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Posted by dandare on September 7, 2007

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I’m afraid i have to start on a negative note…. the media and the way it portrays the ufology topic, can sometimes be described as “laughable” at best. Some (a sizable some) do not research the subject, and are all to ready to ridicule it… (although ufology, does not always help itself however).

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I give as one example, the New Statesman’s article (posted 30th august,2007) written by Ziauddin Sardur; in the article “Encounters of the fourth kind“, he starts off by saying that in the age of the internet and communication, the alien thoery is irrelevant…. and then adds sweeping statements (not backed up with anything) such as
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The Guernsey ufo sighting reported above, was not real (according to the New Statesman); what, not even a possible Unidentified Flying Object?).

“The last UFO sighting in Britain (the only one this year) was in April, in Guernsey, and – alas – it was not a real UFO” and

“People seek to explain the inexplicable through the internet – by developing virtual communities……[.] ….where they can actually take on the persona of visiting aliens. With the internet, we have become self-absorbed and inward-looking. UFOs have become irrelevant.”

The most interesting part of this article, is what was said in the comments section…. 
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Moving swiftly on, the sixth annual Mothman Festival will be held over 2 days from  september 15th – 16th in point pleasant. For details of events see here.

Rian.ru reports/claims that ufos are attacking the Ukraine.

It mentions that “UFO sightings are up across the country. But in contrast to the politicians, no ufologist claims to have all the answers”.

However, it is claimed that the reasons for this are “…[.]..there are many disco clubs in the Crimea, which are equipped with laser units. With low cloud cover, the lasers produce mysterious glow overhead.” Researchers believe that these UFO sightings might be spy planes/drones that could threaten their National Security, being sent by other coutries or by the Ukraine itself. However, they encourage people to look to the skies and report what they see. For full details of the article please see here  . There is also a video   too; although it is hardly conclusive.
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In Russian news (russia-ic.com  Posted 3rd september,2007) in the article “UFO spotted in Moscow Region sky” it tells of “Crews of two passenger aircraft, TU-134 and Boeing-737, spotted two unknown flying objects – supposedly, big balloons, in the sky of the Moscow Region”. 

“According to the Ministry of Transport, now the officers of the air traffic organization and management department are making inspection upon the fact of spotting of two unknown objects in the flying zone of the Moscow Region”.

In other news, the ParanormalReview.com (posted 3rd september,2007) mentions, “Famous rocket scientist saw Roswell spacecraft“.

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 In IndiaDaily.com (posted september 3rd,2007) “UFO crashes in Atlantic near new Jersey or a controlled experiment by the advanced extraterrestrial civilization“?  The New York post  (posted 2nd september,2007) also has the same event in “FIERY UFO BLOWS UP OFF N.J. “. It mentions that

“A mysterious giant “fireball” was spotted exploding over the ocean off the Jersey Shore last night, but officials had no idea last night what it was”.   

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Ufos were sighted in Eden (posted 5th september,2007), in which ufos were allegedly seen on several nights by more than one witness.Lastly, an interesting article in Seacoastonline.com (posted august 26th,2007) caught my eye; although it only scratches the surface, it is still revealing…it seems more people are willing to accept alien life in a private capacity, than out in the open, where they might still be ridiculed; for the article see here .   

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2 Responses to “UFO Update”

  1. Peter.R.Oakes said

    Dear Dandare
    I am no academic and do not fully understand computers but I wrote the artical to Mr Sardur on Sunday evening and when I retreived your site by tab on Monday I find my E-mail address is still on screen. Could you please explain or rectify.
    Yours Sincerely Peter R. Oakes

  2. dandare said

    The first reply i have deleted for you…. someone must have posted it, as i only approve them as is. Hope this now acceptable (as i have now manually deleted the e-mail address to your second reply for you).

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