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Roswell confessions:New Witness Testimony

Posted by dandare on September 2, 2007

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On Sci Fi.com there is new video evidence (talks for the first time) from army intelligence officer, jack Trowbridge See here for link. There are four other video’s on this link too….
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While we are on the topic, there is a $1 million reward offered by the International UFO Museum and research centre…for details of what it entails  see here  .

Also on Sci Fi.com there is the Roswell Report  ; well worth a look.

3 Responses to “Roswell confessions:New Witness Testimony”

  1. Christopher Fuentes said

    I have not told many people about this, but early in my childhood there were many people in my neighborhood that saw the exact same thing that I did.

    I was laying in my yard as usual seeing that I was pretty much in the country side theres not much to do. I noticed a HUGE ship that covered the entire sky, I was unable to see any clouds, blue sky, the only thing visible was this low flying huge silent black ship that was moving at a decent speed (I was around 12 when the event happened) and seemed to have several hundred lights blinking pretty brightly.

    Shortly after the event I have had many unexplained events happening to me. Still to this day there a soft knocking on my window, when I do look theres only a faint shadow of a human like figure.

    I am not saying that any of the is “Alien” in nature, however it is unexplained. I have explored out side, usually assuming that this is kids playing jokes.

    The object (I hope) could be a pretty secret military flying object. I do not know what I saw, but I hope that it was not important.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks very much christopher, for your account.
    There are a couple of pointers to start off with at http://www.google.com/patents?id=Sf8AAAAAEBAJ&dq=418804
    entitled “partially buoyant aerial vehicle”. There is a patent number dating to 1968, which was 500feet, by 150,among others; there are drawings, and descriptions too. These are all from lockhead martin corp. Also a link at http://www.globalsecurity.org/intell/systems/haa.htm
    “high altitude Airship (HAA)”. These are the things we know about of course (probably other links as well)…. I’m not suggesting this is what you saw, but just an insight to what we have (known that is).
    Of course it was a UFO, and possibly of alien technology, as obviously the size is a problem for us.
    Best to keep an open mind…. hope this helps?

  3. dandare said

    *** was meant to say above “of course, if it was a UFO, and possibly of alien technology…..ect.sorry.

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