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Posted by dandare on July 27, 2007

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Hi again….. i’ve just got back from a holiday in Rhodes, and i’m still adjusting from the heat difference. From one extreme to the other (the last 2 days in Lindos 41 degrees -too hot, and now back in rainy England and maximum of 19 degrees -too cold….).

Be warned i might download some piccies from my adventures later in the week…although most were on film so need developing. 

So where to start….as i’ve missed 2  1/2 weeks of news.
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The Scotsman.com has news on Bonnybridge (26th july 2007)…. the UK equivalent of Roswell.

United Press International got my attention with saucer shaped drone makes first flight” (26th july, 2007)… see here  for article… It mentions that “[.]……….The flight was announced by Boeing Thursday. It marked what could become a major step forward in aircraft design. The aircraft has a tailless design and wings that blend seamlessly into a wide and flat fuselage. The result is a futuristic flying machine with the classic UFO look”. It sure is going to get crowded up there soon?

Another interesting event happened “Costa Rican man captures ufo image on cellphone” (event happened on 24th june 2007)…..see here (link translated via google language link).

Article came out on 25th july, 2007……tests needed to evaluate these images though. video is running in spanish, on the website link….but shows images…although images are small..need to check if on google or you tube..if so will post on here.

 There seems to be a whole series of “uk sightings” but from only going on the videos, (without any real additional evidence, which is needed), and following my own gut instinct, and what they look like…. i’m afraid alot look like lanterns/ufo ballons too me…

 For my article on UFO balloons see here and see what effects they can have (via video)…..
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There are several incidents, such as reported by Newbury today   (10th july, 2007)…it mentions several sightings of orange lights in the sky. The most telling one is the first quote in the article, “Taxi driver spots orange shapes in sky over Hungerford and man sees UFO the size of four football pitches above Thatcham”.. it later goes on to say he say it for 5 minutes.

In the same article a swindon taxi driver say a ufo “…..Drifting silently across the sky at what he believed was a fairly low altitude, the lights began to flicker before suddenly disappearing”…. that to me suggests a lantern/ufo balloon to me? could be wrong though.

It later goes on to mention past sightings around the area. 

On the 20th july, 2007 “orange lights spark big ufo mystery” from Herts-Essex news even though i believe as is mentioned in the article, they are lanterns, the article is fairly sadly written, with all the usual cliches….  

The daily mail got in on the act on 26th july 2007, with “UFO sightings bring town to a standstill” at Stratford-upon-avon… the video link at the daily mail looks again like lanterns/ballons …..i’m afraid(although how you can bring a town to a standstill, at 10.30 at night is interesting..mmm). Stratford-upon-avon video below….. 

There were also other sightings at Wrexham, and probably others too. (like ufo orbs over southampton)… see below for video …29th june,2007)

On 13th july 2007, the Larry King show was on UFO’s and the transcript can be found here …… i also found an earlier similar show (see below)

 larry king  (july 6th, 2005) 5mins 12 secs.

Also of much interest is the article on frank warren’s site with new revelations on Haut affidavit (also touched on in earlier article on this blog).

2 Responses to “UFO Update”

  1. notsonews said

    Hi Dan,

    Keep up the excellent work! Here’s a quick update on the Stratford UFOs. The video (see link below) was posted by pattysprout and says…
    “This is us launching our Chinese sky lanterns toward the end of our wedding reception. Later, they were the cause of a mass UFO sighting in Stratford-upon-Avon.”

    So you are absolutely right: chinese lanterns!

    All the best,


  2. dandare said

    Thanks stefan for this find!
    i missed this link completely on youtube, and it just proves how impressive these lanterns/balloons are (they are alot bigger than people imagine) … and glad you enjoy the blog.

    regards 🙂

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