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Roswell- ufo crash 1947… more information revealed?

Posted by dandare on July 2, 2007

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Lt. Walter G Hault, who was the public information officer (Roswell Base), left a sealed affidavit which was to be opened when he died; he died last year, but the contents of the affidavit was not released until very recently.

He mentions in it, that the crashed craft existed (15 foot long and 6 foot high and egg shaped), he saw it, and that small alien bodies also existed (tallest 4 foot)…He also saw and handled the debris. For detailed analysis see link . Also see daily mail article, here ;also fox news (starts off mentioning Kenneth Arnold, and goes onto Walter Hault.

However, we also see that he mentioned many things to the press, see here ; Others mentioned that later in his life, he had difficulty in remembering things, and became confused… therefore, it would be interesting to know (if at all possible) in what condition did he sign this affidavit, and if anyone prompted him/helped him with the writing of it?  Whilst on the flip side, it seems (from other researchers)  he did not want (for whatever reason) to confess anything about roswell (in detail) whilst he was alive. 

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Also of interest is a radio interview, done by Art Bell with Col. Philip Corso (on Roswell ufo crash)….. Philip Corso was a member of Eisenhower’s NSA and former head of Foreign Technology desk at the US army research and development department. He came forward to reveal he saw alien artifacts from roswell, among other things..

Also of general  interest to this event, can be found at the Paul V. Galvin Library  with photos and reports. The GAO Roswell report here , the MJ-12 documents , charlie Moore’s take on this, and the roswell incident and project mogul . Also roswell photos . (please also see other roswell articles on this blog, for more roswell links- all links will be placed in one place in awhile). For other articles, just type in roswell or 1947 in the search box.


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