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Posted by dandare on September 21, 2007

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In “Bowdons Ufo Mystery” (originally article dated 9th september,2007;updated 18th september by www.messengernewspapers.co.uk

A motorist and passenger in Bowdon spotted a mysterious “round metallic” object in the sky. The orb was sighted above the A56 near Altrincham on August 28 at about 7pm….[.]“.(extracted from source above).

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In cadillacnews.com, “UFOs in Cadillac: Real or sc-fi?” (i think posted 18th september),

“I can’t say they’re being piloted by little green men, but they’re UFOs,” said Dunford of Cadillac. “I saw what I saw — they’re unidentified, they’re flying and they’re objects.” (extract from cadillacnews.com).  How true?

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In the Irish times, (posted 20th september,2007), “Irish UFOs blast into the light after 37 years in twilight zone“. 

 “A dossier on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), kept by the Irish Defence Forces for 37 years, has finally emerged”. (extract from source- the irish times).

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In “george bush and the aliens” ,  in the video, there is a reflection just behind bush’s shoulder in the window…….

Could this apparent “alien” actually be a reflected image of a
silver coloured portable CD player/boom box which has stylish
black wraparound speakers that look like eyes
?” (extract from source; www.presidentialufo.com ). 

In this article there is alot of discussion about this with quite a few links to videos and information.

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The original video is seen at http://www.reuters.com/news/video/videoStory?videoId=65343 . I myself, although this is just off the top of my head, can say it could be absolutely anything…could even be from the suits they are wearing themselves? mmm…maybe, but i cannot take this seriously…but fun to look at the debate and analysis.

 Whilst on the political front “There’s the Red Vote, the Blue Vote . . . and the Little Green Vote“….about last weekend’s X-conference 2007.

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The CIA (60 years old) was founded on the 18th september, 1947, (see speech here ); There is an interesting article about them here  (from Temple University Library) with some interesting links (from the library-however, unable to access them online).

 Whilst browsing the CIA website, saw some more ufo references…. go to the CIA site https://www.cia.gov/index.html  and in the search page (top right of website) put in ufos or ufo, and when it comes up with the catalogue of entries, have a look at number 2 (dated sept 2007) entitled “CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 — Central Intelligence Agency“. There are other articles too (about 25).

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Staying on the spy front “Inside the National Security Agency: Are Psychic Spies Watching You?”(American Chronicle -posted 20th september,2007).. Whats this got to do with aliens/ufos and greys…click the link to have a look? Related to this is http://starpod.org/ .

In usnews.com, (posted 20th september,2007), an short article is on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About the U-2“.

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