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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on September 27, 2007

As i’ll be away from this friday until late sunday evening, the update is coming out slightly earlier this week. If there is anything you would like to have included on the weekly update, or if there is anything you would like covered in general, please contact me at dandare868-ufonews@yahoo.co.uk , and i’ll see what i can do.  

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With the latest intriguing event, that of the peru fireball, National Geographic have written an article entitled “Meteor crash in Peru caused Mysterious illness” (posted 21st September,2007). They say that local Peruvian scientists, have analysed it, and it is of a rare meteor type.

“Numerous arsenic deposits have been found in the subsoils of southern Peru, explained Modesto Montoya, a nuclear physicist who collaborated with the team. The naturally formed deposits contaminate local drinking water.” (quote from article above).

This they think, could have created the conditions (with the impact of the meteor) in the illnesses that later resulted.

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In the American Chronicle, Frank Warren has written an article on “Officials in Peru State That The Fallen UFO is a Chondrite Meteor“. It goes into quite alot of detail and covers all areas, even with links and updates to the article, to include other sources; it also proves that alot of conflicted reporting and speculation has taken place, and quite evidently, some of it is not true.

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Unfortunately i missed the anniversary of  the Majestic 12 on september 24th ; here is an article by wired entitled “Sept. 24, 1947: MJ-12 — We Are Not Alone … Or Are We?”.

It mentions “1947: If the secret committee known as the Majestic 12 ever really existed, this is the day that the group was allegedly created by a memorandum from President Harry Truman” (extract from wired article).

 There in lies the problem, did it ever exist? I do not know if they are real or not? there is a link to tests made (article in PRweb here ), however, i find problems with Michael S. Heiser, who also has other hidden agenda’s…but i’ll leave it up to you to decide. 

From the article “A total of 17 documents were tested, allegedly written by nine different authors. Dr. Heiser typed the prose text of the disputed Majestic Documents and a set of undisputed control documents for each author for Dr. Chaski’s testing. Of the 17 documents tested, only one can be scientifically validated as having been written by the author who is named……[.].”  OymyNews.com also has an article on this “The Majestic Hall of Mirrors “.

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It is claimed that “Parallel universes exist – study” (source breitbart.com, september 23rd, 2007). They mention that “Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists described by one expert as “one of the most important developments in the history of science” (extract from article).

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An article “UFOs kept secret by U.S. in nationalist fervor?” caught my eye, (in The Register-Herald, posted september 8th,2007). Most of the article is about Stanton friedman, who was “A physicist who once worked for such giants as Westinghouse and General Electric, he has devoted much of his adult life to ferreting out clues in the UFO controversy.” (extract from article).

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In English Pravda.ru there is “KGB’s secret UFO files finally made public” which is an old source, but one i was not aware of until now (posted december 12th,2005). It mentions the declassification of the Blue Folder…“Researchers believe the Blue Folder is an invaluable source of information” (extract from article).

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In recent news, KodiakDailyMirror.com  (posted 26th september,2007) reports that “UFO mystifies local officials Aircraft accounted for, no craters found during search“. breitbart.com (posted 24th september,2007) says that “NASA aims to put man on Mars by 2037 ” ….i’m surprised not sooner….unless you believe that they have not landed on the moon? (although for the record, i do believe they have landed).

Finally, to my old favourite chinese lanterns/ufo balloons….. in newburytoday.co.uk (posted 26th september,2007), it mentions “Newburytoday.co.uk investigates possible explanation for string of UFO sightings above district“. It goes into some detail about the sightings in their area (involving orange lights,and so on), with a video, in which they use a ufo balloon, to demonstrate the effects that it has at night……     

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UFO incident (canada’s equivalent to Roswell) at shag harbour reaches 40th year

Posted by dandare on September 24, 2007

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On Oct 4th 2007, the ufo incident at Shag harbour, Canada will celebrate its 40th year.

The Event:

October 4th 1967. Time : around 11.20pm (ADT=atlantic daylight time).

Eleven witnesses reported seeing a low altitude, unidentified object, move across the sky and down into the harbour. Other witnesses reported hearing a “whistling sound” similar to a bomb, preceeded by a whoosh and lastly a loud bang; others saw a bright flash of light also.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketnorth west mounted Police re-enactors

The initial reaction, was that it was a aeroplane, that had crashed into the waters of shag harbour! Because of this possible scenario, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were informed about the events. 

The size of the ufo: 60 foot long, angled downwards at 45 % and initially displayed 4 or 5 flashing and glowing lights: it was around 250-300 metres out to sea, and the weather conditions were good.

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By the time the RCMP were on the scene (with other witnesses present by now), there was only a pale yellow or white light present illuminating from the object.
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for map above:

Creative Commons w/ Attribution This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Before any rescue attempt could be made, the object sank into the water; local fishing boats later arrived at the scene to look for any survivors, and observed yellow foam but no survivors (it was 80 foot wide, and half a mile long). The coast Guard turned up an hour later, but no survivors were found either.

On the 5th October, it was confirmed that no aeroplanes were reported missing…. by the next day the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC), was sending divers down to see if anything was down there (lasted 3 days). A local fisherman, reports that he saw them retrieve metal debris, but the final report, mentions that no debris from the crashed object had been found. 

Both the RCMP and RCC  report the crash as a UFO.
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The plot thickens as it later emerges that a secret mission was undertaken by both the US and Canada, with ships, 30 miles NE of Shag Harbour near Shelbourne (the location of a submarine detection base) . There were several military witnesses to this….. one such witness mentions that the ufo had been monitored on radar from Siberia, and when it had crashed in Shag Harbour, it went to Shelbourne from were it sank, underwater. The US and Canadian ships were there for a week, and were there solely to try and recover the object.

A barge was sent for, to try and place the object on to it, with a cover made for why it was in the area, so as not to arise suspicion. Many photos were taken of the object, and debris was retrieved. Another source claims that the debris seemed alien and not of this world, yet another one maintains that there was anothe ufo/object trying to help the first.

However, on 11th October the operation was cancelled, and that night witnesses saw something depart the area of Shag harbour, close to the initial crash sight. 

No documentation has ever been found, of the secretive mission that took place with the involvement of both the US and Canadian ships. 

The Condon Committee , concluded that it was an unsolved mystery.

There was alot of newspaper interest in the incident.

(sources for above information: wikipedia.org and TheBlack Vault.com).

Events planned for shag harbour ufo incidents 40th birthday:

In novanewsnow.com, it mentions that “Celebrations planned for 40th anniversary of ufo sighting“.

It mentions that “The event continues to fascinate many today. To celebrate the anniversary, a newly formed society has organized the Lighthouse & UFO’s 40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour Incident”.

Video documentaries on shag harbour ufo incident:

 1 “The infamous Shag Harbour incident”. The CBC Digital Archives Website. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Last updated: 27 Feb. 2007. http://archives.cbc.ca/IDCC-1-69-725-14204/life_society/ufos/

2 At www.ufo-blog.com is the video


3 At History.com http://www.history.com/media.do?action=clip&id=ufofiles_roswell_canada_broadband



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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on September 21, 2007

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In “Bowdons Ufo Mystery” (originally article dated 9th september,2007;updated 18th september by www.messengernewspapers.co.uk

A motorist and passenger in Bowdon spotted a mysterious “round metallic” object in the sky. The orb was sighted above the A56 near Altrincham on August 28 at about 7pm….[.]“.(extracted from source above).

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In cadillacnews.com, “UFOs in Cadillac: Real or sc-fi?” (i think posted 18th september),

“I can’t say they’re being piloted by little green men, but they’re UFOs,” said Dunford of Cadillac. “I saw what I saw — they’re unidentified, they’re flying and they’re objects.” (extract from cadillacnews.com).  How true?

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In the Irish times, (posted 20th september,2007), “Irish UFOs blast into the light after 37 years in twilight zone“. 

 “A dossier on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), kept by the Irish Defence Forces for 37 years, has finally emerged”. (extract from source- the irish times).

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In “george bush and the aliens” ,  in the video, there is a reflection just behind bush’s shoulder in the window…….

Could this apparent “alien” actually be a reflected image of a
silver coloured portable CD player/boom box which has stylish
black wraparound speakers that look like eyes
?” (extract from source; www.presidentialufo.com ). 

In this article there is alot of discussion about this with quite a few links to videos and information.

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The original video is seen at http://www.reuters.com/news/video/videoStory?videoId=65343 . I myself, although this is just off the top of my head, can say it could be absolutely anything…could even be from the suits they are wearing themselves? mmm…maybe, but i cannot take this seriously…but fun to look at the debate and analysis.

 Whilst on the political front “There’s the Red Vote, the Blue Vote . . . and the Little Green Vote“….about last weekend’s X-conference 2007.

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The CIA (60 years old) was founded on the 18th september, 1947, (see speech here ); There is an interesting article about them here  (from Temple University Library) with some interesting links (from the library-however, unable to access them online).

 Whilst browsing the CIA website, saw some more ufo references…. go to the CIA site https://www.cia.gov/index.html  and in the search page (top right of website) put in ufos or ufo, and when it comes up with the catalogue of entries, have a look at number 2 (dated sept 2007) entitled “CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 — Central Intelligence Agency“. There are other articles too (about 25).

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Staying on the spy front “Inside the National Security Agency: Are Psychic Spies Watching You?”(American Chronicle -posted 20th september,2007).. Whats this got to do with aliens/ufos and greys…click the link to have a look? Related to this is http://starpod.org/ .

In usnews.com, (posted 20th september,2007), an short article is on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About the U-2“.

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Meteorite hits Peru (IFO)

Posted by dandare on September 18, 2007

On Peru’s border with Bolivia, a meteorite created a large crater……  In “villagers fall ill after fireball hits Peru” – posted september 18th,2007 – source: msnbc.msn.com). In the msnbc article, there is available a video from the crater site.

Other sites of interest on this topic: 

Although it does not show the present crater in Peru, Google earth hacks (seen here), shows us images of craters from around the world. 

Also an article on what to do if you find a meteorite can be seen here . 

Update: september 19th, 2007

Ok i might have overstepped the mark here……  on quick analysis of the sands around the impact of the crater, it is suggested it could be a meteorite…..experts are now being sent to investigate and start thorough tests to comfirm exactly what it is. Please see Reuters “Peruvians get sick from apparant Meteorite crater” (posted september 19th).For reuters video on this  see here (confusingly in the video they refer to it as a meteorite).

However, The Guardian (www.guardian.co.uk  -posted september 18th 2007) seems to believe it to be a meteorite, in “Peru meteorite crash causes mystery illness“.

So maybe not an IFO after-all.

UPDATE 21st September, 2007

Apparently, yahoo news (written by AP writer -20th sept, 2007) mentions that “Meteorite likely caused crater in peru“.  Such impacts are rare, and astronomists still want to do other tests to confirm the strike“.

Other reports are more excentric, such as the claim than american spy sateillite was downed in peru (see link here)… It does not warrant a serious comment however (its very politically bias led, to meet its own end- anti west and USA).  

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on September 15, 2007

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To start proceedings (ufo sightings have been thin on the ground this week), we have a video clip from WGAL.com (posted 14th september,2007), which mention that “Group calls on government for ufo truth“.
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In “UFOS or just party lanterns” (from the UK <-posted 12th september,2007 by icSurreyOnline.com), it says that:

“ASTRONOMERS can give no explanation for dozens of mysterious lights seen flying above Epsom and Stoneleigh”…. however later in the article;

 “With only scant reports of the Epsom sightings to go on, Judy Jaafar, secretary of the British Unidentified Flying Objects Research Association, was unsure”.

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On an amusing note, i came across abbreviations of UFO (see here, half way down the page), with Ultra Freak Out given in the  Governmental->Military category. The entry above in the Science Dictionary on the abbreviation of UFO says:

“UFO (yooh-ef-oh)…….The abbreviation for unidentified flying object. Sometimes referred to colloquially as “flying saucers.” Most UFO sightings have prosaic explanations; there is no hard evidence that extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth“.
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 At globeandmail.com, the “UFO believers, skeptics clash at scientific conference” (posted 15th september, 2007 <-Canadian Press); many theories were put forward from both sides:

“… Jaymie Matthews, an associate professor of astronomy at the University if British Columbia, argued that while he and other scientists have spent years searching the universe for Earth-like planets that would support intelligent life, none have been discovered yet.”

 “Mr. Friedman also poured cold water on the argument that an alien landing like Roswell would be too big to cover up. He said thousands of people worked on the Manhattan project to build the first atomic bomb, but it stayed a secret until one was dropped on Japan”.

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On the 13th September, it was announced thatGoogle backs private moon landing” (source BBC NEWS). Google is to entice private firms to send robots too the moon, with the first to land being awarded $20 million. It mentions that:  “In a statement announcing the competition, Google and the X-Prize Foundation said it had been created in a bid to stimulate research into low-cost robotic exploration of space. The top prize of $20m will be given to the private firm that soft lands a rover on the Moon which then completes a series of objectives.”

For some video clips of this see below:

Related to this are links  to the lunar Lander challenge both here and  here (october 26-28th october,2007).

The video “Fastwalkers” might be of interest, and can be viewed here (although the quality is not great). To buy the official copy, please go here .  

Also an article worth looking at is “Invaders from Elsewhere” which goes into flying saucers, weirdness and pop culture.

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Who’s Who in Ufology Today by Fran Black

Posted by dandare on September 12, 2007

Who’s Who in Ufology Today

Author: Fran Black

Below are ten names of the most educated, respected UFologists alive today. By studying their theories and published works, you will be on the forefront of UFology research.

Jerome Clark: Researcher and writer. He attended South Dakota State University and Minnesota State University, becoming interested in the UFO phenomenon in the 1960s. He initially embraced the interdimensional hypothesis to explain UFOs, but then turned to Extraterrestrial Hypothesis as the best explanation. His focus is on UFO cases with multiple witnesses, or those which leave physical evidence. He is an active board member of CUFOS, and has served as the editor of the CUFOS journal, as well as The Journal for UFO Studies. In the 1990s he published a massive three volume UFO Encyclopedia, which earned him the 1998 Benjamin Franklin Award in the Science category. He has written and co-written several books on UFOs.

Stanton T. Friedman: Nuclear Physicist. He received his BS and MS from University of Chicago, and worked for 14 years on advanced, classified projects such as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear power plants for space. He is possibly the best-known UFO lecturer in North America, having been the first promoter of the Roswell incident, and the most significant voice of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. His written testimony has been used in Congressional hearings, and he has appeared before the UN twice. He has published two books covering his work with the MJ-12 documents and the Roswell incident.

Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.: Research Scientist for NASA from 1967-1988. He received his MA and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Michigan State University. He investigated aviation accidents and incidents for FAA, NTSB, and attorneys. For 37 years he has specialized in pilot sightings, amassing more than 3,000 reports. Other special interests include analysis of photographic evidence and data on Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. He has written two books and numerous UFO articles.

Bernard Haisch, Ph.D.: Astrophysicist and President of Digital Universe Foundation; Chief Science Officer for ManyOne Networks, Inc; Director of California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics; and editor of numerous scientific journals. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Self-described as a “UFO skeptic, standing somewhere between the majority rejectionist view of mainstream scientific community and the majority accepting view of the general public,” Haisch advocates personal research of phenomenon while suspending judgment.

James A. Harder, Ph.D.: Professor of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering and Professor Emeritus at University of California at Berkeley. Harder received his BS at Caltech, and his MS and Ph.D. at University of California in Berkeley. From 1969-1982 he was the director of research for Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, one of the first civilian organizations to study UFOs. He was the primary investigator on a number of classical UFO cases, mainly related to alien abductions. He is a strong advocate of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and the government cover-up theories.

John Keel: Parapsychologist and Journalist. Keel is best-known for his ideas that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and psychic phenomena and demonology. He is one of the most widely read and influential UFologists since the early 1970s. His 1967 book, The Mothman Prophesies—about a strange winged creature reportedly seen in West Virginia by numerous witnesses—was loosely adapted into a 2002 blockbuster.

Bruce Maccabbee, Ph.D.: Optical Physicist. He received his BS in physics from Worcester Polytechnical Institute, and his MA and Ph.D. at American University in Washington DC. He has been active in UFO research since the 1960s, when he joined NICAP. After its demise he joined MUFON and is now state director for Maryland. He was instrumental in establishing the Fund for UFO Research. He is the author and co-author of numerous technical articles and books.

John E. Mack, Ph.D.: Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and Pulitzer-prize winning biographer. He received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School after his undergraduate years at Oberlin. He graduated from the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and was Board certified in child and adult psychoanalysis. He was a professor of psychology at Harvard until his untimely death in a car accident in 2004. (We include him in this article of contemporary UFologists, since his work is relevant today.) Mack’s clinical work focused on the exploration of dreams, nightmares, and teen suicide. In 1990 he published his research on alien abduction encounters, concluding, “There is compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can’t account for any other way, that’s mysterious…it seems to me that it invites deeper, further inquiry.”

Peter A Sturrock, Ph.D.: British Scientist. He studied mathematics at Cambridge University where he earned his Ph.D. Much of his career has been devoted to electron physics, particle accelerators, plasma physics, solar physics, astrophysics, and scientific interference. He was appointed professor of applied physics at Stanford University, where he is now professor emeritus. Gaining interest in UFology, and curious about the general attitudes toward the field, Sturrock conducted two major surveys involving more than 2,500 scientists. Upon learning that a majority of scientists favored better research of UFOs, Sturrock helped establish the Society of Scientific Exploration to provide a forum for the subject. His studies have since been published.

Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.: French-born Computer Scientist and Astronomer. After receiving his BS in Mathematics and his MS in Physics, he came to the US 1962 and began working in astronomy at the University of Texas. He worked at MacDonald Observatory on NASA’s first project making a detailed informational map of Mars. He then received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Northwestern University, where he was a student of renowned UFologist, J. Allen Hynek. Initially he promoted the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, but later modified it, introducing the Multidimensional Visitation Hypothesis. His exploration of the commonalities between UFOs, cults, religious movements, angels, ghosts, cryptid sightings, and psychic phenomena contributed to his change in ideas. He was the model for the UFO researcher in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and served as a consultant on the set. He has authored numerous books and articles on various subjects, including UFOs.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/hobbies-articles/whos-who-in-ufology-today-211950.html

About the Author:

About the Author:

Francesca Black a long time science fiction buff, manages content for UFO Gifts http://www.ufo-gifts.com and Science Fiction Corner http://www.science-fiction-corner.com

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on September 7, 2007

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I’m afraid i have to start on a negative note…. the media and the way it portrays the ufology topic, can sometimes be described as “laughable” at best. Some (a sizable some) do not research the subject, and are all to ready to ridicule it… (although ufology, does not always help itself however).

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I give as one example, the New Statesman’s article (posted 30th august,2007) written by Ziauddin Sardur; in the article “Encounters of the fourth kind“, he starts off by saying that in the age of the internet and communication, the alien thoery is irrelevant…. and then adds sweeping statements (not backed up with anything) such as
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The Guernsey ufo sighting reported above, was not real (according to the New Statesman); what, not even a possible Unidentified Flying Object?).

“The last UFO sighting in Britain (the only one this year) was in April, in Guernsey, and – alas – it was not a real UFO” and

“People seek to explain the inexplicable through the internet – by developing virtual communities……[.] ….where they can actually take on the persona of visiting aliens. With the internet, we have become self-absorbed and inward-looking. UFOs have become irrelevant.”

The most interesting part of this article, is what was said in the comments section…. 
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Moving swiftly on, the sixth annual Mothman Festival will be held over 2 days from  september 15th – 16th in point pleasant. For details of events see here.

Rian.ru reports/claims that ufos are attacking the Ukraine.

It mentions that “UFO sightings are up across the country. But in contrast to the politicians, no ufologist claims to have all the answers”.

However, it is claimed that the reasons for this are “…[.]..there are many disco clubs in the Crimea, which are equipped with laser units. With low cloud cover, the lasers produce mysterious glow overhead.” Researchers believe that these UFO sightings might be spy planes/drones that could threaten their National Security, being sent by other coutries or by the Ukraine itself. However, they encourage people to look to the skies and report what they see. For full details of the article please see here  . There is also a video   too; although it is hardly conclusive.
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In Russian news (russia-ic.com  Posted 3rd september,2007) in the article “UFO spotted in Moscow Region sky” it tells of “Crews of two passenger aircraft, TU-134 and Boeing-737, spotted two unknown flying objects – supposedly, big balloons, in the sky of the Moscow Region”. 

“According to the Ministry of Transport, now the officers of the air traffic organization and management department are making inspection upon the fact of spotting of two unknown objects in the flying zone of the Moscow Region”.

In other news, the ParanormalReview.com (posted 3rd september,2007) mentions, “Famous rocket scientist saw Roswell spacecraft“.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

 In IndiaDaily.com (posted september 3rd,2007) “UFO crashes in Atlantic near new Jersey or a controlled experiment by the advanced extraterrestrial civilization“?  The New York post  (posted 2nd september,2007) also has the same event in “FIERY UFO BLOWS UP OFF N.J. “. It mentions that

“A mysterious giant “fireball” was spotted exploding over the ocean off the Jersey Shore last night, but officials had no idea last night what it was”.   

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Ufos were sighted in Eden (posted 5th september,2007), in which ufos were allegedly seen on several nights by more than one witness.Lastly, an interesting article in Seacoastonline.com (posted august 26th,2007) caught my eye; although it only scratches the surface, it is still revealing…it seems more people are willing to accept alien life in a private capacity, than out in the open, where they might still be ridiculed; for the article see here .   

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A few more uk media UFO sightings

Posted by dandare on September 6, 2007

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There have been more sightings in the UK,reported by the media.

In “Friend or UFO” (wimbledonGuardian.co.uk -posted 5th september,2007) it mentions “mysterious orange lights appeared in the sky over surbiton…[.]”. About 12 witnesses to start with, rung up the paper about this, from both surbiton and Ewell, and mentioned them as lights similar in form to a ferris wheel.
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Soon, more people began to ring up the paper, and in the article it gives examples of those who did so. For instance one witness says “At 10.02pm there were 10 spherical lights which were a yellow, golden colour. To me they appeared to be drifting with the wind”.

I’ll leave it up to you what this suggests, but there is a strong suggestion that this is lanterns/ufo balloons again. There are other reports from other witnesses, but Robert Rosamond, chairman of the British UFO Research Organisation makes  valid points here: 

”  At face value your orange lights would appear to fit a familiar bill – Chinese lanterns as opposed to an invasion from space.

These pesky objects (the lamps, not UFOs) seem to be back in vogue once more, consequently they’ve been seen over the length and breadth of the UK recently.

However, face value isn’t an informed opinion and as such we would need to see the original reports and talk to the witnesses in an effort to ascertain the exact circumstances of their sightings before making any kind of comment.” (all extracts from the article).
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In the GreatYarmouthMercury.co.uk (posted 6th september,2007), the “ufo drops to earth in flames” and there is evidence the ufo sighting was a home-made hot air balloon (ie a large black polythene bag with a candle in it), which landed in a garden. (the original sighting was from 24th august, 2007…when witnesses saw a “black fiery object in the sky”). 

Another sighting to quickly mention can be found here at Banbury . I’m sure i have missed other sightings….. but it gives an indication of the majority  of sightings being reported by the media at this time.

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Trangular UFO spotted near Brussels?

Posted by dandare on September 4, 2007

At dailymotion.com there is a short video of an alleged ‘object/triangular ufo’, seen on the 24th August 2007 over Hoeillart, near Brussels…..the video link is below  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ukoo_ovnisequence-1_news

Not sure what to make of this….. 

UPDATE 12th September 2007

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There are several possible theories as to what this is…. To start with, what must be pointed out is that there is no extra witnesses to this video coverage, no media has mentioned it, not even  a small mention (more likely a telltale sign) in the local newspaper.

Also the clip is again too short, (ring any alarm bells to something similar); it also wobbles errratically at times?

It has been suggested that it could be a kite, (ie the erratic movement seen, around i think 10 secs), could be the pulling movement of the kite downwards? also possible to place lights on a kite? mmm not sure about that though? 

It could be CGI, as the majority of the time the UFO moves too smoothly in the sky?

Other problems with the video, is unrealistic movements, and the lights look man made at that. Anyone with any suggestions are welcome to comment ? 

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A load of hot air?

Posted by dandare on September 2, 2007

In the UK, ufology has to start analysing “orange Lights/ufo reports”, and filtering out the chinese lanterns events from the equation; therefore it must try to study this and update to keep this in check. Somehow, guidelines must be set out to accomplish this for modern day UFO research.
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The main problem facing them is the shear numbers of reports, that are being reported to and published to the media; in the long term this willl not help ufology, and in my eyes will damage it badly…. also any genuine UFO report might be missed in this.

It seems that this type of sighting mainly started in the summer of 2006, and again similar to this year, it was soon mentioned that chinese latterns were the cause. However, uk ufologists have told the media what this is, but they still ignore them, when the next sighting comes along (probably the circulation of papers goes up?).

In 2006 it was mainly confined to the southern counties of England…..now it has spread to encompass the whole of the UK; and seem to start rising in numbers from may to september.

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The latterns/ufo balloons are becoming even more popular, due to them being released at parties, weddings,ect (and probably now people who want to get ufo headlines in the paper, and for hoaxing).However, in the Ripley and Heanor News.co.uk, an article written “UFOs or a simple chinese tradition”  (posted 31st august) has been highlighting the problem, mainly due to them being frequently inundated with phone calls; the only problem is that next year they will probably report the same things all over again.
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So we face a dilema, in that we will also have to look through each article, to check if they are chinese lanterns or not, but hopefully when this is done we could alert others to this fact.

For example on the 26th july, 2007 This is hampshire.net wrote about “ufos spotted over southampton“, and if you run the video, they have the characteristic orangey red glow, and all are going in the same direction.

On the following day, an article was written to say they were lanterns….. “A spokesman for the lantern company wishesinthesky.com said: “We’ve heard of many UFO sightings which have turned out to been flying lanterns. The UFO Society has followed this with interest.”

” He said the flying lanterns were becoming very popular at weddings, funerals and parties”.


 they have a whiteish-yellow glow, although in some weather conditions, these can be orangey red, and do not move quickly (unless in a strong wind-although this could create a fire risk) and always with the wind too, obviously. They can also be tied together.
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(lanterns in the sky)

They last for around 8 to 10 minutes (but sometimes slightly longer) and can rise as far as about 1000 metres; it can also move with airstream’s as it rises. Although i have heard of some that can last for far longer (up to 40 minutes they claim) using a candle framework to keep it alight for longer…. i’m sure there are other variations too.

Another thing is that they do not come out well on camera or video, but can be quite visual when seen real time.

Another thing to check is heavens-above  it gives detailed information of satellites, space shuttle, international space station (star chart tracking) and other astronomical data…all are real time generated…it can also check back in time…therefore a good general resource to aid the ufologist when analysing sightings.

UPDATE: 3rd september

There is also another variant that must be considered….this consists of helium balloons and a glow stick (or several) stuck on the end, also known with flashing LEDs. There is probably more i have not even thought of though…..

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