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Archive for August 12th, 2007

UFO Update

Posted by dandare on August 12, 2007

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The Telegraph kicks us off this week, with “UFO sightings published by the MOD” (posted 8.8.07)…it mentions that 97 sightings were reported last year and that they go back to 1998 (available on MOD site here ; although this has been up online for a while).

Extracts from the article say that  “Around 98 per cent of cases can be explained. The remaining two per cent keep us fascinated…[.]” and    “A spokesman from the Civil Aviation Authority refused to be drawn on the report. “We don’t have any involvement with UFOs,…..[.]”  So no change there, for the CAA.

A similar article can be found in THe Insider and the Daily Mail in which… “Sunderland had a silver pyramid which rotated at low speed. And a ‘mothership with two smaller orbs’ flying above Barlaston in Staffordshire was spotted twice in five days” (extract from Daily Mail).
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Also, whilst browsing through the Daily Mail archives, i came across this;

  “Revealed: why the MoD tried to hide its UFO investigations (posted-sept 25th 2006).

It mentions “The Ministry of Defence went to great lengths to conceal information from the public due to be released in documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act…[.]”   What sparked more interest were references too D155, the equivalent to the men in black (that some believed were the D155 units).

 It later goes on to say…”But the reason for its decision to come clean about the unit’s activities was not because proof of aliens had been found. It was down to embarrassment that it could not afford to investigate the 10,000 or so reported sightings over the years”.

Another article entitled “just a load of hot air!” (posted 8th may, 2006) has defence chiefs thinking, they know the answer to what UFO sightings really are. mmm… no comment! for a similar article, see here

A headline caught my eye….. “UFO was like a washing machine whirring” (gazettelive.co.uk  -posted 8th august, 2007).      “PHILIP Cotton was sceptical about extra-terrestrial life until he and his partner spotted a strange flashing object flying over the clear skies of North Yorkshire”.
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As i have already mentioned before, i could give links to all the local newspapers of MoD reports of ufo’s (such as lothian, wrexham and countless others) but there is no need, as all reports from 1998-2006 are here ; admittedly they are not very long accounts, but you can look up ufo in the search for more articles. 

Whilst having a good browse through Wired Magazine, i came across some interesting features….. Giant Robotic Spy Blimp Creeps Forward , DARPA Vision: “Unblinking” Spy Drones, Veggie-Powered Killer Bots , What’s nicer than a flying saucer? , How to hack your way into space , Son of Hubble, Prepare for a 2013 liftoff .

Lastly, “Stanton Friedman, interviewed on UFO Radio” (6th august, 2007- alienationsam.com) worth a listen.

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