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A load of hot air?

Posted by dandare on September 2, 2007

In the UK, ufology has to start analysing “orange Lights/ufo reports”, and filtering out the chinese lanterns events from the equation; therefore it must try to study this and update to keep this in check. Somehow, guidelines must be set out to accomplish this for modern day UFO research.
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The main problem facing them is the shear numbers of reports, that are being reported to and published to the media; in the long term this willl not help ufology, and in my eyes will damage it badly…. also any genuine UFO report might be missed in this.

It seems that this type of sighting mainly started in the summer of 2006, and again similar to this year, it was soon mentioned that chinese latterns were the cause. However, uk ufologists have told the media what this is, but they still ignore them, when the next sighting comes along (probably the circulation of papers goes up?).

In 2006 it was mainly confined to the southern counties of England…..now it has spread to encompass the whole of the UK; and seem to start rising in numbers from may to september.

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The latterns/ufo balloons are becoming even more popular, due to them being released at parties, weddings,ect (and probably now people who want to get ufo headlines in the paper, and for hoaxing).However, in the Ripley and Heanor News.co.uk, an article written “UFOs or a simple chinese tradition”  (posted 31st august) has been highlighting the problem, mainly due to them being frequently inundated with phone calls; the only problem is that next year they will probably report the same things all over again.
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So we face a dilema, in that we will also have to look through each article, to check if they are chinese lanterns or not, but hopefully when this is done we could alert others to this fact.

For example on the 26th july, 2007 This is hampshire.net wrote about “ufos spotted over southampton“, and if you run the video, they have the characteristic orangey red glow, and all are going in the same direction.

On the following day, an article was written to say they were lanterns….. “A spokesman for the lantern company wishesinthesky.com said: “We’ve heard of many UFO sightings which have turned out to been flying lanterns. The UFO Society has followed this with interest.”

” He said the flying lanterns were becoming very popular at weddings, funerals and parties”.


 they have a whiteish-yellow glow, although in some weather conditions, these can be orangey red, and do not move quickly (unless in a strong wind-although this could create a fire risk) and always with the wind too, obviously. They can also be tied together.
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(lanterns in the sky)

They last for around 8 to 10 minutes (but sometimes slightly longer) and can rise as far as about 1000 metres; it can also move with airstream’s as it rises. Although i have heard of some that can last for far longer (up to 40 minutes they claim) using a candle framework to keep it alight for longer…. i’m sure there are other variations too.

Another thing is that they do not come out well on camera or video, but can be quite visual when seen real time.

Another thing to check is heavens-above  it gives detailed information of satellites, space shuttle, international space station (star chart tracking) and other astronomical data…all are real time generated…it can also check back in time…therefore a good general resource to aid the ufologist when analysing sightings.

UPDATE: 3rd september

There is also another variant that must be considered….this consists of helium balloons and a glow stick (or several) stuck on the end, also known with flashing LEDs. There is probably more i have not even thought of though…..

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4 Responses to “A load of hot air?”

  1. Stefan said


    You Are The Man!

    You hit the nail on its head. And I admire you for not giving up. I liked your “1952 year of the ufo” post as well. We live in a fast world and (unfortunately) the people’s attention is not drawn towards older “recent” sightings.

    Anyway, I know what I saw…

    …and I’ll keep you updated…


  2. […] https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/09/02/a-load-of-hot-air/ […]

  3. Su said

    I live close to where the reports that appeared in the Ripley and Heanor news originated. Monday night 11.05pm I saw something myself. When I read the new article that it appears the other sighting was chinese lanterns I was sure that what I saw couldnt be them. After seeing the pictures of them on here I am now even more sure it wasnt them.
    I have been trying to find any news of anyone else seeing something at the same time as me but seen as the other sighting seems to be a false alarm I doubt anyone would want to come forward now.
    What I saw was bigger than a lantern and was much brighter,it was inbetween two houses, I had to squint to look at it from 2 streets away. It stood still for a good minute before slowly moving behind one of the houses. I went to the bottom of my garden to get a better look but it had gone. The reason I am sure it wasnt a lantern was because of the size and sheer brightness of it and how it moved to the left when slight wind was blowing straight at me. It moved in a dead straight line not bobbing up or down or swaying in anyway at all.

    I thought it was just a star at first until I realised it was way to big and bright to be a star, the fact that it didnt appear to be high enough stirred my interest then it moved. If only I was tall enough to see over them roofs… I did run upstairs but it was gone 😦 about 3 minutes later a plane passed over right where it was and in the direction of where it headed to.

  4. dandare said

    Thanks for spending the time to write on here about your sighting…. I must admit that i have not as yet witnessed these lanterns first hand, only from images/videos seen on you tube ect. I would like to refer you to an earlier article i wrote,
    https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ which has the slightly larger ones being lit and used.
    Can i ask what colour was the light?
    I will definately take what you have to say on board, and try and collect any additional information that is available to be had, to try and make sense of it all; the only other thing i can think of, is a possible sateillite moving across the sky (unlikely though)…
    I will be bringing together another article in the future, which will go into detail about what sightings could be, with available images/video as back up; this i feel is important in the quest for what we see in the night’s sky?
    Thanks again, and although i have not answered your question, i will keep searching for answers and report on any information that comes to my attention?
    However, some sightings just have to be left as Unidentified?

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