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Where will science take us in the future?

Posted by dandare on August 6, 2007

A while back (well in 2003) BBC Radio 4 did a series on “where will science take us in the future“, presenting 4 programmes ….
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The first programme looks outward into space and discovers how the biggest telescopes on earth and in space can survey the Universe on the largest scales, revealing its structure and the powerful forces which shape it.”

and among other things”….are we alone in this vast cosmos or are there other life forms out there, perhaps more intelligent than ourselves and ready to communicate their secrets?”

Programme 2 is about the human brain, and how it works, and covers such subjects as how we form memories, and what makes us conscious….

Programme 3     “……. we go back to basics and investigate the nature of matter and the basic laws of physics.Just what is the Universe made of?”

Programme 4  “investigates the secrets of life. Just how did life begin? Could the incredible complexities of even the most basic lifeforms we know have begun as chance chemistry? Exactly what is life?”

Its well worth a listen…. the audio can be found here .

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