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Archive for August 13th, 2007

Haiti Ufo video: a Fake?

Posted by dandare on August 13, 2007

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Below, is a link to an excellent video, explaining why this is a fake…

see LiveLeak.com for video.

Also the ufo’s are making a noise, not unheard of, but usually there is no sound….also the way they fly off at the end, just does not look right.

Also the same video can be viewed below

I’m convinced this is a fake….. it could possibly be a commercial/promo for a game?

Some of the questions to ask ?

Why does the video end whilst the ufo’s are still in flight? the ufo’s seem to act like suspended models? Is it a promotion for Halo 3 or Vue 6 (software manufacturer) or someone else. Also, why a whole series of video’s from this area, all in the same light/style?  Have a look at the palm trees/anything unusual about them?  why no people evident?

Whilst on there i also saw a video of a nottingham ufo?? (posted on august 11th) the link can be seen here http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=793_1186806007 . i’ll leave it up to you about this one….


please go to abovetopsecret forum  for in-depth debate/discussion on the video’s.

UPDATE : 22nd August, 2007

Its seems pretty much official now, that the video is indeed, as suspected, a hoax… please see “it came from outer space. Yeah, right” (Posted 22nd august – Los Angelos times).

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