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A UFO sighting along the coast? and what it could be!

Posted by dandare on August 9, 2007

According to Katu.com2 (Portland, Oregon Aug 7th)
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Some residents near Waldport claim they heard a very loud noise and saw a ball of light crash into the ocean last week.  So far, no proof of a UFO has been found, but it has caused some speculation on the coast”. See here for link and a very quick/brief report.

However, the Newport News-Times  (posted august 8th, 2007) seems to have a more logical answer…

It says “My guess is it was a military aircraft,” continued Reno. “I know we had one earlier in the week, like Tuesday, about that time.” Pilots from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Whidbey Island occasionally do instrument approaches in the area, he said. “And sometimes with a cloud cover, it sounds a little louder, too.”for full article see here

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Also of possible interest from Katu2.com is about Space shuttle Endeavour, which took off on wednesday…  “shuttle blasts off with former teacher aboard

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