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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on August 25, 2007

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 On the 24th August, American Chronicle posted this article “Breaside Fort Beaufort, Suoth Africa- South African Police Fire At UFO” This event happened in 1972 and there is an extensive description plus added information on the case (HBCC UFO Research are responsible for the information, which is still ongoing).

Also at the American Chronicle (posted august 22nd,2007) “UFO and Alien shoot out in Russia?” it was later know as the gate three incident (see here for article).

At the bucks free press (posted 16th august,2007), the argument still goes on as to what was in the sky see here … extracts explain…

 “In recent weeks numerous sky watchers have been sending in pictures and recounting their tales of red glowing lights and strange unidentifiable flying objects better known as UFOs”. But, in a later development

“However, two teenage party girls have revealed that they believe all the fuss was created by Chinese lanterns they used at two birthday parties in Maidenhead”.

Whoever it was, this is the most likely reason for the sightings i’m afraid. 

At the blog  DE VOID, there is an article on (posted 17th august,2007) ” Richardson: no comment on ufos” in which it mentions “Five weeks into efforts to obtain UFO policy positions from Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson, De Void has finally received a reply from the latter”. 

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 Browsing through the SpaceWeather (spaceweather.com)  site i came across the MySKY ; a handheld astronomy helper..you point it at the object in the sky, and it tells you what it is, with added information…. (i think it costs around $399). An interesting device to get to know the night sky quickly/easily, although there are other resources too, such as maps of the night sky.  Another excellent resource for all this is heavens-above.com ; it gives detailed information of satellites, space shuttle, international space station (star chart tracking) and other astronomical data…all are real time generated. This is all valuable information as you watch the night sky.  
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At Space.com there are some wallpapers you can download….. see here for page ; i wouldn’t recommend them for ufo articles however!

Also try Aliens UFOs Proof Sceensaver (zip) it has alot on here “has cool sound effects, beautiful music, photos of space, some DVD screenshots we like, an art gallery, and a mention of our friend’s Web sites. It is very easy to install and doesn’t mess with your PC”! A 3d flying saucer here,  and Objects in the sky here . All these are from zdnet.com.

Please only download these sceensavers if you believe them to be safe; i do not endorse the safety of these links, although i have had no problems with zdnet.com. I will be trying out some of these links myself soon too, however.   

After all that has gone on at airports recently, both in the air and on the ground, i recently came across this google video

After alot of pilots are suppressed from reporting ufo sightings (some have lost their jobs, and suffered intimidation,ect) it proves that events still leak through. Also of passing interest on google video is the washington D.C. intrusion of 2002 (and other midwest sightings)

A useful resource can be found at Internet sacred text archive (the ufo files index)…well worth a look.

At NOTSONEWS.com, there is an article on “The real ufo Phenomenon“, which mentions all the disinformation that is being spread against ufos and ufology…. he is declaring war on disinformation.  

Lastly this week, is the ufo World cup series…. mmmm…well ok of the dog variety, catching frisbees; with throw & catch, freestyle and other categories. Unfortunately my dog isn’t the slightest interested in frisbees? oh well.

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