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My UK UFO encounter in the 80’s; It changed my Life!

Posted by dandare on October 1, 2007

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Also for sighting in relation to salisbury

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I would just like to share with you, a triangular UFO sighting i saw, near Winchester in England, in september 1987…. and could not believe what happened in Belgium in 1990, as it was so similar, to what i had seen and witnessed with my own eyes.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 1

I saw, with another witness, a triangular ufo, move slowly, with 3 white lights at each corner, low in the sky (i would say at just above tree cover height, if that helps at all)…. it stood still for a while (approx. 2-3 mins), before placed a beam of light, (very intense), on the ground, after about 5 minutes of hanging in the air (it was just getting dusk), it started sweeping the ground and moving around with what seemed like purpose; i’m not good at distances…so could not guess how close it was…but not real close. 
It then stood still again, and slowly moved up (with the beam now gone), and then in less than a second, disappeared upwards and gone….
Our reaction was of fear (i cannot tell you why), and i remember us running like hell, and there is a problem with time…we where missing about 2 hours, which also worries me abit (probably the whole event was longer than i recall).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdiagram 2 winchester ufo

Try telling me that was a weather ballloon, or the moon? If it was a black ops plane or alien ship/ufo ….. i really want to know the answer…..?
Facts: The event happened near winchester city centre, the near location is on the map at the start of this article); the nearest army facility is salisbury plain, and i was used to helicopters and military aircraft flying in the area (but definately not in civilian areas like this), and was used to seeing them at night.

It was roughly, 150 ft across (see diagram 1, not a brilliant diagram, but the best i could do i’m afraid), had 3 white lights on its ends (triangular), they were not pulsing, but were relatively dim, but enough to see clearly at dusk. The middle beam was at first pretty intense (and white also), but then after that initial burst dimmed, but was still pretty visable.It seemed to be gathering information as the sweeps seemed methodical. When it stood still again, the beam instantly went off, before moving up slowly, then whoosh it was up and away very quickly. There was also no noise to the UFO, but there was some static in the air, i seem to remember.

The evening was very clear, but with no full moon….

—All my friends just laughed it off.
Lets hope we find an answer to the triangular UFO…. i know one thing…that night changed alot of views on the world, for me, and to me and the witness it was no laughing matter……and believe me, whatever it is, it is out there, and should be of concern to this uk government.

In direct relation to this is the belgium sightings of 1990, and also other instances of Black triangular sightings……….some of which go much further back than the 1980’s.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Belgium UFO, 1990

Instead of writing about them here, i would like to place some excellent links to sites that go into great detail about it.

The wiki index (more about the general interest of Black triangular ufo’s)

Belgium 1990: a case for radar-visual ufos? (posted 2000, updated 2002)

The flying triangle mystery (a british report)

NIDS investigations of the flying triangle enigma (recommended, and goes into great detaiol about sightings in general, as well as craft and statistics)

Also from NIDS: black triangle sighting 2002 ; what are the triangles (there are a few more in NIDS as well, but these are the main ones).

Also at geocities Area 51….. UFOs over Belgium   (page 1); and page 2 here . (recommended reading).

Wiloughby hills, Ohio (from theblackvault.com ).

I will at a later date add to this list…

13 Responses to “My UK UFO encounter in the 80’s; It changed my Life!”

  1. We saw a similar craft in about 1973 near the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power plant in the early 1970’s. We could barley see it the clouds but it was close. The conical shaped very brilliant very bright blue colored light scanning the field was very clear and easy to see. I would flash a conical shaped bright blue light on the ground from about 500 to 1000 feet up and 50 to 100 yards away then move almost instantly to 1/2 mile away and flash the light there then move near instant to 1/4 mile away to the right then and do it again we watched for 20 minutes while it kept flashing the cone shaped light on the field then jump to another location within a 2 or 3 mile swath from US Highway 73-75 to the Missouri River adjacent to the power lines over a grass field. The vessel made no sound what so ever. I told the guy with me Charles Kepler to tell the Air Force in SAC Air Base in Omaha,NE., where he was working at the time as I did not want to be ridiculed and besides he was the Airman there and had access to SAC. It appeared triangular large bigger than a 747, black in color a light or set of lights at each corner tip that seemed multi colored and a center light very bright cobalt blue colored light that shot out a fizzling like atmosphere crackling high energy conical beam. Like poof fizz then jump a couple of hundred yards to a couple of miles away left to right no apparent pattern and flash the light down on the field again. Then it stopped and we proceeded on our way to Omaha. I’ve no clue but I hope those are the nice good aliens.

  2. sam said

    a triangular UFO,it does’t mean a alien craft. could be the group of……?
    visit my web

  3. dandare said

    Sorry mark for not replying until now! i must have overlooked your comment….thank you for discussing this on this website…. did you report this to anyone (ie MUFON for example).
    Sam: i am not sure what you are referring to here, but will take a look at your website.

  4. Charles said

    In regards to the Ft.Calhoun incident, this never happened, but unfortunately my story seems to have been wrapped up in several different ones from Mark. Hopefully , this will not lessened the credibility of what I saw. In the fall of 1973, I was on my way home from college, about 7 P.M.( I was not even in the Air Force till later). Approaching Omaha near present day Millard on I-80, I saw a very large object, approximately 200 ft long, oval in shape, with no distict upper portion for the lights underneath it made it look dark above. The lights were basically rectangular in shape, with the outside edge row following the contour of the oval. They were red, green, and blue, and seemed to flash sequentially. Many people were traveling that night, and it seemed we all slowed down to about 50 to get a good look at this thing. Periodically, a blue conical light would flash down to the ground. At first I thought it might be a balloon or a blimp for some promo at the drive in where it hovered directly above, but I could hear no sound(maybe because I was moving) or see any cable or direct supports. I kept moving, honestly because I had read that sometimes these thing can injure if observed to closely; so yeah, I was scared, I kept moving. I recall looking toward Omaha in the evenings because i lined North in the country and their seemed to be alot of activity, I mean the night sky being lit up with flashes hitting the ground. I thought maybe SAC recon or something. I kept my story pretty much to myself because I learned about the “look” people would give me if I ever tried to explain. I didn’t think much about the incident until later when I read an article in Playboy (yes they had some good articles besides pics)about a cop from Gretna who claimed to have been abducted by aliens ABOUT THE VERY SAME TIME I SAW THIS THING! He said he observed the craft, describing the same shape and lights, but in his patrol car, he flashed his lights at the object. From there his recollectinn is kind of murky but he insisted he was abducted and had “lost time”. The incident ruined his health and he quit the force. Gretna is about 5 miles from Millard where I originally witnessed the object. I never talked with the man but wished I had. I hope this clears up the sighting in Omaha-not Ft. Calhoun. Charles Kepler

  5. Charles said

    It is possibe Mark saw something in Ft. Calhoun, but it was not with me.

  6. dandare said

    Thank you Charles, for coming forward and commenting on this, with what you saw… mark may have been mistaken, and seen this with someone else.
    I will try and look into this some more, and see if i can find anymore information. If i do, i will relay any information on here…
    i’ve just got back from night shift work, so will end it here for now.

  7. dh said

    Hi dandare,

    Really amazing site you’ve created here!

    I noticed in your account you mentioned a large degree of ‘fear’ being felt.I’ve heard of this happening before. The fear seems more than normal and rather inexplicably intense.Do you think you may have picked up a subconscious suggestion to do with the craft that you should ‘hurry away from her as fast as possible?’

    I’m curious about innate ‘intuitive’ feelings that are experienced by the observers of these craft.

  8. dandare said

    Thanks Dh for your comments…..In replying to the “fear”, i’m really not sure, but it was instant… so basically one minute fine, the next literally blind panic?
    This has puzzled me ever since; could it have been a subconscious suggestion! well this in hindsight, could be possible, as both of us instantly ran together…later, whilst talking about it, we were still scratching our heads as too why this happened, but it was interesting that we both did this at the same time (no speaking was involved too trigger this either-ie whipping up histeria to then run, although we obviously were speaking about what it was,ect at the time).
    For those who have not seen bh’s blog, please go to http://ufotruth.wordpress.com/ and check it out. It’s well worth the visit.

  9. dodge said

    A similar experience happened to me in 1982 when i was 11 years old. i live on the outskirts of Cardiff which has had a few ufo sightings over the years but not that many. It was approx 9pm and dark with a cloudy sky, when i took a walk to the corner shop. halfway there i glanced up and noticed a dark triangular shaped object, partially covered by the clouds with dim white lights at each corner. There was no sound and it seemed to be traveling above me as i was walking. I had always believed in ufo’s because my parents had told me of their experiences so at this point i smiled and went in the shop. I did wonder though what it was, because it didn’t seem that big. However naturally i came out a few minutes later and looked up but it was gone. Then 30 seconds later i was on my way back and there it was, as before floating above me, traveling in the opposite direction along with me. I changed direction a few times down a gully and across a field, where i suddenly felt scared, as it just changed direction with me. I decided to run the last bit, up the road, in the garden, in the house and got everyones attention to come out and look up. They all just made it outside to see it disappearing over the top of the house. None of my family had seen anything like this before it wasn’t really ever mentioned again. I certainly never dreamed it and all these other similar sightings over the years and the world confirm it. The black triangle with a light in the middle seems more commonplace. It changed my life also because now i am a believer and am looking forward to my next sighting if one occurs.
    dodge bates.

  10. professional said

    Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  11. dandare said

    Thanks Professional for your comments.
    Dodge, i hope you see another sighting…. i have also put your sighting above in the permanent page (above called Readers Encounters).

  12. jenipher chandley said

    Hello my name is Jenipher. I have always been looking for someone who may have seen the same type of craft as I.
    It was a bright day in Clearwater Florida in the US. I was just laying out in a grassy field and above me was a black cone shaped object spinning in a circular motion. The point was in it’s front and a flat back. Literally in a cone shape. I just gazed in awe and couldn’t move. I was too stricken to blink. I watched it twist of past the trees.
    This was in 1994. I was 13 or 14 at the time. I didn’t get up in shock afterward I continued too look to the sky and say 3 more far up in the sky. As hi as you might see a jet. The cone shape stayed apparent still and they were very uniform. The first object I mentioned was going at a steady 10 mph from were I was and it was large, couldn’t have been more then a mile high. The thing that I always remembered was that the 3 object much higher in the sky, were going the same speed. Now I know when things higher in the air go slower to the eye when traveling at extremely higher speeds but for both at different levels in the sky to be appearing to go the same speed, it was just odd to me. The ship I saw had no lights and didn’t move here ands there just steady, like it wasn’t trying to hide at all.
    Now I don’t do drugs and never been a big alien conspires or even try to find out too much of what it was I saw. All I know is…. I truly did see something that most would have if they were seeing with there right eyes. I have great vision and don’t were glasses. But that day right before I saw this, I was un-focusing my eyes at a tree. Looking and staring till the image was burning in my eyes and then glancing at the clouds so I could see the shape of the tree still. I’m not much of a writer and I’m not sure if you can gather what I mean by this but it almost makes me think I saw what I saw because my eyes, messing with them the way I was, saw beyond the cloaking. Weather this be a military ship top secret thing it doesn’t matter. Just wanted to share and I thank you for reading. Take care and good … life J

    Sincerely Jenipher Chandley

  13. Tim said

    I saw one 12/21/09 in Maine. It was immense. Slow, low ‘gliding” triangular craft, but in much more detail.

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