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Posted by dandare on August 4, 2007

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As was suspected, the lights above Hertfordshire have been solved….. see here for article (dated 31st july).

Also in relation to this, see MARA link for video examples of fire balloons, and other anomalies in our skies (also please see my article on ufo balloons here).

Something else that caught my attention was:  

“Scientific Proof of UFOs as Concluded by University of Colorado Scientists on Display at Denver UFO Conference” (2nd august 2007)

It is a free display, open to the public on 10th-12th august 2007 [location Denver Tech Centre Marriot]. For more details and to book please see here .

A “Crop circle Mystery” (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald….20th july 2007), suggests that maybe some crop circles are not man-made. It mentions “…at 3.13am there was a flash of what Mr Keech described as sheet lightning.
It appeared on the video footage and lasted four microseconds. Twenty minutes later, at 3.20am, there was enough light to make out the formation in the field below”.

A “Who’s who in ufology” is a list of 10 names in ufology today, who are the most respected in this field. 

Project Blue Book: has now become available free online at Footnote.com : although it has been available at bluebookarchive.org for a while (although documents are still being updated).

Lastly……”Contact has begun” in Trout Lake, Washington.

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