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What’s wrong with the UFO image (of the alien kind)?

Posted by dandare on August 19, 2007

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Recently, especially in the United Kingdom, there has been alot written about “little green men”, “the real x-files” and so on (the usual phrases crop up). It has been in relation to the recent sightings at daily mail  (on stratford upon avon), “orange lights spark big ufo mystery” from Herts-Essex news ……… to name but a few.

They do seem to be chinese latterns or ufo balloons due to their images on video (however, i could be wrong), but even so the same rhetoric comes out. 
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UFO’s were kept in the spotlight for some time after these events in 2007, with the supposed MOD releasing files for regions all over the UK (not true as the MOD website has this online, website found here)…..Examples  Oxford  , Lothian , Bicester Advertiser , This is Nottingham  , This is Wiltshire , Fife and Aldershot to name but a few.

This is nothing new of course, as this subject, has always been given this type of response from the media throughout the world, and people in general who just laugh it off.
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Will this ever change? i fear not for the distant future, which is a shame, although the world of ufology has to take some of the blame, with alot of ill informed and clearly rediculous assumtions being made.

The only way forward is for ufologists to try to analysis the sightings in more depth; for instance the latest Haiti ufo video was clearly a fake (please go to abovetopsecret forum  for in-depth debate/discussion on the video’s)…. however, just saying it is a fake is clearly not enough, it needs to be backed up with evidence (or admitting that you are not sure ).

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However, it has been argued, why waste your time with these types of cases, giving it what it wants, and that is recognition/promotion, and so giving others the idea of creating more types on you tube….where would it end?   

Ok, maybe that is a bad example, but for instance, the O’hare incident was reported on in great detail by NARCAP (The full report can be found here), and was looked at in depth with many witness statements… This is clearly beyond the capabilities of most ufologists but they must analysis as much as they can……
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Then we come to the skeptics…..The important sightings are the ones that resist all reasonable explanations. The problem, of course, is to define ‘reasonable’. It appears that the skeptics assume that almost any explanation is ‘reasonable’, even if it conflicts with one or more acceptable details of the sightings.

Others ask, why bother with reporting on ufo sightings at all, it helps no one; however, to analyse and pick up any relevant information (and to try to help answer witnesses who see these things and want answers) i feel this quickly answers this question?  
I’ll touch on this subject in detail, in a later article (this is just briefly touching the subject) but we must still try to report about sightings out there, try to analysis, and leave it up to the reader to make up their own minds.

And to those who think i’m some kind of “nutcase”, i would like too ask them, if they saw something in the sky which could not be explained, would they not want to know what it was?  

please see The black vault here , which is trying to collect as much information on the subject as possible;  also see http://www.stantonfriedman.com/ and the article “The ufo why questions? which is excellent, CFI here  and CIA documents on flying saucers .

Another article can be seen here (written in 2005), which mentions that on the whole ufology is not funded in any way, and therefore is limited (among other things)…. it has a point there (many do this as a hobby/spare time persuit and so this is always going to hinder them). 

 I think the key is to keep an open mind..

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