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Time travel and time slips by Kenneth j. McCormick

Posted by dandare on October 4, 2007

Time Travel And Time Slips

By Kenneth J. McCormick

Time, the word evokes a unit of measure that allows us to realize how long it is from one point in our life to another. Put more simply it is the interval between two events. It also denotes how long we are on this earth or alive. Time also pertains to how long it takes the Earth to circle it’s Sun. Our calendar has time as it’s basis. In the early days time was thought of as more two dimensional. It was just something that passed. No matter what you did, you just couldn’t alter that fact. Even today we don’t have the ability to change time or do we? We can change it ever so slightly now by traveling in a rocket. Einstein stated that the faster you go the more time slows down. We have observed this phenomena in practice when atomic clocks were put into orbit and slowed down slightly due to their speed orbiting the Earth. But are there other facets of time that we don’t yet understand, is time some sort of dimension that can be entered and exited? We really don’t have these answers yet, but if this is true then we might have time travelers from the future among us right now without realizing it. If we do, could they be changing the future by making changes in our present that we are not even aware of?

There have been certain claims made by people that have to do with time. The year was 1935 and Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the British Royal Air Force was flying his biplane. He flew over an old abandoned air field that was covered with growth from the plant life of the area. Clearly the field wasn’t even being maintained anymore. Strange yellowish storm clouds lay ahead and the Air Marshall could not avoid them. He grit his teeth as he flew into one and the air around him decided to swat his plane. Down he went narrowly avoiding a crash. When he began to pull up he noticed that he was almost over that old abandoned airstrip, but there was a problem, it wasn’t abandoned anymore. There were not only biplanes on the field but also monoplanes and they were painted yellow and the crews wore blue coveralls. Another thing that he noticed that was very strange was the fact that he was completely unnoticed even though he was flying low. The storm caught up with him and when he got out of it the field looked abandoned again. It wasn’t until 1939 that the field was reactivated and crews began to wear blue coveralls and planes were painted yellow. What happened here, did the Air Marshall enter the future and return, it sure looks that way. We know that not only will clocks slow down as speed increases but there is another important effect. As gravity decreases clocks tick faster. So we can assume that it isn’t only speed that effects time, it is also gravity. Could the Air Marshall’s plane have achieved some sort of dive that put him into a state where he was able to have broken free of the present time?

People talk about seeing ghosts and spirits. Many times they seem to be unaware of anyone else in the area. Most of the current thinking is that this means that someplace is haunted, but what if this isn’t true? What if the place is not haunted but some sort of a time portal is projecting the past? Does this sound foolish to you? Does it sound anymore foolish than a haunting? One must always keep an open mind. What might seem foolish today might be routine tomorrow. Another bizarre story tells of a man that returned to this time from 2036 in a Corvette that had a military time travel device attached to it. He even put the photos of it on the internet and they can be seen at http://www.idlewords.com/weblog.09.2003.html this link must be copied and put into the browser’s address bar to go to the site because I don’t have permission for a link. He claimed that he met his younger self who lived in the home. He has said to have moved on only leaving his younger self somewhere in Florida.

At least one person, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, claims that he has met many time travelers. He states that they are all around us and they use dimensional travel. Because of this they are not what we would think of as solid in this dimension and can move through objects that are impassable to mere mortals of this time, such as walls, trees and such. He goes on further to state that they are invisible and this is some sort of byproduct of this type of time travel which will be discovered in the year 3050. He has written the book “Time Travelers From Our Future”

Some people believe that contrary to the thought that a time traveler must be very careful not to alter anything, he can’t alter anything because he can’t pick up or touch anything. They believe that everything can be seen. It is sort of like watching a move. You can watch it and even enjoy it, but you can’t change the story. They go on to say that no one will even be able to see you or talk to you. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not and there are many conflicting theories on this subject, but I sort of favor this one. The reason I like it, is that it sort of indicates that we might be only watching an image of the past and I have believed for a long time that this is much more likely than getting into the actual past which is gone. Some will argue that this is not really time travel, but maybe it is the best we can do.

Some claim that when they had near death experiences, they traveled in time. One man stated that when he thought he was going to die he saw twelve different dramatic world events. All of these events came true in his future. He stated that he actually lived these events before they happened. He had traveled into the future and was then returned back to his own time. It has been said that time is like a river flowing forward but full of eddies and currents. Will one of us ever get swept in the wrong direction by one of these currents, who can say?

Lastly the famous Philadelphia Experiment was said to be an experiment in electronic camouflage that went bad and produced time travel. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, the story goes that a U.S. Navy destroyer was fitted with a special generator in 1943. The purpose was to make the ship invisible. The ship was transported when the generator was turned on and some say it also went through time. There are no records that can be found to verify any of these statements.
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2 Responses to “Time travel and time slips by Kenneth j. McCormick”

  1. dfgfg said

    wtf you talking about dude?

  2. Darlene said

    I am one of those people who had a TimeSlip Experience back in July 1968 when i decided to take a walk into the woods alone in my neighborhood. It was a 10 minute walk.. I came out on the other side of the woods in shocked and stunned stareing of what i describe as a futuristic looking neighborhood…The Roads and Houses look well advanced..The roads were not made out of black tar but white/silvery shiny metallic cement that the sun shines right off of it..It looked smooth, new, well advanced and extremely clean..The houses had many huge windows with colorful roof tops and well advanced looking..It did not look like the late 1960’s..It look more like the year 2025..I have never seen this before and the streetlights look different too..I had stood there for 6 minutes stareing at the futuristic scene..it was beautiful..There were no people there it was just myself and i decided to go back into the woods to tell my mother..She told me to stay out of the woods..i went back to the woods the next day to find this futuristic place and it was gone..I could never find it..I looked and looked NOTHING!!..That was the last time i ever saw it again..This TimeSlip Experience haunts me till this day every now and then. but this experience will remain with me for the rest of my life.. Yes, It does happen to some people..Its true.

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