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Posted by dandare on August 31, 2007

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At Warminster, the Wiltshire times (posted 30th August,2007) states ” Skywatchers returned to the hills of warminster at the weekend, 30 years after a 100-strong vigil was held by those hoping to catch a glimpse of an infamous UFO”.
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At About.com…there are  “Oblong-shaped UFOs over Orillio” (posted 29th August, 2007)  there is a link in this short article to images of the ufos ; also from the same site the MOD gets a mention, in “More MOD Files” (posted 27th August 2007).

In the internet edition gazette (basingstoke-posted 30th august,2007), “mum and daughter are latest to see alien visit“… the sighting took place on the 12th august.

 In the comments section of this article a good point is made…

 “Have these sightings been reported to any UFO group(s) in Hampshire to investigate. Surely, if there is not an investigation at ground roots rather than just publishing the reports in the Newspaper, then the sighting can not be properly validated?”

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 In New Zealand,(stuff.co.nz, posted 29th august,2007) ” Ufo spotted near Kaitaia baffles experts, and  “Dr Maccabee has not commented on whether the photographer may have manipulated the eight photos, says Ms Hansen….[.]While the UFO group cannot rule out the possibility of manipulation, she thinks it is unlikely the photos are a hoax”.

At forgetomori.com (posted 29th august,2007) ” georgia shoots at ufo, really a russian satellite“.
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This last week, i was alerted to “1952 year of the ufo” by Bruce Maccabee… it goes into great detail, and Macabee’s analysis of this watershed is a long read but is fascinating, informative, and essential for understanding how the coverup took widespread (and, from the point of view of ufology, almost fatal) root. At the end, it says

“We have wasted a lot of time trying to find ABSOLUTE PROOF, when sufficient evidence has been available since 1952. Time to wake up and figure out where we go from here!”
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Very interesting, and a new area for me… maybe need to look into this/research some more…. definately has opened my eyes. 

  July’s ufo map from MUFON is available here; also slightly different, but a quick resource is UFOMaps.EU …. at this site there is a map of europe, click on a particular part and you have google ufo links from that country….

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Detailed Apollo moon photos added to website!

Posted by dandare on August 28, 2007

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On the BBC website, an article “apollo moon photos reveal detail” (posted 28th August,2007) mentions  that:

Highly detailed photographs of the moon taken by the Apollo missions are being made available to the public for the first time in more than 30 years“.

There are a few scans on the website at the moment (15 in total), but they will be adding more all the time….. the archived site can be seen here . There are several options for downloading the files, including the raw scan; there is also photo support documents too, which is a nice touch, and a resources section.

Also of possible interest, is google sky, which is written about here  , with links to the website in the article.

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B.E.A.M.S. sheds some more light on recent UK sightings

Posted by dandare on August 26, 2007

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B.E.A.M.S. (British Earth And Aerial Mysteries Society- founded 1991), has reported that maybe the latest sightings (ie Stratford-upon-avon) are not as straightforward as was first thought. In this article (see Here), the founder of B.E.A.M.S, saw something in Farnborough, and

” According to Ken, they weren’t lanterns. Nor were they what people have come to believe UFOs are. For this interview, put aside your notions of flying saucers and black triangles. Ken believes these lights are much more than that..[.]”

  There is an interview with him on the sighting, and a video of what was seen; he also disputes the Stratford-upon-avon sightings as being not chinese lanterns, or ufo balloons.

This begs the question, how many other sightings are out there, that are not know about in the UK, (of which a fair few are lanterns…sorry but that is what i had concluded from what evidence i had available).

I will look into this in more detail, and come back with what was reported this year (with these types of sightings), and see what we already have in a later article….as to just dismiss this as all lanterns,ect may be was a mistake on my part. 

On this site, is another report on a sighting in Bedford (England), on the 16th July,2007; in which up to 12 ufos were seen in the daylight sky (see here).

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Saints club “out of this World?”

Posted by dandare on August 26, 2007

Ok, so its not strictly about ufos, but St Helens have won the challenge cup (English rugby league) at the new wembley stadium………today, by 30 points to 8, and as its my team, i have added an entry here, to commemorate this (and the fact i’ve had a few beers to salute the win)! the link to their victory can be seen here  . 

(shame there was not a wigan vs saints final; as the winning points would have been even bigger for saints).   

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on August 25, 2007

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 On the 24th August, American Chronicle posted this article “Breaside Fort Beaufort, Suoth Africa- South African Police Fire At UFO” This event happened in 1972 and there is an extensive description plus added information on the case (HBCC UFO Research are responsible for the information, which is still ongoing).

Also at the American Chronicle (posted august 22nd,2007) “UFO and Alien shoot out in Russia?” it was later know as the gate three incident (see here for article).

At the bucks free press (posted 16th august,2007), the argument still goes on as to what was in the sky see here … extracts explain…

 “In recent weeks numerous sky watchers have been sending in pictures and recounting their tales of red glowing lights and strange unidentifiable flying objects better known as UFOs”. But, in a later development

“However, two teenage party girls have revealed that they believe all the fuss was created by Chinese lanterns they used at two birthday parties in Maidenhead”.

Whoever it was, this is the most likely reason for the sightings i’m afraid. 

At the blog  DE VOID, there is an article on (posted 17th august,2007) ” Richardson: no comment on ufos” in which it mentions “Five weeks into efforts to obtain UFO policy positions from Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson, De Void has finally received a reply from the latter”. 

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 Browsing through the SpaceWeather (spaceweather.com)  site i came across the MySKY ; a handheld astronomy helper..you point it at the object in the sky, and it tells you what it is, with added information…. (i think it costs around $399). An interesting device to get to know the night sky quickly/easily, although there are other resources too, such as maps of the night sky.  Another excellent resource for all this is heavens-above.com ; it gives detailed information of satellites, space shuttle, international space station (star chart tracking) and other astronomical data…all are real time generated. This is all valuable information as you watch the night sky.  
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At Space.com there are some wallpapers you can download….. see here for page ; i wouldn’t recommend them for ufo articles however!

Also try Aliens UFOs Proof Sceensaver (zip) it has alot on here “has cool sound effects, beautiful music, photos of space, some DVD screenshots we like, an art gallery, and a mention of our friend’s Web sites. It is very easy to install and doesn’t mess with your PC”! A 3d flying saucer here,  and Objects in the sky here . All these are from zdnet.com.

Please only download these sceensavers if you believe them to be safe; i do not endorse the safety of these links, although i have had no problems with zdnet.com. I will be trying out some of these links myself soon too, however.   

After all that has gone on at airports recently, both in the air and on the ground, i recently came across this google video

After alot of pilots are suppressed from reporting ufo sightings (some have lost their jobs, and suffered intimidation,ect) it proves that events still leak through. Also of passing interest on google video is the washington D.C. intrusion of 2002 (and other midwest sightings)

A useful resource can be found at Internet sacred text archive (the ufo files index)…well worth a look.

At NOTSONEWS.com, there is an article on “The real ufo Phenomenon“, which mentions all the disinformation that is being spread against ufos and ufology…. he is declaring war on disinformation.  

Lastly this week, is the ufo World cup series…. mmmm…well ok of the dog variety, catching frisbees; with throw & catch, freestyle and other categories. Unfortunately my dog isn’t the slightest interested in frisbees? oh well.

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Artificial life likely in 3 to 10 years (very short blog entry)

Posted by dandare on August 23, 2007

An article by SETH BORENSTEIN, ( Associated Press Science Writer- posted 20th august)…

” Around the world, a handful of scientists are trying to create life from scratch and they’re getting closer”.  see here for the full article.

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What’s wrong with the UFO image (of the alien kind)?

Posted by dandare on August 19, 2007

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Recently, especially in the United Kingdom, there has been alot written about “little green men”, “the real x-files” and so on (the usual phrases crop up). It has been in relation to the recent sightings at daily mail  (on stratford upon avon), “orange lights spark big ufo mystery” from Herts-Essex news ……… to name but a few.

They do seem to be chinese latterns or ufo balloons due to their images on video (however, i could be wrong), but even so the same rhetoric comes out. 
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UFO’s were kept in the spotlight for some time after these events in 2007, with the supposed MOD releasing files for regions all over the UK (not true as the MOD website has this online, website found here)…..Examples  Oxford  , Lothian , Bicester Advertiser , This is Nottingham  , This is Wiltshire , Fife and Aldershot to name but a few.

This is nothing new of course, as this subject, has always been given this type of response from the media throughout the world, and people in general who just laugh it off.
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Will this ever change? i fear not for the distant future, which is a shame, although the world of ufology has to take some of the blame, with alot of ill informed and clearly rediculous assumtions being made.

The only way forward is for ufologists to try to analysis the sightings in more depth; for instance the latest Haiti ufo video was clearly a fake (please go to abovetopsecret forum  for in-depth debate/discussion on the video’s)…. however, just saying it is a fake is clearly not enough, it needs to be backed up with evidence (or admitting that you are not sure ).

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However, it has been argued, why waste your time with these types of cases, giving it what it wants, and that is recognition/promotion, and so giving others the idea of creating more types on you tube….where would it end?   

Ok, maybe that is a bad example, but for instance, the O’hare incident was reported on in great detail by NARCAP (The full report can be found here), and was looked at in depth with many witness statements… This is clearly beyond the capabilities of most ufologists but they must analysis as much as they can……
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Then we come to the skeptics…..The important sightings are the ones that resist all reasonable explanations. The problem, of course, is to define ‘reasonable’. It appears that the skeptics assume that almost any explanation is ‘reasonable’, even if it conflicts with one or more acceptable details of the sightings.

Others ask, why bother with reporting on ufo sightings at all, it helps no one; however, to analyse and pick up any relevant information (and to try to help answer witnesses who see these things and want answers) i feel this quickly answers this question?  
I’ll touch on this subject in detail, in a later article (this is just briefly touching the subject) but we must still try to report about sightings out there, try to analysis, and leave it up to the reader to make up their own minds.

And to those who think i’m some kind of “nutcase”, i would like too ask them, if they saw something in the sky which could not be explained, would they not want to know what it was?  

please see The black vault here , which is trying to collect as much information on the subject as possible;  also see http://www.stantonfriedman.com/ and the article “The ufo why questions? which is excellent, CFI here  and CIA documents on flying saucers .

Another article can be seen here (written in 2005), which mentions that on the whole ufology is not funded in any way, and therefore is limited (among other things)…. it has a point there (many do this as a hobby/spare time persuit and so this is always going to hinder them). 

 I think the key is to keep an open mind..

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on August 17, 2007

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The sefton and west lancs (uk) has an interesting article entitled “Throwing light on a mystery” (posted 16th August). It mentions that the recent sightings around Liverpool could be Ball lighting, however it goes on to mention…..

“If the lights being seen across this region are ball lightning, the weather may be to blame, as we have had alternating days of rainy and sunny weather recently, but the reports of the Liverpool Lights seem to defy such a rational explanation”.
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The Santiago Times  (posted 16th August 2007) reveals that “UFO ENTHUSIASTS GATHER IN CHILE’S REGION VII” 

 “The convention begins Friday, Aug. 17 and is organized by San Clemente’s City Hall and Tourism Chamber. It also enjoys backing from the Chilean government’s National Tourism Service (SERNATUR)”. (extract from article….Santiago Times).

 It also goes on to mention, that of all the ufo sightings in the country, only about 5% are picked up by the press.
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The Canadian (blog) has an article “SPP North American summit of leaders shrouded in UFO-style secrecy” (posted 16th August 2007). Not sure about this story, but worth a read, as it seems strange?

In UFOS North West (ufosnw.com) “Two witness Large Flying Triangle with red lights on corners” (posted 13th August, 2007). It happened in San Rafael, in California on the 11th August, was a brief sighting, and the report also has audio and 2 drawings of the triangular ufo incident.

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In the Scotsman.com News it is claimed that “Experts do the ‘impossible’ by breaking speed of light” (posted 16th August, 2007). On a similar theme, another article can be seen here .

“…. two German physicists now claim to have forced light to overcome its own speed limit using a phenomenon known as quantum tunnelling”. Of course, they used photons and not humans to do it! A link to Quantum tunneling can be seen here .

Lastly, from the Yorkshire Evening Post “Mobiles capture ufos flying in the sky”  (posted 15th August 2007). There is also a video link to this (watch out for the excited shouting); i’ll leave you to decide what this is??  

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British Universities to look into ghosts and UFOs (short article)

Posted by dandare on August 14, 2007

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According to the Northampton Chronicle  (posted 9th August, 2007):

A small band of real-life “ghostbusters” are at work in British universities, including Northampton, trying to understand paranormal activity from UFOs to telepathy”. 

And ….”Dr Richard Broughton, from Northampton University’s Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes, is convinced there is a need to look into the matter”.

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Haiti Ufo video: a Fake?

Posted by dandare on August 13, 2007

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Below, is a link to an excellent video, explaining why this is a fake…

see LiveLeak.com for video.

Also the ufo’s are making a noise, not unheard of, but usually there is no sound….also the way they fly off at the end, just does not look right.

Also the same video can be viewed below

I’m convinced this is a fake….. it could possibly be a commercial/promo for a game?

Some of the questions to ask ?

Why does the video end whilst the ufo’s are still in flight? the ufo’s seem to act like suspended models? Is it a promotion for Halo 3 or Vue 6 (software manufacturer) or someone else. Also, why a whole series of video’s from this area, all in the same light/style?  Have a look at the palm trees/anything unusual about them?  why no people evident?

Whilst on there i also saw a video of a nottingham ufo?? (posted on august 11th) the link can be seen here http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=793_1186806007 . i’ll leave it up to you about this one….


please go to abovetopsecret forum  for in-depth debate/discussion on the video’s.

UPDATE : 22nd August, 2007

Its seems pretty much official now, that the video is indeed, as suspected, a hoax… please see “it came from outer space. Yeah, right” (Posted 22nd august – Los Angelos times).

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