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Archive for July 1st, 2007

Dan Dare: Pilot of the future

Posted by dandare on July 1, 2007

Ok…. so this is Sci-fi but if anyones interested (mmm…) then i have some links to dan dare sites.

First up is the dan dare Corporation Limited website here…. next is a site, which charts his history (dan dare- started in 1950), with masses of information, here.

If you know nothing about dan dare, then this is the site to start with here .

A superfan’s site, can be found here …….

Ok… i’ll stop here….. just in case some of you have switched off by now…. but i found Dan Dare a great read, whilst a kid, reading his comics…. i even enjoyed the animated series that came out recently (ish), on tv in the uk, although alot of fans disliked it.   

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