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Uk Ufo season has begun?

Posted by dandare on August 3, 2007

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It seems that silly season is in full swing….. ie papers are looking for fillers, as there is not too much “out there”.

It seems many of the stories being circulated, are based on information found at the FOIA website found here(sightings from 1999-2006), which anyone can look at.

 All that has been done, is that someone has looked through the statistics, created lists for the counties, and sold them as stories, mainly to regional papers.

Examples  Oxford  , Lothian , Bicester Advertiser , This is Nottingham  , This is Wiltshire , Fife and Aldershot to name but a few….oh well ….expect more “little green men” and “x-file” headlines for a while.


According to alot of regional papers, many parts of the uk are “ufo hotspots”or ” A secret ‘X-files’ style dossier of UFO sightings in Northern Ireland has been made public for the first time”….. I must reiterate again, i’m afraid this not true……

Shropshire star , Northern Ireland , Whitehaven-news and This is Swansea : to name but a few more. 

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