goes on to say he say it for 5 minutes.

In the same article a swindon taxi driver say a ufo “…..Drifting silently across the sky at what he believed was a fairly low altitude, the lights began to flicker before suddenly disappearing”…. that to me suggests a lantern/ufo balloon to me? could be wrong though.

It later goes on to mention past sightings around the area. 

On the 20th july, 2007 “orange lights spark big ufo mystery” from Herts-Essex news even though i believe as is mentioned in the article, they are lanterns, the article is fairly sadly written, with all the usual cliches….  

The daily mail got in on the act on 26th july 2007, with “UFO sightings bring town to a standstill” at Stratford-upon-avon… the video link at the daily mail looks again like lanterns/ballons …..i’m afraid(although how you can bring a town to a standstill, at 10.30 at night is interesting..mmm). Stratford-upon-avon video below….. 

There were also other sightings at Wrexham, and probably others too. (like ufo orbs over southampton)… see below for video …29th june,2007)

On 13th july 2007, the Larry King show was on UFO’s and the transcript can be found here …… i also found an earlier similar show (see below)

 larry king  (july 6th, 2005) 5mins 12 secs.

Also of much interest is the article on frank warren’s site with new revelations on Haut affidavit (also touched on in earlier article on this blog).

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Away for a while

Posted by dandare on July 9, 2007

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For 2 1/2 weeks i will be unable to post any updates,ect (from wednesday onwards)……….however, i will make sure i’ll be up to date, and send out loads of information as soon as possible…..

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Thanks for your patience, and see you soon….                  🙂

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UFO Archive…..Brazilian Aircraft encounter, 1986

Posted by dandare on July 9, 2007

Date: 19th may, 1986

place detected: cities of Sao Paulo, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Rio de Janeiro (brazil)

Objects were detected by Radar from Brazil’s Air Space Defence Centre, in brasilia, and it was claimed they were interfering with Air Traffic (mentioned by Brigadier Lima).
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (pictured….F15 fighter… not F-5E)

Fighter aeroplanes (3 mirages and 2 F-5E, although in some it says 3? F-5E planes, so not sure which) were sent to intercept/chase these Unidentified Flying Objects; they were multi coloured UFO’s the size of ping pong balls.

Brigadier General, Moreira Lima, later mentioned that “i cannot give an explanation for this, because we do not have any”.

One F-5 pilot, mentioned that unidentified flying objects followed his plane, 7 on one side, and six on the other.

Later,on Globo Television News, a pilot said the UFO’s were “the shape and size of ping pong balls, flying at speeds of 840 mph”.

The jets actively chased them for 3 hours (source Manchete Television News Network), but were forced to go back due to low fuel.

Another witness to this, was Ozires Silva,(president of the state run Oil company Petrobas-flying a Xingu plane), who was trying to land at San Jose dod campos airport (a Brazilian Air Force base), but was unable to, due to radar showing 12 UFO targets in the area.

He however, told the pilot to chase the lights (did so for around 25 minutes), and also informed the Centre of Air Defence via radio. Ozires Silva, was also known as a colonel, hence him landing where he did. 

 Soon the journalists picked up the story and Brigadier Lima, made a statement saying ” It is not a question of believing or not, this requires technical information, and we have neither replies nor technical explainations for what happened”.

The head of Air Defence Operations – Colonel Ney Antunes Cerqueira..
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There was a promise of an official report on the incident, to be available to the public 30 days from the event….. however, this was not forthcoming, and was kept secret. 

 A detailed account of all this can be seen here ; please also see nicap, for the report and FOIA documents.

Ozires Silva link in portuguese (try translating into English on google).

I have been informed that….an announcement in May 2005, by the Brazilian government in Brasilia, and consequently by the Brazilian Air Force, to officially open their files regarding Extraterrestrial sightings throughout the country was a major step forward.

 Their files go back to 1954 and reveal that unique aerial sightings were labeled “H Traffic”. This came about after pressure was placed on them from a team of Brazilian experts, who insisted on public access to this information. Among these individuals was A.J. Gevaerd who is familiar with The Academy’s work and information.”

Also of interest, on brazilian ufo naval sighting (short video on history channel, other links can be seen here too), unrelated to above sighting,  can be seen here .

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on July 6, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Local (swedish News in English), mentions that “UFO Hunters Scour Sweden for Tips” ;they claim that 90% of sightings are explainable, but there are those that are not; there are a few examples of those that are unexplainable.

With Roswell’s 60th anniversary coming up, there is a lot of articles out there on the internet…. here’s a selection of them…… “Roswell in LA at the UFO cafe“, “UFO fest adds fuel to Roswell legend“, “Did so-called UFO cover-up have ties to port“?, “Roswell embraces UFO sightings, plans 60th anniversary festival“, “UFO fest fills Roswell hotels“.

The BBC have done an article on “Saucers in the sky” which is a very general look at the last 60 years in ufology, there is also the welsh version, here (which to me seems more interesting).

An interesting, if rather strange article “UFO : from canada to Italy and return“, is worth a read, involving an Italian immigrant and a ufo experience he had in 1967.  

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Strange lights spotted over Didim, Turkey

Posted by dandare on July 3, 2007

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Several witnesses saw lights in the sky over didim…..

colour: yellowish     shape: melon shaped      spotters: guards at the Police Academy (Yesilkent) and people from the Ark cafe bar (hunters valley).

Time: 9.30pm, last saturday

see here for article on this, with witness accounts.

Will update if/when any more details are forthcoming…. of course, the theory of what it was is hard to tell, although the usual hoax suspects cannot be ruled out, i’m afraid. 

UPDATE 28th july 2007

The matter of the Didum ufo sighting (Voices Newspaper) has moved on again…..

It mentions that “The intrigue has been added further by a Voices reader who emailed us in the wake of the strange lights.
Ms Gill Peck, who lives in Yeşilkent, said she had first seen the strange lights two weeks ago. She said: “Three of us were sitting on the patio at about 10.30pm, when a huge bright orange light came into view.
“It looked like there was a flame in the middle of the light. It passed over at great speed. It, or a second light, came over again on the same trajectory about a half an hour later. Both of these phenomena were completely silent.”
She added that she then saw the strange lights whipping over Yeşilkent the next night.
She added: “Four of us were sitting on the patio when we saw a similar sight the other evening. This time the light was even lower in the sky.
“The only way I can describe it is, that it was almost a pentagonal shape with a slightly curved top. The “flame” inside was really bright. This was also completely silent and travelling at great speed.”
She said: “Logical explanation or not, it was certainly like nothing any of us have ever seen before.”   

The full article can be seen here .

I cannot draw any conclusions from all this as i have seen no videos, photos or detailed reports on this…. all i have available is what i have put on this site.

I have also just heard of a possible mass sighting, around Istanbul? but i cannot get any more information… at the moment (will post another article if this becomes available).

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Roswell- ufo crash 1947… more information revealed?

Posted by dandare on July 2, 2007

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Lt. Walter G Hault, who was the public information officer (Roswell Base), left a sealed affidavit which was to be opened when he died; he died last year, but the contents of the affidavit was not released until very recently.

He mentions in it, that the crashed craft existed (15 foot long and 6 foot high and egg shaped), he saw it, and that small alien bodies also existed (tallest 4 foot)…He also saw and handled the debris. For detailed analysis see link . Also see daily mail article, here ;also fox news (starts off mentioning Kenneth Arnold, and goes onto Walter Hault.

However, we also see that he mentioned many things to the press, see here ; Others mentioned that later in his life, he had difficulty in remembering things, and became confused… therefore, it would be interesting to know (if at all possible) in what condition did he sign this affidavit, and if anyone prompted him/helped him with the writing of it?  Whilst on the flip side, it seems (from other researchers)  he did not want (for whatever reason) to confess anything about roswell (in detail) whilst he was alive. 

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Also of interest is a radio interview, done by Art Bell with Col. Philip Corso (on Roswell ufo crash)….. Philip Corso was a member of Eisenhower’s NSA and former head of Foreign Technology desk at the US army research and development department. He came forward to reveal he saw alien artifacts from roswell, among other things..

Also of general  interest to this event, can be found at the Paul V. Galvin Library  with photos and reports. The GAO Roswell report here , the MJ-12 documents , charlie Moore’s take on this, and the roswell incident and project mogul . Also roswell photos . (please also see other roswell articles on this blog, for more roswell links- all links will be placed in one place in awhile). For other articles, just type in roswell or 1947 in the search box.

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Dan Dare: Pilot of the future

Posted by dandare on July 1, 2007

Ok…. so this is Sci-fi but if anyones interested (mmm…) then i have some links to dan dare sites.

First up is the dan dare Corporation Limited website here…. next is a site, which charts his history (dan dare- started in 1950), with masses of information, here.

If you know nothing about dan dare, then this is the site to start with here .

A superfan’s site, can be found here …….

Ok… i’ll stop here….. just in case some of you have switched off by now…. but i found Dan Dare a great read, whilst a kid, reading his comics…. i even enjoyed the animated series that came out recently (ish), on tv in the uk, although alot of fans disliked it.   

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