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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on July 6, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Local (swedish News in English), mentions that “UFO Hunters Scour Sweden for Tips” ;they claim that 90% of sightings are explainable, but there are those that are not; there are a few examples of those that are unexplainable.

With Roswell’s 60th anniversary coming up, there is a lot of articles out there on the internet…. here’s a selection of them…… “Roswell in LA at the UFO cafe“, “UFO fest adds fuel to Roswell legend“, “Did so-called UFO cover-up have ties to port“?, “Roswell embraces UFO sightings, plans 60th anniversary festival“, “UFO fest fills Roswell hotels“.

The BBC have done an article on “Saucers in the sky” which is a very general look at the last 60 years in ufology, there is also the welsh version, here (which to me seems more interesting).

An interesting, if rather strange article “UFO : from canada to Italy and return“, is worth a read, involving an Italian immigrant and a ufo experience he had in 1967.  


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