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Search for UFO files again….court orders NASA!

Posted by dandare on October 28, 2007

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 NASA has been forced to search again for ufo files relating to the Kecksburg incident in 1965, it has been revealed ….

 For instance in cbsnews.com “NASA court-ordered to search for UFO docs“. Also in guardian.co.uk “NASA to search files on UFO incident“. 

For those who are unaware of this incident, here are some links to it:

Starting off with a video (1hr 28 mins)

Also excellent information at:


For the history, from newspaper links and people involved (plus Sci-fi channel wanting to get to the truth) please see here :    http://www.freedomofinfo.org/campaign.html .

UPDATE 11th november 2007:

The guardian has written another article about this incident entitled “Nasa told to solve ‘UFO crash’ X-file” (posted 11th november,2007).


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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on October 27, 2007

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Whilst browsing through all those halloween news stories, i came across one from ny1.com  called “Aliens to invade house in Clinton hill for halloween” (posted 25th october,2007). In the past (on their front lawn) these houseowners put up gravestones (with topical things placed on them, with names and issues) for halloween. 

This year however, a new feature is a UFO among the tombstones; on halloween night costumes and music will be used…. If you clip on the link above….see dial up broad band link and click on it for video. Cool…
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At news.rgj.com, there is to be a “Supernatural Nevada Day planned” (posted 26th october,2007).

“While some stodgy states might downplay local conspiracy theories, the Silver State will flaunt its weirdness in full color down main street this weekend” (extract from article). Sounds like a good event to me; just a shame i’m in the UK! It plans to have beard contests and bands competing against themselves too, as part of the entertainment, plus suitably dressed people.

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At tbo.com it states that “Whirling ufos puts Colony Hills couple In Spotlight” (posted 27th october,2007). It mentions that  “They seemed to spin in four invisible corners, then zoom together in the center, spin, rhythmically separate and do it all over again”. However, later on in the article, one person remains skeptical (as there is more than one witness), and believes that it is possibly spotlights.

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 In TheStar.com “Ex-defence minister joins search for aliens” (posted 27th october,2007)…………… “A new group is pushing for full disclosure about extra-terrestrials, and they’ve enlisted a former Canadian cabinet minister to help make their case” (extract from article).

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AT wiltonvillager.com “Mysterious UFO identified” (posted 27th october,2007)….. “WILTON — A flying object — one Wilton resident couldn’t identify Monday night — turned out to be a low-flying blimp heading towards Fenway Park” (extract from article). It did amuse me that later it commented that  “Jim Peters, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said it’s not uncommon for blimps to park on the grass of Brainard. “Normal operation,” he said. “Nothing unusual about it.””   

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Billy booth at http://www.ufo.about.com/ discusses a good point in “UFOs or Chinese Lanterns?” Basically, many UK UFO sightings are attributed to lanterns (IE…. weddings, celebrations) but does that account for all of them? if only one is truly a UFO, then it needs investigating…. the problem is that there is a vast amount from this year, and it would be a truly hard task to sift through all of them; not impossible by any means but difficult.

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Here’s a very strange story…… from the telegragh.co.uk “Aliens caused Sicily fires, says officials“. It says that “Aliens were responsible for a series of unexplained fires in fridges, TV’s and mobile phones in an Italian village, according to an Italian government report”. Later on, it mentions that this is only one of several explanations (the other one being top secret weapons). Strange indeed.

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In thisisexeter.co.uk “Strange lights glowing in the sky over Exeter have residents bemused , confused and feeling slightly silly”(Extract from article-posted 25th october,2007), in ” There’s something weird up there“.

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At the ocregister.com “Ufos like the quality of life at Tustin” (posted 24th october,2007)…. it mentions that UFOs where first known properly in this area in 1965, when a sighting made the headlines. The article mentions other sightings from Tustin….

 In the oregonlive.com (posted 25th october,2007) “It came from outer space,says man” and “For Keith Rowell, tracking UFOs in Oregon requires both skepticism and belief” (extract from article)….

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At the Emeraldcoast.com “Is there Anybody out there?” (posted 26th october,2007)….

“It did not take long for the town of Gulf Breeze to become the center of one of the most controversial cases of its time. Television stations, newspapers and radios were filled with reports of the sightings. Air Force, MUFON and several independent investigators became involved in the case” (extract from article).

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Other articles include:

Brazos Past: Waco’s encounter with UFOs” (posted 27th october,2007).

Roswell incident not explained to Richardson’s satisfaction” (posted 26th october,2007).

Officials identify Danbury Airport’s Mysterious UFO” (posted 26th october,2007).

Poll finds ghost believers aren’t alone” (posted 27th october,2007).

Strange light phenomena near Antipodes Islands” (posted ? october 2007).

  If there is anything you would like to have included on the weekly update, or if there is anything you would like covered in general, please contact me at dandare868-ufonews@yahoo.co.uk , and i’ll see what i can do.

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on October 21, 2007

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Hands up who distrusts their government….. it does not matter which nation i’m talking about! American, British, Dutch or whoever! According to a recent poll in Boston Now (posted 16th october,2007), it suggests a growing distrust in the Federal government (in the US, but could be applied to alot of governments whatever nation). 

In this article, it refers to 9/11, the killing of JFK, covering up the existance of ET? 

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In Stuff.co,nz (posted 17th october,2007) the ufo is possibly identified? A mysterious object seen in the sky about 2 months ago probably was a commercial aeroplane (the conclusion of Bill Weir, an amateur Astronomer). UFO Focus New Zealand has classified this as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) due to the fact there was no scheduled aircraft in the area.

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According to Buzzle.com (posted 19th October,2007), “Latest Reports: Latest UFO Sightings” It says…………….

“Do the UFO reports that come out every now and then in the news have any credibility? According to UFO research done by scientists, it is highly probable that some of the UFO sightings do have truth in them. Here is a brief discussion, along with the reports of some recent UFO sightings” (extract from article).

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Fortean times UK, has a fascinating article written by Andy Roberts (dated october 2007) about “A saucerful of Secrets“, in which he relates to 1967, and the way things where percieved in the UK ….”Step back 40 years to the heady days of 1967 as Andy Roberts explains how the Summer of Love was in part shaped by the hippie movement’s fascination with flying saucers” (extract from article). Posters and Rock bands added to this image, enhanced and added too by what was being smoked; of course there were other factors as well.

In courierPress.com “UFO network meeting saturday” (posted 18th october,2007) in which, “Strange lights are still flashing above the Midwest, so Jerry Sievers and his friends with the Mutual UFO Network of Indiana are getting together again to try to figure out why” (extract from article).

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In the washingtonpost.com “In the Orbit of UFO Enthusiasts” (posted 21st october,2007) mentions that members “Operating in a Galaxy of Doubt, Disbelief and Dismissal, UFO Buffs Make Their Case That . . . We Are Not Alone” (extract from article). Several of the members are asked general questions, and some have some interesting responses too.

In Worcester Magazine.com “It came from beyond“, (posted 18th october,2007), Robert Hastings’ (UFO researcher) opinions are made known,  and it stems back to 1967 and what he saw……….later in the article he mentions that..  
“I am not condemning any government agency for its policy of secrecy regarding UFOs, says Hastings, “but I believe that the American people should be given the facts.” (extract from article) ……….and i totally agree; however, i feel that we will never get the truth, unless we can really add sustained pressure? 

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In PHYSORG.com “Gossip more powerful than facts in shaping opinion: study” (posted 16th october,2007). It starts off with “Gossip may do more to shape a person’s opinion than facts they know to be true, even when the chit-chat contradicts the evidence…..[.]” This was a study by German researchers.

At Seti.org “Inauguration Day for Alien Signal-Hunting Telescope” (posted 11th october,2007)..The Allen they are referring to is Microsoft’s co-founder. It goes on to mention that….

 “Eventually, the ATA will start a massive campaign to examine approximately a million nearby star systems. That’s a thousand times more than all those carefully scrutinized in the past” (extract from article).

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At vnunet.com “British boffins float flying saucer” (posted 16th october); could these one day replace helicopters…. on the video evidence from gizmomdo.com   , they have a long way to go yet… but it’s a start. Interestingly though, this is only the first stage of developments, with them recieving grants from the department of business (UK), and the US Department of Defence.

In thisisexeter.co.uk “MYSTIFIED PAUL CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN UFO IN THE SKY ” (posted 15th october,2007); 

“He said: “The thing I saw was glowing orange and it kind of jumped to the right as it travelled and kept on going in the same direction.” (extract from article). 

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In wscountytimes.co.uk, they cut to the bold heading of ” ‘UFO’ spotted” (posted 12th october,2007).

The event took place in Rusper (near Hosham) on the 5th october…..  “Minutes after seeing what appeared to be a meteorite, a group of ten to 13-year-olds say they saw a strange fast moving object with flashing lights” (extract from article).

In Aero-news.net (posted 15th october,2007) “Hobbyist Gleefully Fools SoCal Residents With ‘UFO’ ” .

“A radio control model airplane hobbyist has a strange sense of humor that has people looking to the skies over Southern California” (extract from article).

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In thisisplymouth.co.uk, it posted on the 16th october,2007… ” STRANGE SIGHTS THAT LIT UP THE NIGHT SKY” . It mentions  old reports of UFO sightings from the past in the local area.

Other interesting articles that you might like to have a look at are:

Is there life on a moon of Saturn? (posted in The Observer, 14th october,2007),

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact” (posted – American Chronicle, 19th october),

Tunguska Party-Time in Siberia in 2008 ” (posted in russia-ic.com, 16th october,2007),

Humanoid Dies In Sweden” (posted by ufodigest.com, 17th october,2007).

secret flying objects 1” (posted 15th october? 2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 2” (posted 16th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 3” (posted 17th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ).

Lastly, in the sussexexpress.co.uk “Alien UFOs mystery solved”  (posted 18th october,2007) ; this is in relation to the sighting at Uckfield…again it seems the real reason was a wedding celebration, with the red orbs, in fact being chinese lanterns. 

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Useful UFO information

Posted by dandare on October 19, 2007

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To kick us off, there is a handy link to Area 51 (groom lake), from FAS (Federation of American Scientists): http://www.fas.org/irp/overhead/groom.htm  It goes into detail about the imagery available, an overview of the area, handy links to other sites (some now are not working), and images of Area 51 through the years, near the bottom of the article. It seems to have been written in 2000, but still handy for anyone interested in this topic.   Imagery of groom lake can be seen here .
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Majestic 12 has links to document sources, some witnesses, documentary authentication for some of the reports and other links. Recently, the authentication was put into question. 

rendlesham forest files which has documents, new developments and comments.

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The full condign report can be found here (on the MOD site, 32 files).  

Blue Book Archive this is where you can view project blue book on the internet. A valuable resource, it is still ongoing….  it has uncensored microfilm releases, download facility for reports and information about the documents (at this time 10 rolls of film, that are uncensored have been made available).  

The Tornado case (1990) an audio cassette recording between British pilots and Dutch military air traffic control.

The Magoniax Project : “Archiving centuries of Fortean phenomena” including UFO related documentation.

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Roswell proof up to date information on Roswell, with any new information added to the site.

CIA Freedom of information Act web results for UFO/flying saucer…. see here (242 results). Also here (43 results). 

MOD: on UFO documents  <–from 2005 for instance Part one. (it frequently changes the website, so links need finding every so often, to keep up to date). Part 2 can be found here and lastly part 3 here . Also Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) can be found here .

Updated information concerning UFO reports made to the British
Ministry of Defence in 1998 – 2006,  has been added to their website……please  see here .

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NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), has a wealth of information on UFOs, and is an excellent site.

 CUFON (The Computer UFO Network) who “…..strive to present material relating to UFO phenomena and the search for UFO-related government documents obtained through official channels in a fair and accurate manner” (extract from webpage). Of great interest is the link to verified documents and other documents. In the special reports link, there is a good link to reading available. An article on “Do nuclear facilities attract ufos?”  is worth looking at too.

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MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), also is great for ufo insights/knowledge; articles on Famous UFO cases, UFO weather maps and UFO fast facts too name but a few things on this  site.

CUFOS (Centre for UFO Studies) “The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon”. Many articles can be found here. My favourites are “we know where you live?” and government ufo documents on the internet .

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NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Centre). I usually refer to the Latest ufo reports for information- very handy; there of course, is other good links on this site.

bufora UFO information, mainly to do with Europe…not kept up to date; quite a few ufologists do not hold favour with the organisation, and i can see their point of view. 


Stanton Friedman used to be a nuclear physicist, but became very interested in UFO’s from 1958. Goes into great detail about why he believes UFO’s are visiting earth, but covers other areas as well. 

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Flying saurcery….presents The Real UFO Project . A great collection of information from the UK; loads of information here.

Hyper.net has an absolute wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is excellent.

UFO shapes and configurations can be found here .

nick redfern’s blog sites; definately worth searching on….some great stuff here. 

Nick Pope used to be in the British Government’s UFO project, within the MOD.

Frank warren’s blog: excellent for up to date news, and for good articles on older matters.  


UFO Review  for up to date ufo news.

ufo’s at about.com with different links and info

The Anomalies Network for information on the Men in Black

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and also for information on UFO’s 

 breaking ufo news mmm…what it says

PRUFOS A UK Police Reporting database for ufo sightings 

 Useful Astronomy sites

Space Weather Support at  Solar Terrestrial Dispatch . This has links to an aurora monitor. For instance, an hourly activity report here , astro alerts, global flare reports and so on….. useful to know whats up there.

Heavens Above a vital resource if you need to know what is in the sky…ie sateillites, ect. Can give you all sorts of data, from almost any town/city.

Other interesting sites: 

Campaign for freedom of information (in the UK)

This is just a guide to some of the most reliable websites on the internet…… i will be updating this list on the  UFO LINKS page, when i have time to do so- there are many more worthy of a mention here, but as i have said they will be added constantly to the UFO LINKS page on this site.

I hope some of these websites, find you wanting to know more  about UFO’s, if you are wondering were to get the information.

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Florida Space web cams

Posted by dandare on October 16, 2007

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If you would like to see the latest live images from web cameras at the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (florida), and also Vandenberg Air Force Base (Florida). Then go here  . For space news, go here .

UPDATE 14th november 2008 :

To see the Florida Space web cams, the new link is  http://www.floridatoday.com/content/maps/spacewebcams.shtml (the first link above does not work). 


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Other handy space links are:

 www.nasa.gov (nasa homepage)


www.kcs.nasa.gov (Kennedy Space Centre)

www.exploration.nasa.gov  (moon-mars program)




www.aviationweek.com  (aviation, defence and space news)

For space videos see here

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ufo update

Posted by dandare on October 10, 2007

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Sorry for the lateness of this post…… This update covers selected news from the last update on the 27th september.
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We start with the launch of the sateillite Sputnik, which started the space age, on 4th october 1957 (50 years); there are many links to this interesting event into space. The BBC has an article called “Russia marks 50 years of sputnik“; it also has an interesting article on “the next 50 years of exploration” as well. The washington post has an article “What sputnik launched“; on the right side of the article a video can be viewed.

From IEEE spectrum, there is “Remembering Sputnik: Sir Arthur C. Clarke” and more at http://spectrum.ieee.org/sputnik .

On videos of sputnik there are a few here to look at….. At Reuters there is “Sputnik still surprises at 50“. on you tube (length of video 1 minute).

also with loads of information on sputnik

On the 5th october, the Times online wrote about “the 40 most memorable aliens“…for instance, the ewoks are number 32, and zaphod beetlebrox number 25. Each entry also has a link to a you tube video.

Following on in the same area, anyone for alien beer? should go here  .
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PRAVDA.Ru, on the 3rd october, wrote about “Aliens forced Americans out from the moon” (actually on newsfromrussia.com).”One of Russia’s central television channels, RTR, has recently aired a documentary about US astronauts who allegedly came across extraterrestrial civilizations”, and later it mentions “It was alleged that NASA was afraid of conflicting with a highly developed civilization and immediately stopped the program. Does the film sound believable?” (extract from article above).
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 Livinginperu.com, mentioned that (posted 3rd october,2007), “meteorite crater guarded by Peru’s Police after U.S. citizens attempt to traffic it“. The next day, on the same site, “U.S. collector admits he bought Meteorite Fragments in Peru“. 

The meteorite trail hits the news again, from the Herald Sun (http://www.news.com/ posted 3rd october,2007). Entitled “Flood of UFO calls after meteor“, it mentions their phones were ringing after ufo sightings were seen in Melbourne, Australia. It was confirmed that it was a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.

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 At Fox 9 news, It was reported that “Mysterious object falls from minnesota sky” (posted 3rd october,2007) and a later addition/update here on the 6th october.
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At theargus.co.uk, (posted 9th october,2007), there is the “Ufo riddle over Uckfield“, in which a large amount of red lights have triggered of the latest sightings…..Something of a rather different nature can be found on the Meadville Tribune, in which building 9 processed magnesium waste, alot of which they are now unsure what it is…. “Unidentified Chemicals perplex EPA” (posted 10th october,2007).
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More UK sightings (posted 9th october) “Buckhurst hill : Mystery over ufo sighting“ …the event took place on the 5th october.

Lastly, Xconomy mentions “A visit to Boston’s own Robot-plane skunk works” (posted 10th october,2007), and talks about “…. unpiloted machines such as a UFO-shaped surveillance craft that can take off and land vertically, a fold-up airplane designed to fly over the plains of Mars, and a makeshift glider that uses bat-like echolocation to avoid obstacles. Aurora engineers fly the smallest models around the indoor mini-hangar and truck larger prototypes out to nearby airfields such as Hanscom Air Force Base” (extract from article). Interesting stuff.     

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Time travel and time slips by Kenneth j. McCormick

Posted by dandare on October 4, 2007

Time Travel And Time Slips

By Kenneth J. McCormick

Time, the word evokes a unit of measure that allows us to realize how long it is from one point in our life to another. Put more simply it is the interval between two events. It also denotes how long we are on this earth or alive. Time also pertains to how long it takes the Earth to circle it’s Sun. Our calendar has time as it’s basis. In the early days time was thought of as more two dimensional. It was just something that passed. No matter what you did, you just couldn’t alter that fact. Even today we don’t have the ability to change time or do we? We can change it ever so slightly now by traveling in a rocket. Einstein stated that the faster you go the more time slows down. We have observed this phenomena in practice when atomic clocks were put into orbit and slowed down slightly due to their speed orbiting the Earth. But are there other facets of time that we don’t yet understand, is time some sort of dimension that can be entered and exited? We really don’t have these answers yet, but if this is true then we might have time travelers from the future among us right now without realizing it. If we do, could they be changing the future by making changes in our present that we are not even aware of?

There have been certain claims made by people that have to do with time. The year was 1935 and Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the British Royal Air Force was flying his biplane. He flew over an old abandoned air field that was covered with growth from the plant life of the area. Clearly the field wasn’t even being maintained anymore. Strange yellowish storm clouds lay ahead and the Air Marshall could not avoid them. He grit his teeth as he flew into one and the air around him decided to swat his plane. Down he went narrowly avoiding a crash. When he began to pull up he noticed that he was almost over that old abandoned airstrip, but there was a problem, it wasn’t abandoned anymore. There were not only biplanes on the field but also monoplanes and they were painted yellow and the crews wore blue coveralls. Another thing that he noticed that was very strange was the fact that he was completely unnoticed even though he was flying low. The storm caught up with him and when he got out of it the field looked abandoned again. It wasn’t until 1939 that the field was reactivated and crews began to wear blue coveralls and planes were painted yellow. What happened here, did the Air Marshall enter the future and return, it sure looks that way. We know that not only will clocks slow down as speed increases but there is another important effect. As gravity decreases clocks tick faster. So we can assume that it isn’t only speed that effects time, it is also gravity. Could the Air Marshall’s plane have achieved some sort of dive that put him into a state where he was able to have broken free of the present time?

People talk about seeing ghosts and spirits. Many times they seem to be unaware of anyone else in the area. Most of the current thinking is that this means that someplace is haunted, but what if this isn’t true? What if the place is not haunted but some sort of a time portal is projecting the past? Does this sound foolish to you? Does it sound anymore foolish than a haunting? One must always keep an open mind. What might seem foolish today might be routine tomorrow. Another bizarre story tells of a man that returned to this time from 2036 in a Corvette that had a military time travel device attached to it. He even put the photos of it on the internet and they can be seen at http://www.idlewords.com/weblog.09.2003.html this link must be copied and put into the browser’s address bar to go to the site because I don’t have permission for a link. He claimed that he met his younger self who lived in the home. He has said to have moved on only leaving his younger self somewhere in Florida.

At least one person, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, claims that he has met many time travelers. He states that they are all around us and they use dimensional travel. Because of this they are not what we would think of as solid in this dimension and can move through objects that are impassable to mere mortals of this time, such as walls, trees and such. He goes on further to state that they are invisible and this is some sort of byproduct of this type of time travel which will be discovered in the year 3050. He has written the book “Time Travelers From Our Future”

Some people believe that contrary to the thought that a time traveler must be very careful not to alter anything, he can’t alter anything because he can’t pick up or touch anything. They believe that everything can be seen. It is sort of like watching a move. You can watch it and even enjoy it, but you can’t change the story. They go on to say that no one will even be able to see you or talk to you. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not and there are many conflicting theories on this subject, but I sort of favor this one. The reason I like it, is that it sort of indicates that we might be only watching an image of the past and I have believed for a long time that this is much more likely than getting into the actual past which is gone. Some will argue that this is not really time travel, but maybe it is the best we can do.

Some claim that when they had near death experiences, they traveled in time. One man stated that when he thought he was going to die he saw twelve different dramatic world events. All of these events came true in his future. He stated that he actually lived these events before they happened. He had traveled into the future and was then returned back to his own time. It has been said that time is like a river flowing forward but full of eddies and currents. Will one of us ever get swept in the wrong direction by one of these currents, who can say?

Lastly the famous Philadelphia Experiment was said to be an experiment in electronic camouflage that went bad and produced time travel. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, the story goes that a U.S. Navy destroyer was fitted with a special generator in 1943. The purpose was to make the ship invisible. The ship was transported when the generator was turned on and some say it also went through time. There are no records that can be found to verify any of these statements.
Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio.



Copyright © 2005 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint this article if all links are left intact and no changes made. This means that everything including this notice must be copied.

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My UK UFO encounter in the 80’s; It changed my Life!

Posted by dandare on October 1, 2007

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Also for sighting in relation to salisbury

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I would just like to share with you, a triangular UFO sighting i saw, near Winchester in England, in september 1987…. and could not believe what happened in Belgium in 1990, as it was so similar, to what i had seen and witnessed with my own eyes.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 1

I saw, with another witness, a triangular ufo, move slowly, with 3 white lights at each corner, low in the sky (i would say at just above tree cover height, if that helps at all)…. it stood still for a while (approx. 2-3 mins), before placed a beam of light, (very intense), on the ground, after about 5 minutes of hanging in the air (it was just getting dusk), it started sweeping the ground and moving around with what seemed like purpose; i’m not good at distances…so could not guess how close it was…but not real close. 
It then stood still again, and slowly moved up (with the beam now gone), and then in less than a second, disappeared upwards and gone….
Our reaction was of fear (i cannot tell you why), and i remember us running like hell, and there is a problem with time…we where missing about 2 hours, which also worries me abit (probably the whole event was longer than i recall).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 2 winchester ufo

Try telling me that was a weather ballloon, or the moon? If it was a black ops plane or alien ship/ufo ….. i really want to know the answer…..?
Facts: The event happened near winchester city centre, the near location is on the map at the start of this article); the nearest army facility is salisbury plain, and i was used to helicopters and military aircraft flying in the area (but definately not in civilian areas like this), and was used to seeing them at night.

It was roughly, 150 ft across (see diagram 1, not a brilliant diagram, but the best i could do i’m afraid), had 3 white lights on its ends (triangular), they were not pulsing, but were relatively dim, but enough to see clearly at dusk. The middle beam was at first pretty intense (and white also), but then after that initial burst dimmed, but was still pretty visable.It seemed to be gathering information as the sweeps seemed methodical. When it stood still again, the beam instantly went off, before moving up slowly, then whoosh it was up and away very quickly. There was also no noise to the UFO, but there was some static in the air, i seem to remember.

The evening was very clear, but with no full moon….

—All my friends just laughed it off.
Lets hope we find an answer to the triangular UFO…. i know one thing…that night changed alot of views on the world, for me, and to me and the witness it was no laughing matter……and believe me, whatever it is, it is out there, and should be of concern to this uk government.

In direct relation to this is the belgium sightings of 1990, and also other instances of Black triangular sightings……….some of which go much further back than the 1980’s.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Belgium UFO, 1990

Instead of writing about them here, i would like to place some excellent links to sites that go into great detail about it.

The wiki index (more about the general interest of Black triangular ufo’s)

Belgium 1990: a case for radar-visual ufos? (posted 2000, updated 2002)

The flying triangle mystery (a british report)

NIDS investigations of the flying triangle enigma (recommended, and goes into great detaiol about sightings in general, as well as craft and statistics)

Also from NIDS: black triangle sighting 2002 ; what are the triangles (there are a few more in NIDS as well, but these are the main ones).

Also at geocities Area 51….. UFOs over Belgium   (page 1); and page 2 here . (recommended reading).

Wiloughby hills, Ohio (from theblackvault.com ).

I will at a later date add to this list…

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