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Large Ufo over Liverpool

Posted by dandare on August 2, 2007

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The Maghull and Aintree star has an article (2nd August)  ” Mysterious object is a return Visitor to Liverpool“… the event happened on the 25th july,…and ” The UFO was so large, a passing commercial airliner was dwarfed against it…..” 

This seems to be recurring theme as…

“Earlier this year in January, a Mr Fraser of Childwall was taking a nightly stroll down Menlove Avenue when he noticed several lights in the sky….”. And “The huge disc-shaped UFO moved slowly from the direction of Halewood across the sky, and Mr Fraser and a female passer-by watched it head towards Netherley”.

There are other witnesses who saw this gigantic ufo…. for the full article (quotes here taken from the article) please see here .

  I hope its not a play on the channel island sighting earlier in the year…..have to see how this one pans out, and see if anymore sightings, information can be gathered…so will update if/when any more comes my way.  

Also another article of interest can be seen here (by Maghull and Aintree Star occurred2002).

UPDATE: 28th August

As was mentioned in a later post on this blog, but might have been missed here.. i have added the article from the local paper, where it belongs (in this article).

The sefton and west lancs (uk) has an interesting article entitled “Throwing light on a mystery” (posted 16th August). It mentions that the recent sightings around Liverpool could be Ball lighting, however it goes on to mention…..

“If the lights being seen across this region are ball lightning, the weather may be to blame, as we have had alternating days of rainy and sunny weather recently, but the reports of the Liverpool Lights seem to defy such a rational explanation”.

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