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Online Register established for UFO sightings (New Zealand)

Posted by dandare on July 28, 2007

The Timaru Herald reported on the 2oth july, 2007, that an online web based reporting system has been put in place in New Zealand (done by UFOCUS NZ) ….. the full article can be seen here .

The UFOCUS NZ site can be found here .

Also of interest are articles “we are not alone” , “Rotorua a hive of activity” and the famous “1978 sightings”.

I was also alerted to an article by Northern news (25th july, 2007) in which a UFO was seen in photos taken near Kaitaia, in 1965…. the shot was recently found in naval archives and a debate is being made as to what it is….. some say a dinner plate thrown from the bridge? others a clay pidgeon…. all angles are being looked at. Dr Bruce Maccabee will be looking at this photo in detail to hopefully put this debate to rest…..  

4 Responses to “Online Register established for UFO sightings (New Zealand)”

  1. alana said

    Do you have updated info for sightings in 2008 for north island NZ? If so where is it posted?

  2. dandare said

    Hi Alana,
    No i do not have an update… i posted it, to acknowledge that this was up and running. I will however have a look for you…cannot guarantee what i will find.and post below (in a day or so…or sooner if i have time).

  3. dandare said

    Hi Alana,
    On the UFOCUSNZ sight at http://www.ufocusnz.org.nz/Sightingreports.htm#2008 it has ufo sightings… latest sighting 26th january 2008.(7 in all for 2008, all in january).
    I could not find any newspaper (online reports).
    A good place to go for smaller sightings, is http://www.ufoinfo.com (does worldwide sightings)
    For New Zealand i got this page http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/newzealand.shtml
    There are other sites, that report, on sightings that have been reported to them, via e-mail (via their website). If interested i can post them below.
    One site, worth looking at is http://www.nuforc.org as it has the latest world wide sightings posted here… for instance at http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxevent.html there are reports (have not had time to check if any from New Zealand).
    Alot of the main ufo sites are from Australia though?
    Hope this helps…
    (if i can help you further please get in touch).
    Also http://www.mufon.com is also worth a check too.

  4. gary lehmer said

    Strange light off the west coast of the south island New zealand Near hokitika
    spotted far off the coast moving in a circular pattern then moving north at a high rate of speed. its behavior was not consistent with aircraft of any type I have seen
    the colors were white and blue and appeared to have one light above the the other changing positions as it flashed.
    watching at the moment 8:35 aug 31

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