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Strange lights spotted over Didim, Turkey

Posted by dandare on July 3, 2007

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Several witnesses saw lights in the sky over didim…..

colour: yellowish     shape: melon shaped      spotters: guards at the Police Academy (Yesilkent) and people from the Ark cafe bar (hunters valley).

Time: 9.30pm, last saturday

see here for article on this, with witness accounts.

Will update if/when any more details are forthcoming…. of course, the theory of what it was is hard to tell, although the usual hoax suspects cannot be ruled out, i’m afraid. 

UPDATE 28th july 2007

The matter of the Didum ufo sighting (Voices Newspaper) has moved on again…..

It mentions that “The intrigue has been added further by a Voices reader who emailed us in the wake of the strange lights.
Ms Gill Peck, who lives in Yeşilkent, said she had first seen the strange lights two weeks ago. She said: “Three of us were sitting on the patio at about 10.30pm, when a huge bright orange light came into view.
“It looked like there was a flame in the middle of the light. It passed over at great speed. It, or a second light, came over again on the same trajectory about a half an hour later. Both of these phenomena were completely silent.”
She added that she then saw the strange lights whipping over Yeşilkent the next night.
She added: “Four of us were sitting on the patio when we saw a similar sight the other evening. This time the light was even lower in the sky.
“The only way I can describe it is, that it was almost a pentagonal shape with a slightly curved top. The “flame” inside was really bright. This was also completely silent and travelling at great speed.”
She said: “Logical explanation or not, it was certainly like nothing any of us have ever seen before.”   

The full article can be seen here .

I cannot draw any conclusions from all this as i have seen no videos, photos or detailed reports on this…. all i have available is what i have put on this site.

I have also just heard of a possible mass sighting, around Istanbul? but i cannot get any more information… at the moment (will post another article if this becomes available).

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3 Responses to “Strange lights spotted over Didim, Turkey”

  1. sandra shack said

    My daughter and I were sitting outside the Vista Restaurant in Altinkum in May 2007 we were admiring the stars in the night sky when she spotted something moving. Everyone then started watching too. There were two discs high in the sky circling each other, parting, going straight then circling each other again before they disappeared. We believe they were flying saucers – they couldnt have been anything else.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks sandra….. could i ask on what date this was, and if you could possibly give any other details to the observation….
    I only mention this, as there has been an update to the Didim sighting… which i will post above, with one more witness coming forward, to say they saw UFO’s two weeks previously.
    Obviously, you can remain anon, and can give me any information you feel you can…or not…i’ll understand 🙂

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