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Posted by dandare on August 17, 2007

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The sefton and west lancs (uk) has an interesting article entitled “Throwing light on a mystery” (posted 16th August). It mentions that the recent sightings around Liverpool could be Ball lighting, however it goes on to mention…..

“If the lights being seen across this region are ball lightning, the weather may be to blame, as we have had alternating days of rainy and sunny weather recently, but the reports of the Liverpool Lights seem to defy such a rational explanation”.
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The Santiago Times  (posted 16th August 2007) reveals that “UFO ENTHUSIASTS GATHER IN CHILE’S REGION VII” 

 “The convention begins Friday, Aug. 17 and is organized by San Clemente’s City Hall and Tourism Chamber. It also enjoys backing from the Chilean government’s National Tourism Service (SERNATUR)”. (extract from article….Santiago Times).

 It also goes on to mention, that of all the ufo sightings in the country, only about 5% are picked up by the press.
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The Canadian (blog) has an article “SPP North American summit of leaders shrouded in UFO-style secrecy” (posted 16th August 2007). Not sure about this story, but worth a read, as it seems strange?

In UFOS North West (ufosnw.com) “Two witness Large Flying Triangle with red lights on corners” (posted 13th August, 2007). It happened in San Rafael, in California on the 11th August, was a brief sighting, and the report also has audio and 2 drawings of the triangular ufo incident.

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In the Scotsman.com News it is claimed that “Experts do the ‘impossible’ by breaking speed of light” (posted 16th August, 2007). On a similar theme, another article can be seen here .

“…. two German physicists now claim to have forced light to overcome its own speed limit using a phenomenon known as quantum tunnelling”. Of course, they used photons and not humans to do it! A link to Quantum tunneling can be seen here .

Lastly, from the Yorkshire Evening Post “Mobiles capture ufos flying in the sky”  (posted 15th August 2007). There is also a video link to this (watch out for the excited shouting); i’ll leave you to decide what this is??  

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